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Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck at Dream and Shine Brighter Show

Credit: Disney


  1. EM

    Very doubtful the character was drunk. Like the article says it is very hot in those costumes and the person might have been dizzy from the heat and needed a water break.

  2. P.C. Knott

    Personal opinion only.
    Diabetics have also been known to have many of the same symptoms as a drunk, but they are not. This could have been due to a number of things, including a medical issue.
    Again, personal opinion only. If you don’t have facts, don’t spread innuendos.

  3. Steve

    Someone on the verge of heat stroke can act like that too. I have a friend who does Star Wars cosplay in full stormtrooper armor so I know this costumes get super hot inside. Doubt they’d let them suit up if the performer was drunk in the first place. Disney has too much at stake with their reputation to do something like that.

  4. Joe

    How completely irresponsible,this article is!

  5. Sam S.

    This article is completely false and dangerous to spread. I hope this author rethinks their ideas and re-writes something better. What a shame to harm these hardworking performers with false stories.

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