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Bob Iger (L) and Chewbacca (R) with 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge in the background


  1. Jenonred

    A pool would be nice. So would some comfortable beds…

    1. Jenny Jelesberg

      Exactly. I had the hardest time getting my outcall massage lady into the hotel.

      1. Cat

        When the idea was first pitched, it was supposed to be just another theme hotel resort like Animal Kingdom Lodge or Art of Animation. They made a HUGE mistake in trying to be the quick buck gold mine with a Star Wars Theme. Next time stick with the original idea for everyone to. Enjoy, not just the super rich.

    2. Kim

      We just returned and didn’t have any time to swim.

  2. Matt

    I think Disney missed the mark by setting the cruise and Batuu during the sequel trilogy era. I’m a lifelong SW fan and could find a way to justify the cost…but I’m just not that excited about it. If they had set in the original trilogy era, I would have been first in line. I’m hoping (with zero faith) that Disney realizes their mistake and makes changes.

    1. Batuu Traveler

      I agree. I did go and it was OK for the stuff not related to the new stuff.

      They did/do have a plan to change the theme in 5 years or every 5 years. So perhaps they may be doing it early to get rid of the new stuff and take us back to the “real” stuff. I really hope they do. The new stuff is just not the same.

      1. Gloria Cassales

        It’s too expensive and the value proposition is just not there. They messed up on a number of levels. I make a decent living and would love to go to a Star Wars themed hotel, but this is not what I envisioned. It’s like the people that designed this, have no insight into what Star Wars fans really want. FAIL!

      2. jlasf

        They should offer two cruises: the current one and a “classic” cruise, that is set when Han and Leia have their honeymoon on board. Make the first dinner a wedding reception. Then add a private visit to Oga’s late that night. Keep it open until 1 AM. The second night have the fight between Leia and Darth Vader.

        I would go back for that trip. I loved the first.

    2. Michael Smith

      Agreed. They should have geared this towards the original trilogy or even Mando time period the way the SW day at sea is (or was, i haven’t been in 5 years)… or maybe have two sets and switch back and forth.

      Gear it to the nostalgia set who grew up with it and also more likely HAS THE MONEY. They are the ones who would spend the higher amount to live their childhood fantasies.

      Hell, the fact the retractable lightsaber isn’t available for us to buy as guests is a big miss.

    3. Absolutely! The first trilogy fans have the most money anyway.

  3. I love Disney

    The hotel is dead in the water, but cancelling sail dates and let it sit vacant is not the right way to salvage it. Instead, make those dates “hotel dates” instead of “sail dates.” You let people live in there during those days, but without all the extra labor and entertainment.
    Unless, of course, those dates are taken out because some rich guy booked the entire hotel to entertain his family.

    1. Melissa

      Honestly though, who would want to stay there if there wasn’t any entertainment? It’s literally a windowless hotel with none of the amenities that even their cheapest resorts have (multiple restaurants, playgrounds, pools, arcade, movie nights, campfires, etc.). They should’ve priced it at half the cost to begin with rather than trying to rip off Star Wars fans… there’s absolutely no reason why this hotel should cost 3x as much as staying at the Ritz Carlton!

      1. Kim

        My son and I went and we had a fantastic time! I want to take the rest of the family so I hope they don’t change too much. It’s sounds like some commentators haven’t even been on it. I felt while it is high priced it was worth it.

        1. jlasf

          There are two kinds of comments on Starcruiser: 1) negative from people who haven’t gone. 2) positive from people who have.

    2. James

      From the beginning this whole thing should have been a crashed ship turned into a hotel at Batuu. With a Jedi temple about 100 yards away and a Sith one as well for training with holograms of Yoda and the Emporer. Plenty of role-playing opportunities on a planet known for both Jedi and Sith artifacts. So many possibilities with it done this way!!!

    3. Avacado

      900 dollars per guest per night to not even get to go into most of the theme parks? Erm no thank you. I loved galaxy’s edge (even though it’s based on the sequels UGGHHHH), rise of the resistance my opinion is the best theme park attraction of all time. But I def wouldn’t mind a retheme to make it more iconic, that would be SO COOL. But keep rise. Seriously. Back to the hotel, as cool as staying in a sw themed cruise “ship”, paying all that money PLUS not getting to go into the parks except for galaxy’s edge forces you to lose valuable park time as well as money on this thing. Galaxy’s edge def has its high points, but when comparing it to Universal’s Harry Potter there are definitely some problems that need to be fixed.

  4. Gino

    The entire thing is a flawed concept. This is a virtual cruise (Set in space) with almost none of the amenities of an actual cruise while retaining all of the worst parts of a traditional cruise, an excursion to a destination that someone can visit for a fraction of the cost whenever they like, and a price point that can cause even the fattest of wallets to shutter in fear. What the “resort” offers is limited in comparison to even the least expensive Disney resorts with no pool, no outdoor recreation, limited food options, and most important the ability to escape the Disney sphere of financial influence. If someone is not a diehard Star Wars fan they are simply not going to enjoy the experience. In a family of four, chances are, everyone isn’t going to be a fan. All of this coupled with reviews mentioning uncomfortable beds, claustrophobic rooms, unimpressive ambiance, and a generally negative opinion of the entire excursion I would say Disney failed and needs to accept that failure and move on. Disney has missed the mark on what families are looking for in terms of entertainment in just about every possible way over the past few years, this is simply an extension of that flawed ideology.

    1. Alex Zabala

      Wrong, a due hard SW fan knows this isn’t SW. Just shoving junk

      1. Bon

        One full day most spent in park. Cheesy panel trucks. Money grab. Captain doesn’t sit with you at Captains table. No desire, despise new movies

        1. MuzzyFush

          I really don’t care what they do with it. I’m never going to stay there at those ridiculously extortionate prices.

        2. Kim

          My son and I went and we had a fantastic time! I want to take the rest of the family so I hope they don’t change too much. It’s sounds like some commentators haven’t even been on it. I felt while it is high priced it was worth it.

          1. Ed

            Kim, and those commentators don’t want to do it. Whether or not you enjoyed it is irrelevant to everyone else that is not willing to spend $5000 for a 2 day ‘cruise’.

      2. MRK

        The entrance itself is a boring concrete bunker that looks like a parking garage. Where’s the ship? They could have at least built a mockup of the Halcyon. Lazy, dime store imagineering. Disney has lost its touch and the Star Wars franchise shows it.

        Taking risks and adventurously encouraging wild creative endeavors was key to Disney, instead we get a barely reimagined Space 220 restaurant (the Starcruiser model basically – go watch a video of it). Boring. Like you said – NOT Star Wars. This is some bad cosplay cheap attempt at Star Wars that cost them way too much.

    2. jlasf

      I love how people who haven’t been have such strong opinions. Most of the issues you cite aren’t problems at all. And you don’t mention what makes it so great – being immersed in the story, involved in missions, and the amazing actors on board.

      Most of the people who have gone are wildly enthusiastic. I went in May. It was a blast!

      1. Ed

        Clearly you are in the minority of people who think $5000 for a 2 day vacation is a good deal. The fact that you enjoyed it is irrelevant to the cost.

    3. Rob

      I went for my birthday and it was amazing. Always something to do. The immersion was amazing the cast super fun to talk to.

      I’m not rich by any means and we managed it because I enjoy SW old and new almost as much as HP. If you can’t actually embrace the experience and dive into it then you will have absolutely no fun and hate it. $6k was a bit pricy but I took my wife to animal kingdom lodge and for half the price not including food it was pretty sad of a resort, that my opinion though.

      Could they do with a price adjustment for more people sure but I tell you that trip I was on was PACKED full June 2022

  5. Bon

    One full day most spent in park. Cheesy panel trucks. Money grab. Captain doesn’t sit with you at Captains table. No desire, despise new movies

  6. I’m not a Star Wars fan but a failing experience it is. Perhaps re-create it to just a deluxe hotel with same theme. Make it affordable somewhat for all Disney fans. They could drop all the extras and just keep a themed restaurant and rooms.

  7. Kathleen Ryan

    This was a misfire from the get go. The demographic that is going to want to do this is not the same demographic that can afford to do it, for the most part – or to be generous, certainly not more than once. How the powers that be managed to convince themselves that it would be a huge success is a mystery that is lost in the space/time continuum. Disney either needs to seriously revamp the hotel itself by adding normal hotel amenities and oh, I don’t know, WINDOWS, add on a “normal hotel” section for families wanting the theming but not the two-day role playing “adventure,” ir scrap the whole thing and start again from scratch with a wholesale renovation/reimagining. I love Disney but this folly stands as one of the pinnacles of the hubris that has been all too prevalent in their executive suite over the past few years. Virtually every Disney blogger/vlogger and knowledgeable fan could have (and did) predicted this.

    1. Michael Smith

      I think they were banking on affluent guests going repeatedly but it doesn’t appear to give any real reason to do so. I mean i know one can pick “multiple paths” but even affluent are gonna spend money elsewhere and not go to disney every five mins. Once in a lifetime marketing that WDW went too is all said and good but not when it doubles the cost of the vacation. Just really poor planning on this.

  8. Peggy

    We love SW but can’t justify the cost at all. Just not what we would do. Love Star Wars land more characters would be nice. Miss those SW weekends.

  9. Kevin

    I think there’s three options they need to consider if they want to continue to do so.

    1. They should at least incorporate more of the Lucas era characters to the mix (C3P0, Yoda, Cantina Band Players, etc.) or Mandalorian and Grogu (Baby Yoda.)

    2. Since it’s considered a Cruise or Starcruiser? How bout bringing down the price to the price it costs to go on a Disney Cruise? That seems more reasonable then the high cost they been asking.

    3. If there are slow days on the Starcruiser, then how about offer a Virtual Que for Hollywood Studios day guests an option to board for an hour or two to get a short experience to see if they want to book the experience? If the price tag alone isn’t the only reason? Day guest at the park getting a preview can help sales tremendously.

    Folks who have gone have already reported that they enjoyed their experience. If they can mix it up with multiple story lines, bring down the price and give park guests a glimpse of how nice it is? Then it can become successful and see other IP’s getting the same treatment in the future.

  10. Maura Carles

    I’m a Star Wars fan, but this hotel-cruise is definitely a big Miss. Way too expensive, you have no windows, the food is, well not worth it, rooms and beds comfortable, you do not spend two days, you get a 1 1/2 if that, all on a schedule, you can’t relax, do your own thing, come & go as you like out of the hotel-cruise, theming needs a lot of work, not a lot of the star wars decor is present, activities and meetups are lacking that special touch. They need to re-do this make it a hotel ONLY, because it does not offer the real cruise experience at all, open with windows, and restaurants that you can go when you want. basically, needs to be torn down and be done correctly & affordable

  11. Truth Hurts

    I bet Disney’s solution, like everything they do now, is a woke solution. Good luck with that.

    1. Mickey

      Not this time. The woke croud could never afford to stay there.

    2. Bob

      Give it a freaking rest. I’m sorry your snowflake conservative feelings are hurt over people you perceive as woke, but you snowflake conservatives constantly whining about it is more annoying then the Woke and Cancel crowd. Please both sides… just stop. The majority of us don’t care about any of your snowflake opinions.

      1. Ed

        Hey Bob….news flash. No one gives a crap about your opinion either. All of the snowflakes that are offended by everything are LIBERALS. Clearly you haven’t been paying attention to all of the butthurt liberals that want to re-write history. Who do you think is responsible for the re-theming of Splash Mountain? LIBERAL snowflakes. If you are going to post, at least know what you’re talking about. Otherwise, shut your pie hole.

  12. WorldTraveler

    I agree, it’s price pointed to an audience not interested in that level of SW. My crew has zero interest.

  13. J

    I was hoping this concept would be a success, because I’d love to see others like it around the country. Can you imagine spending a week at a Godfather themed resort, trying to figure out who was scheming to betray Vito Corleone? Or a Harry Potter themed resort, where Voldemort is trying to kill one of the guests and you have to help save them? Honestly, any fandom with any amount of dollars in it would be a great candidate for something like this – as long as it didn’t cost five thousand freaking dollars for three days and two nights.

    1. Ed

      It’s not even 3 days and 2 nights. It’s actually about 44 hours in total (less than 2 actual days). You board at 1pm on Monday, for example, and you are done by 9am on Wednesday. I would not count having breakfast on Wednesday before ‘disembarkation’ to be 1 day.

  14. Tim

    I have absolutely no interest in this. The price would be better spent at a Star Wars con where you actually play your own character and would be a lot less money. On top of that the real fans that have the money for this are from the original trilogy and most of them hated the new movies. Make it so the only characters you can’t play are the main ones. Allow people use their inspired costumes. The other problem is that it is not Star Wars theming. The theming is a mix of Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica. Show me any ship in Star Wars that looks like the interior of this hotel. The logo is written in BSG font not Star Wars font. This was definitely not created by anyone that knows or understands Star Wars. To top it off the captain looks like the most hated person in the Star Wars universe, Kathleen Kennedy, to put the final nail in the proverbial coffin.

    1. MRK

      It’s a clone of the Space 220 restaurant at Epcot – lazy imagineering. If you haven’t seen it, watch a video of it – looks just like the “bridge” of the starcruiser. The dining room concept was just copied over. And its obvious, as you say, it’s not particularly like Star Wars.

      Even the space elevator ride on Space 220 is remarkably like the flight up to the Halycon. Lazy imagineering.

  15. Ron

    Way over priced and why are we going???? Why support a company that has gone way off track? We can’t afford to go and it has been out priced. At one time we went to Disney to forget about political issues. Now Disney is all about going woke and we can’t escape anymore. Why go to Disney when their News Anchors have Affairs?

  16. MRK

    “From lightsaber training to the Crown of Corellia Dining Room, the Sublight Lounge to operating the Bridge”

    As a massive Star Wars fan, the only thing between those that sounds exciting is lightsaber training – and what they provide is a foggy room with laser beams you swing a little fake lightsaber at to “train.” BORING.

    A dining room? It looks cool. And it should for thousands of dollars per night. But it’s a freaking dining room. And the “lounge” is tiny and just a bar. Wow. Oh and operating the bridge – nothing says Star Wars to me like bridge operations training where I get to use a joystick and my friend gets to slam the fire button, really thrilling stuff. Remember when you used to play arcade games, and you moved the guy and your friend or stranger hit the jump or fire button? Me either. Just a boring way to make two people get on a console instead of one.

    So, you pay thousands and walk in to a sterile concrete bunker that has no ship in sight. That’s your first clue that you’ve been had. You go up to the ship via shuttle that looks remarkably just like how you ride a space elevator to the restaurant at Space 220. The bridge looks like the dining room of Space 220. Unoriginal reskinned Disney lazy imagineering.

    The lightsaber training should be the most incredible VR experience with effects that suck you in like air blasts or hot/cold or whatever, but no – laser beams in a foggy room. Boring.

    The bridge operations are baffling to me overall. Instead they should have made fighter pods that look like out of the movies, and you fly with your squadron for your side to fight the OTHER side, whether computer or real other guests. You shoot at each other and eventually based on actions, one side wins, which affects the course of the evening. How hard is that? It introduces variance in the experience, a thrilling “in the movies” fighter experience and the more you go, the better pilot you can be and more help to your side. Maybe the more you play, you get to do formations with other fighters on your side.

    The culmination of this travesty of Star Wars is Rey fighting Kylo. WHY. She already defeated him AND saved him by bringing him back to the light. Now he’s – evil again? Did they have this battle sometime in the middle of Rise of Skywalker, becaus she’s got the outfit and the saber skills, so when could they battle?

    Lazy imagineering. All over the place. And this costs thousands per night. You can get like top tier Contemporary Resort with Magic Kingdom view for 4 nights or so with that cash.

    I am a Star Wars fan. Not a fool.

  17. Patti

    I feel bad for true SW fans that looked forward to this, only to be faces with ridiculously high prices and a lame experience. I am not a SW fan. I saw the first three films and enjoyed them, but nothing after. I will never, even if I had the money, stay there. A hotel solely themed to one series of movies will only appeal to diehard fans, that’s seriously dicing up the potential guest list. Disney is failing on every level, but this wins the prize for biggest debacle.

  18. DV

    It’s a waste of time. They should have built a fast speeder bike ride instead. Galaxies Edge needs another good ride

  19. Natives

    Real Floridians would rather have our swamp back……..

  20. Tony

    Nobody likes the Sequel Trilogy era the hotel is set in except Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy. They should have listened to the Imageneers who wanted to make Galaxy’s Edge based in the Original Trilogy era.

  21. Doug

    When they announced the opening of the hotel and the price I predicted it would close inside of a year. My comment wasn’t posted because they said it didn’t meet their standards. So here we are, it’s just like I could see into the future.

  22. countesspetofi

    It’s not a hotel.

    But I guess honesty and accuracy don’t drive as much ragebait or bring in as many views and advertising dollars.

  23. Mickeymouse3

    Normally $5k for 2 guests for 2 nights, but hey, we’re gonna knock off $700 for your stay at the Halcyon. What kind of name is that anyway? That’s still $4300 for 2 nights and still way above what the average guest will spend.
    Time to “cut bait” as the saying goes and do a refurb. Make it into a deluxe or high end moderate resort with some windows. Add a pool with Star Wars theming. Maybe some old school Star Wars characters instead of made up ones that aren’t in any of the movies. How about regular bus service? No one wants to be delivered like cargo freight. If changes aren’t made, this resort will be as big a bust as recently produced films.

  24. Marcus

    Hopefully, Disney will construct a tower of guest rooms with more common space and restaurants. The fact is, Disney tried but discovered a fully immersive hotel appeals to only a very small part of the fan base. That’s great for the first year but, what do you do for the next 50 years? The only way to fix it is to build a full scale Star War premium resort. Treat it like any other hotel on property and drop the immersive experiences. Let people simply check into the Star Wars hotel as they would check into the Grand Floridian.

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