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Mickey Mouse at the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort for the Disney100 celebrations

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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  1. Melissa Campa

    One, very small step in the right direction. They’ll need to do a lot more before I visit again. Which is so sad, because I loved the old Disneyland. My family did. It’s sad because, when going to the resorts you expect more from Disney. People were friendly, the park was spotless, the staff made it magical.
    Now they made it so expensive, and confusing, that many hard working people can not even go. Those that can save everything they can to take their kids, get a far worse experience then we did as kids.
    If they really want to change, they’d drop the confusing way to get in the park, train the staff better, and drop the whole using your phone the whole time system. They create beautiful story telling. Like in the story itself. If your on your phone the whole time, how can you appreciate what’s all around you?

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