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everest hidden mickey

Credit: The Disney Pilot


  1. Royz

    Is it fixed yet? Most likely not.

    Its baffling how Imagineers designed Mt Everest and the area where the Yeti is not to be able to service the animatronic without having to take out a part of the mountain.

    OMG!….Simply the Yeti could have been designed on an elevated platform which could lower to a maintenance area, out of view to service the Yeti, and then rise it back to its posittion.

    Not one Imagineer saw the potential problem????
    Thats hard to believe.

    Any attraction is always designed in mind with maintenance access areas without having to dismantle a portion of the ride.

    If you want to see a lifeless creature go to a Natural Field Museum. Its cheaper.

  2. Tokyoraven


  3. John De

    Unfortunately not all imagineers are engineers!

  4. Lynda

    Every “news” article about Disney is a long winded advertisement. Why is Google so enamored with Disney? Pathetic excuse for journalism

  5. Pat

    This is the begining of Desantis’ reign at Disney world. The worst is yet to come.

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