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magic kingdom crowd levels memorial day weekend

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  1. Doris DuPriest

    This is getting to be so Frustrating with capacity crowds! When will they go HOME?? It’s dangerous it’s hard to get around and it’s been going on for over a year now?

    1. Mary

      I wish that Disney would go back to the old ticket system because most of the mobs are there for the same few rides so the lines for the classic rides for Disney nostalgics are full of angry people who wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the need to fill up time for some virtual line or until it’s late enough to park hop. This is not fun to anyone because those really just there for Guardians of the Gallaxy or whatever would rather buy what used to be called the E-ticket and go to the pool or a show back at their hotel. Meanwhile, those who want senior-friendly rides or guests seeking what Walt Disney wanted Disney parks to be with the whole family having fun together with little ones included are stuck in line with those who’d rather be back at the pool or bar at the hotel so everybody ends up wishing that they were someplace else. They will soon be planning their vacations to other places if it doesn’t stop.

  2. Larry Lewis

    American Spring Break is coming in the next few weeks. The place is going to be packed for the next couple of months.

  3. Debra Baxley

    The runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend is the 23rd-26th. That could be a reason that there are more people. Runners from across the world are here to run.. I am sure we will see another wave similar to this when the runDisney Springtime Surprise is here in April.

    1. Karol

      Also this is President’s Day week as well as Mardi Gras falling this same week this year! We were in Disney years ago when this same scenario happened and swore we would never go back! We’re from the NOLA area and go Disney to get away from Mardi Gras and the kids are out of school all week. But will never go again at Presidents’ Day!

      1. Michael

        The only reason they hit capacity is because Disney hasn’t returned to full capacity since the plandemic. The park is running at about 60% and the powers that be are fine with it.

  4. Tim

    Hey DA Luke. The two smallest parks are Magic Kingdom and The Studios. Thus, the reason they fill up. That has always been an issue since Day one for MK. Do you know how to do research? Because you don’t show that you can with these articles you are the supposed author of although it looks like you are really good at copy and paste. (Common term plagiarizer)

  5. John

    Traditional school vacation week for many northern states. Nothing new, has been happening for years even before anyone had ever heard of a “pandemic”

    1. There never was a “pandemic” to begin with!!

      1. Robin

        I have a tin foil hat to sell you

  6. Donna Havrilchak

    Won’t be visiting any time soon. Overpriced and woke!

    1. Niy

      And us “Woke” folks can do without you and your money !
      Disney carry on .

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