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blizzard beach

Credit: Disney


  1. EM

    They always close in the winter for maintenance. You make it sound like it’s closing for good. Not news.

  2. Billymac

    Writers, please skip the first couple paragraphs of all your articles. Many of us simply skip down halfway to the story and don’t need the commentary about the parks which is part of every story. It would save you guys much time.

    1. Jeremiah

      That’s what happens when you are paid per word.

  3. Both parks close every year for refurbishment and repairs if needed. Stop crying “WOLF” when there is no wolf!!😡😡

  4. Marc

    No news here. Guess what? Yesterday the temps hit 80 and today it’s going to 85 here and Blizzard Beach is open once again. It was only closed on Monday with a forecasted high of about 70. This happens all the time this time of year. The article made it sound like it was closing for a long period of time, not true, was only closed for a day. Seriously, find something informative to write about for once!

  5. Bruce Tison

    The sky is falling the sky is falling! I am never reading any of your articles again.

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