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Aerial photo of Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World Resort

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  1. Htk

    I love the comment about “budget friendly” hotels. Yeah, a brightly painted motel masquerading as a “resort” with hotel prices is considered budget friendly.

  2. Steve

    2000 words to say the polynesian is having construction projects.

    1. Patti

      Well said.

  3. Lana

    Since when has the Poly had a walkway to the Magic Kingdom???

    1. AH

      the only thing i can think of is that you can walk to the GF then over the bridge to MK. Only walkway I can think of.

  4. Jeremiah

    We just returned from a week at Disney. Extremely DISAPPOINTED. Too many of the rides were broken or running on half capacity. The People Mover acts topped 4 times while we were riding it, and the 4th time, we had to be escorted off, through the maintenance area under the City of the Future display. (Can I post a video).

    Too many of the figures in Small World aren’t moving and the ride has cobwebs, Dust and other trash all around it. There was also trash laying around all over the parks.

    Oh, and they were allowing people to run around the parks in negleges/lingerie and barely there, short shorts, where everything was showing ir showing through the material.

    With these extremely high prices, there shouldn’t be dirty, broken parks.

  5. Nic

    Getting rid of the Aloha show to create more DVC rooms. Not a fan.

  6. Ron

    It was the worst, Disney Epcot and the Ramada Inn hotel shuttle “to and from Epcot” was dangerously overcrowded and left people behind at the park.
    Disney Epcot allowed those with fast pass to ride over and over again while those without had to wait hours longer. NEVER AGAIN

  7. JoeyD

    Man, gotta tell ya, there seems to be a lot of miserable people out there. Some of you seem to have the worst luck ever cause the last 3 times we’ve been over the last 2 years we didn’t experience, even a little bit, the problems ya’ll have. Sorry for the crap luck. We have had great and happy times, best of luck to some of you…I think you need it.

    1. Jeremy

      Agreed. I’m a local Passholder and go into the parks several times a week and hardly ever experience an issue or nearly anything people post here. I don’t stay at the resorts often, perhaps once every 2 years or so, but I do eat at the table service restaurants about once a month, visit a quick serve weekly and go into the parks multiple times a week. All in all, my experience is always great and I don’t see trash all over the place, people running around nearly naked, or experience rides that are consistently breaking down.

  8. Tom

    I can’t justify wasting $10,000.00 USD on “once in a lifetime memories”. That could be car repairs, or a down payment on a car. I can just think of so many more ways 10 grand could be used over going to a place for a couple of days.

    Disney just isn’t worth it to me.

    1. Ruth

      There are ways to make it more affordable. Look up disneywithinreach. Some of the methods might help. Some maybe not. And I don’t pay $10,000 on a trip. This trip I have coming up in April is right around $3200, staying at Coronado Springs for 5 days.

  9. Theresa Rodrigues

    I’ve been on my phone every day with Disney getting different information from different cast members. Finally I got a supervisor who credited me $200 and change for the multiple screw ups with every cast member I spoke with, with the exception of one maybe two. My room alone is over 4k! I booked cabanas for three days and was told I could only book it at my resort and one other, which is absolutely ridiculous. After one cast member told me all spas were closed so there would be no massages or facials for the relaxing vacation I planned, and there would be a lot of construction. The person who booked my stay told me what pool to stay at. That was furthest from the construction at the Floridian. The woman who barely spoke English did not listen to me when I told her what cabanas at initially quoted $100 she quoted me over $300 was at the pool near the construction rather than the hundred dollars I was quoted as being furthest away from the construction that pissed me off belief. I told the super there is no reason why they couldn’t set up 1 spare cabana for their screwups. For the vacation that was supposed to be stressful to top it all off JetBlue charged twice for each of my seats Costing 2k. I pulled up my credit card account and proved it to them. It took me over an hour for them to fix it and I still have not yet received my refund and I booked on February 13. I know people that love Disney and that’s wonderful for them however, I would never waste this amount of money on a place that you get a different answer from ever you speak to. One would think they know their job and have a computer system that helps them answer? Questions, but apparently not! I would not recommend anyone stay there. I took my children to the sports resort when they were little and that was fine, but when I’m paying as much as I am on pretty irritated at their lack of service, and resolution to their screwups! Best wishes to all those who love Disney and return However, I will not return again simply for the lack of customer service construction during prime. Season in multiple hotels at the same time no less! I was told I couldn’t book spa services of paw services and all resorts are closed. I went into my experience app and tried to book it anyways and I was successful take screenshots, so why spoke to the supervisor, she had no excuse.

    1. KevenR

      Sounds like you need a drink…and possibly a valium. Might be you have the worst luck but never once in the half dozen times I’ve gone in the past 4 years have we come close to your difficulties, quite the opposite actually…maybe it’s expectation management or maybe it’s just how we treat and talk to people. Anyway, best of luck to you…I think you’re going to need it.

  10. I have advised my out of state and foreign friends to not come to Disney World until at least late 2024. With the continued price hikes, I have made all my friends that Disney World is no longer the happiest place for family entertainment. I believe Disney Worlds days are numbered. Expect their summer as well as in state residents attendence numbers to tank. It’s too bad that Walt Disney left the parks and studios to incompetents to run.

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