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Cinderella Castle Partners statue at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. First get the information right!!!
    My partner works at Disneyworld, and I have been a million times!! NO WHERE IN THE PARK HAS CUT AIR CONDITIONING!!!
    If you pack so many people in the wait lines, all those hot bodies will make you and it feel hot!! In the Fairytale Hall, I wear a sweater in Summer as it so cold in that place, same with Mickey’s Philharmagic theater is always COLD! OUT door rides are going to be hot!!
    And for your 7000 cast members being layed off, YOUR WRONG AGAIN!!
    IT WILL “NOT” Be hourly Park cast members or those that work for any Disneyworld locations!
    These jobs will be in other areas!
    Its fasle posting like this that make things worst for everyone
    Please if You are going to post make sure YOU’VE CHECKED IT OUT FOR YOURSELF AND DID YOUR RESEARCH!!

  2. Chris

    All your stories are Crap!! All your info is made up. Nothing you have said is true. You must hate Disney!!

    1. Phillysub

      We just got back from a 2 week trip and didn’t notice a change in A/C temps….and several of the days, the outside temp was in the 80s.

  3. Waldo

    This is the best website. I love it
    -No one ever

  4. Krista

    We just finished a 4-day trip to Disney and our family noticed a marked difference in the indoor temperatures compared to previous trips. It was considerably warmer.

  5. If Disney is cutting off air conditioning it is a health hazard in Florida heat. That could easily cause someone’s death especially the elderly.

    1. Maura Carles

      Exactly, I was just going to mention it

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