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A group of people on a city street in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: Disney


  1. veronica vatter

    These rides went down several times throughout the day. It was a nightmare. Lines on everything else stayed at 1.5+ hrs the rest of the day. It was ridiculous. As soon as it was back up, it went down again. At least three times.

  2. Jose

    I really don’t know how in good conscience Disney can charge such over the top admission and have so many attractions down. The parks have been struggling with maintaining attractions, past few years. Now 7,000 cast members being laid off. Yikes!

  3. Lozzy

    I know it sucks that rides like this are closed but in Disneyland as well this is the month that they close rides for half days they clean the rides and do maintenance on them I don’t think they should shut them all at once but they do do that so they can just get it done it’s scheduled and planned that’s a proof of fun

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