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  1. Jaxx

    Anyone caught doing this should be immediately removed from the park and banned from ALL Disney parks for life.

    The longer Disney allows narcissists like these kinds of people to do these things, the more peoplea re going to do them.

  2. Erik

    Ok. So yes, doing things mentioned in this article is shameful and should result in some type of punishment. But most will skip over the more poignant subject brought up.
    “The Disney community is made up of millions of passionate and dedicated fans. Guests will do anything for a chance to visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland, even going as far as volunteering for medical procedures to cover the cost.”

    How pathetic is this world when, in order to go somewhere that brings a person some semblance of joy, they are willing to undergo medical procedures to get them there?

    Would I like to go to WDW? Sure! But the cost is outrageous. Even for a FL resident like me.

    1. Zara

      This is nothing to do with the article??

  3. Squatch

    Perma-bans for anyone and everyone who deliberately disregards boundaries, safety mechanisms, tik-tok disruptions, line cutting, fighting, crop dusting….the list goes on.

  4. Zara

    Vlogging of every kind should be banned from all Disney Parks, stop these entitled people making money off Disney and contribute to society by getting a proper job…

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