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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on their Festival of Fantasy — Disney Parade — float

Credit: Disney


  1. Gary

    Disney needs to go back to its roots if they want to regain the love of Disney by their long time guests & new guests with little ones. That means bring costs down, make it simple again to visit the parks. Get rid of Woke YOU HEARD ME WOKE FOLKS UNDERSTOOD!! Make it like Walt wanted it!

  2. Denis Riley

    The magic is gone! Never to come back? Only time will tell

  3. catherine adler

    CM have changed from using the phrase mam/sir to “friend” including children-welcome aboard “friends”-I don’t hear CM calling children princess & prince either it’s only “friend”. I think it sets up a bad precedent that all CM (& adults to children) who are strangers are children friends. I would like to be called mam not “friend” – it gets under my skin each time a CM uses the phrase – pay attention next you are in the parks.

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