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Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, and fellow owners of the Tiana's Foods cooperative in the concept art for the new Disney ride Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Walt

    “Diversity inclusion” blah blah blah. Crap story, crap animated feature, crap all around. The destructive woke crowd is on the march now it fireworks. I no longer have a desire to EVER visit a Disney park again. When a TINY MINORITY of people who have the biggest mouths (and the fat lazy crowd will just go along with it) can shut down and “sanitize” attractions to their liking for NO REASON its time to say goodbye to Disney. This is nothing more than brown shirting. All they need to do is smash store front windows.

    1. Chris

      Princes and the Frog was a great movie and it deserves a ride, but it should have gotten its own, brand new attraction, not just a retheme of an existing attraction.

      1. Carol

        Totally agree. I enjoyed Princess and the Frog story but this is more pandering to the “woke” crowd. It’s a classic case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease but to the extreme. There was NO reason to remove Splash Mountain. Song of the South was iconic. Sorry but Disney really blew it on this one. I haven’t been to a Disney property in 5 years and never plan to return. I’m spending my money and time on Universal, ZooTampa, and other venues in and around central Florida.

  2. A

    Good grief, it’s an amusement park ride. How much backstory is really necessary? They are laying it on a little thick here.

  3. Roy

    I agree! Just because a few think that the current Splash Mountain was offensive to them, Disney decides to change it without ever asking the rest of the guest what they think of the current Splash Mountain. As far as I see it, Disney caves in to the smaller cry babies and the whole “WOKE” in general!
    If Disney does not stop caving to the woke, they eventually will no longer BE!

    1. Greg L

      One of the problems is Disney has a bunch of those Woke, Cry babies working in their Imagineering staff and management. Until they either get rid of them the company is going to go further and further away from sharing Walt Disney’s dream with the families and children of the world.

  4. michael

    It’s ok guys, remember…. go woke go broke! Sooner or later their going to realize that the ones their trying to change everything for don’t have the money to afford a Disney trip in the first place!

  5. A

    Good grief, it’s an amusement park ride. Is all this backstory necessary? They are laying on the virtue signaling pretty thickly.

    1. Lol

      Um…all of Disney’s attractions have a backstory. Hell- some even have a whole movie. It’s kind of their thing 🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. Holly Hagelin

        Yes, but a made up back story is not the same as a ride based on a movie. Should have left Splash Mountain and built a whole new ride.
        Wonder how many of those ‘offended’ have ever watched ‘Song of the South’ . . . Few, if any. I have and Splash Mountain was NOT offensive!

        1. Lol

          As opposed to the non made up back stories.
          The attraction is gone. Y’all need to seriously stop whining and move on.
          Hardly anyone knows what Song of the South is about- let alone having seen it. Millions of people love and adore Tiana.
          Let it go. It’s over. You lost.
          It will be okay.

      2. K. J.

        There was an entire sequence in the movie involving a trip through the bayou. They could have followed that story with being chased by the alligators, escaping from the frog hunters, a musical interlude with Ray singing about going down the bayou and culminated with the drop being the approach to Mama Odie’s house. Why create this weird, convoluted new backstory about a food co-op? It’s like they consulted a book to find a bunch of buzzwords that would give the warm fuzzies to social justice warriors and threw together a story around it.

  6. Chuck

    They have taken a story line loosely based on Aseops fables of a little guy who outwits a pair of bullies and gets to his “laughing place”. And replaces it with a story line containing negitive stereotypes of people who live in the bayou, black magic, voodoo, lazy entitled foriegn aristocrat, spoiled little rich girl and her crocked politicians father. What a great improvement.

  7. Smitty

    Sounds like a boring epcot ride.

  8. Mikey

    Someone at Disney needs to watch The Water Boy. All they are doing is stereotyping in a different way.

    Next up? Aunt Jemima cooking possum and gator for dinner in the co-operative.

  9. Joey

    Hmmmmm. Explain this ride to me, but explain it like I’m a five year old….

    “No problem, you see it’s a food cooperative……”

    Nevermind, I’ll go ride the flying elephants. That makes more sense.

  10. Disney Fan

    Pretty boring sounding. Let’s look at all the rides/attractions with problems in their story: Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan, and yes even the Princess and the Frog with the salt mines and voodoo. Disney has not impressed with their rethemes and this is just joining those.

  11. Ruben Reynoso

    Good grief! A food co-op? That’s their idea for a back story? So now parents need to have an understanding of modern business practices to explain an amusement park ride to their kids? SMH

  12. LL

    I’m a huge fan of Disney, especially WDW. I was excited to see what Disney does with this ride, even though I loved it as Splash Mountain and didn’t agree with it being changed. Now that they overanalyzed the back story and made it so complicated, I’m actually disappointed. I hope this isn’t as awful as it sounds!

  13. KD

    Sad to see splash mountain go. I liked the characters and the songs. I will miss the laughing place. I understand where the story comes from. I own a copy of Song of the South. Unfortunately we can not erase the past but the ride itself did not focus on the past. Zip a dee doo dah

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