The Cutest Disney Couples Ever, Ranked

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Belle (Paige O'Hara) and Beast (Robby Benson) in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Credit: Disney

Disney and romance

snow white and prince charming animated
Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney Company’s first-ever full-length animated feature film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937) by Walt Disney Pictures changed the game with its ground-breaking animation and gave the then-struggling company its legs for years to come. Ever since the first Disney Princess, Snow White, met her Prince Charming and shared True Love’s Kiss, romance has been a staple of Disney’s identity. From adapted and retold fairytales like Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty (1959), Ariel and Eric The Little Mermaid (1989) — to 3D-animated movies like Pixar Animation’s Toy Story (1995) like Bo Peep and Woody, and later Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, romance has played a massive role in building character motivations, and fleshing out Disney’s worlds of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

What makes a cute couple?

mrs. potato head
Credit: Pixar/Disney

There are just so many romantic relationships in Disney’s canon of characters! Can we even find the best Disney couple in all of Disney history? Would it be right to pit these relationships against each other?

Questions like these abound — especially as we venture closer to Valentine’s Day! But right now, we’re not looking at the best or most popular Disney couple — but the most adorable! We’ll be on the lookout for relationships that stood the test of time, love that blossoms through trials and tribulations, and just… tooth-aching sweetness.

Ranking the cutest Disney couples

Now, the cutest Disney couples ever, coming right up! We’re celebrating those classic Disney romances that span The Walt Disney Company’s multitude of animated works.

7. Belle and the Beast — Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Beauty and the Beast Belle dancing together in ballroom
Credit: Disney

Belle and the Beast (or well, Prince Adam) are a classic Disney Princess and Prince duo — even though the Prince Charming in this case was more like a… monstrous antihero with dubious intentions, until the magic of love truly overcame the magic of the enchantress’ curse!

When Belle realized her love blooming during the snowy “Something There” scene, the audience (and every animate object in the castle) knew somewhere deep down that these two were endgame!

6. Lady and the Tramp — Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Lady and the Tramp
Credit: Disney

Do we need to say any more? I mean, look at them! They’re two spaghetti-eating dogs!

Lady and The Tramp are resolute icons of Disney romance — their epic pasta date to the strains of “Bella Notte” has gone down in Disney and animation history for being one of the sweetest portrayals of (doggy) romance.

I mean, you can’t deny how absolutely adorable they are, and this couple is another classically cute example of “opposites attract”.

5. Wall-E and Eve — Wall-E (2008)

Credit: Pixar / Disney

This robot power couple has something super special — arguably the most innocent and heartwarming romance ever — and neither have an actual heart!

When Wall-E and Eve meet, it’s on a post-apocalyptic trash-heap of a planet Earth. Lone bachelor Wall-E spends days and nights with their little cockroach friend, listening to “Hello, Dolly!” tracks and… “sorting” garbage. Eve and Wall-E’s gorgeous space flight propelled by fire extinguisher, outside the Axiom ship? Completely iconic and wholesome.

4. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable — Kim Possible (2002)

It’s time for some Disney TV representation.

Kim Possible
Credit: Disney

Another power couple of Disney Channel fame from the early 2000s — these two defined “adorable”!

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable (yes, their real names!) have arguably the most frustrating yet quirky-cute teen romance, and basically define “childhood sweethearts”. Growing up together from elementary school into high school and beyond, these two were best friends first and foremost. And when Kim decided to become a highly sought-after teen super-spy? Ron was there as her ever-faithful (though bumbling) sidekick, who eventually grew into his own. Realizing they had feelings for each other and starting a healthy relationship after their Disney Channel Original Movie, was something rarely explored in kids’ television!

3. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider — Tangled (2010)

“At last, I see the light.”

Flynn and Rapunzel in 'Tangled'
Credit: Disney

Ah, the bickering, “sort-of-enemies-to-lovers” trope, with the “liar revealed” plotline to boot — that actually worked well.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel have a beautifully developed relationship throughout Tangled, when the mischievous and vain rogue Flynn went from tricking Rapunzel to falling in love with her wide-eyed enthusiasm for the simple things and pure-hearted bravery. What cemented this couple for many, though? That gorgeous lantern scene and accompanying song, “I See The Light” — which did not make our “best Disney Princess songs” list, but is a romantic duet absolutely worth mentioning!

Their relationship even got expanded in the Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (2017), and it’s a worthwhile binge if you’re hankering for more of this adorable couple (and a pretty wild continuation of the Tangled gang’s stories)!

2. Mulan and Shang — Mulan (1997)

“Would you like to stay forever?”

mulan 2 mulan II yin yang necklaces Mulan (left) Shang (right)
Credit: Disney

Mulan and Shang are perennial favorites, and earn second place in this list!

These two have had their romance burgeon seemingly out of nowhere — especially considering Shang had no idea that Mulan was a woman (making him… bisexual?) — and Mulan was even under his direct command in the army. Instead, this couple grows from an antagonistic rivalry of sorts, becoming genuinely good friends and trusted soldiers-in-arms, eventually becoming lovers — especially if Mulan’s grandma has anything to say about things!

1. Carl and Ellie – Up (2011)

Carl and Ellie in 'Up' (2009)
Credit: Pixar

These two barely need an introduction — especially if you’ve seen Up!

Carl and Ellie have their story told in the most heart-breakingly painful, yet wholesome way. Nothing really tops their gradual romance, standing by each other through thick and thin, working towards their life goal to visit Paradise Falls — until (spoilers!) Ellie’s unfortunate illness cuts their dreams and love short. This beautifully heart-wrenching relationship and Ellie’s death scene even took first place in our other list. It’s just that iconic.

And a much-deserved first place, in our books.

Aladdin and Jasmine touching foreheads
Credit: Disney

These Disney couples have truly stood out for their overwhelming sweetness — and for being lovely portrayals of romance, and the reminder that love will often save the day, and can absolutely conquer all!

Did we miss anything? What did you think of our ranking of the cutest Disney couples? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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