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  1. Chris

    Honestly, I think there are law suits on the horizon, as the law that allowed the district to be formed doesn’t allow the state to step in and do this.

    But, at the same time I think the state taking over at this point may be a good thing in the long run (although I think an independent private party would do better), as Disney has shown it hasn’t been able to do a good job at managing the district lately, I mean when the fire department isn’t even given good working equipment and proper staffing, there is an issue.

  2. Walt is spinning

    It says while salivating.

  3. Bert

    Florida. The freedom to persecute anyone with a difference of opinion. Have your fun now you pitiful little man. This crap won’t play nationally.

    1. Cyndi

      I would like to know why DeSantis hates. Is it hate, or jealousy? Disney is one part of his state he can’t muzzle. For a self declared Christian man, he sure relies havoc on the citizens and businesses of Florida.

      1. Bert

        Well said. (or written)

    2. Niy

      Omg as a native Orlando homeowner. We have so much other stuff going
      on Homeowner insurance is sky high. Housing is scarce. And fat santix is worried about Disney. One of Orlando’s largest employers. If he keeps flying this close to the sun .he will get burned 🔥

      1. BP

        DeSantis (the little dictator) doesn’t know how to govern so he misdirects people attention.

  4. TK

    Read the bill. Nothing is changing except a board that oversees everything.

  5. Steve

    DeSantis is obviously nothing but a power-mad, arrogant, wanna-be dictator!!! He should have been removed from office as soon as he started this debacle!! I hope he gets what’s coming to him!

    1. Mason

      I live in Florida and Ron Desantis isn’t a dictator. If there’s any wannabe dictator that should be removed from office it should be Joe Biden.

      1. Big Al

        You’re not paying attention.

  6. Barbara Ann Horan

    The best thing for WDW is that DiSantis does not get re-elected. Floridians must not like some of the Trump-like things he’s done for their state. Is he a nut or what?

  7. Arthur Rader

    DeSantis is like most politicians today. If I don’t get my way I’m going to change things because I can.

  8. Rob H

    Desantis is an overbearing child. When he doesn’t get his way he takes his ball and goes home. What an AH

  9. Marcus

    The new board has the power to make decisions about the district’s fire department, sewage and roadwork. They don’t have any power over Disney content or park services.

    1. Bella

      You are correct about what Reedy Creek oversees but DeSantis says he is going to run Disney. He says Disney is going to give discounts to Florida residents and control the entertainment. That’s dictatorship.

  10. Kate

    I’m not a Florida resident, but I enjoy coming to Florida and spending money at Disney, Universal, etc–and getting out of the frozen north for a few days every winter. In reading the comments, there was a reference to Disney being a very large employer–how bad would it affect Florida’s economy if Disney did actually “Come to an end” such as what the title of the article says? I have to think that the economic impact would be huge. This is an honest question since I’m not a resident–I’m not trying to be political or snarky…Just looking for an answer to that thought.

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