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Left: Two women look frustrated into a phone camera. Right: Concept art that features Mickey & Minnie Mouse driving a red car while Goofy drives a train in the background.


  1. Royz

    Great Idea, Theme & Attraction…
    One tiny mistake…

    Imagineers placed in the wrong area in WDWR. It should have been placed in MK Fantasyland.

    1. Steve Reeves

      She calls this dehumanizing. Then I guess she hasn’t worked a day in her life!

      1. Eliza

        I thought the same thjng

      2. Thomas Nicolai Vargas

        Seriously I waited tables for decades lol!

      3. Say you’re entitled without saying you’re entitled…. instead of whining about having to wait your turn, spend some time volunteering at a hospital, school or animal shelter to get some PERSPECTIVE.
        Our grandparents’ generation are rolling in their graves with the soft crybabies of this future generation.

        1. Jesslyn Williams

          We volunteer a lot actually. The fact that you’re so upset over a complaint about disney world shows how soft YOU are. This is not personally affecting you.

          1. Adam Efimoff

            But how is being in a line dehumanising

          2. Steve

            It doesn’t have to affect us to point out what a whiney twat this girl is for saying that waiting on a line is “dehumanizing”

    2. Lyn

      I agree! They should have kept The Great Movie Ride, maybe updated areas. Although now, it hardly feels like a trip through movies and the making of movies….

  2. TM

    I mean.. All 367 followers of hers😂😂😂

  3. Michael Crandell

    So here’s my question; why are you giving her this attention? Obviously, this is what she is seeking. Dehumanizing? That’s a little bit over the top.

    1. Angus

      You got that right! These Tik Tokers are a joke

      1. Jaxx

        Amen! Narcissistic morons, the lot of them!

        1. PLynn

          Absolutely!! Really dehumanizing? Then why is she at a Disney Park? Because “Helloooo” you have to wait in line for rides! Duh!

      2. Jade

        Just because she had to wait, perhaps during a busy time for the attraction, with “gasp” other guests?! Oh the dehumanization!
        Yes, people are going to be unhappy waiting, that’s human nature. But saying that it’s dehumanizing being “stuck there” with other guests. She needs to get over herself. A TikToker, not some extreme VIP that is so important that she should be treated differently.
        I can’t stand that these TikTok users get a decent number of followers, and then suddenly act like they’re some celebrity or diva that deserves to be treated like royalty.
        We need to seriously stop focusing “top news” on these people.

      3. Lilac sea


    2. Kevin

      Agree!! Geez!

    3. jmbrake

      Exactly what I was thinking! Boo hoo the line was long – dehumanizing is a bit dramatic. Next she’ll be crying about how the ears on her Mickey Mouse ice cream were crooked.

      1. Kay

        So devastating that she was forced to wait on line…oh, wait. She could have chosen not to. Someone get this girl a dictionary open to the entry on dehumanizing.

    4. Candy

      The “most dehumanizing” time in her life was waiting too long to get on a Disney ride? She must lead a charmed life!

    5. Joe F

      Exactly! These so called “influencers” need to get a real life

  4. Chris

    Jo. Dehumanization happens in North Korea and imprisonment camps. It is caused by terrible and sadistic conditions. Stop giving this nonsense attention.

    1. Thy

      If it’s that miserable, don’t wait in the line. That’s your choice !

    2. Mark

      FFS. You got in line for that. You could have also gotten put of line and “reclaimed” your humanity.

  5. Kelly

    Poor little brat didn’t want to pay or wait. Watch me play the World’s tiniest violin.

    1. Chelle

      Exactly. She could have gotten off of the line, but just wanted the attention (which I am sure she will backtrack and cry about now.)

  6. CC

    Ridiculous!! Why did you wait?! If you found it “dehumanizing “ then walk away. You weren’t tortured to stay there.

    Get over yourself!!!

  7. Joe

    Just got back from Disney. This ride was unanimously voted by my fam as the worst offender of “not worth the wait”. No one over the age of like 6 is going to enjoy it. Using a lighting pass is practically required unless you enjoy standing in a very boring queue

    1. JustJessee

      I’m WELL over 6. Both my husband and I enjoy TF out of it (WDW version at least). It’s not meant to be Space Mountain or Radiator Springs Racers – sounds like your expectations were on a different plane of existence. That sucks, because this is a wonderful little ride.

      (oh wait a min, a boring queue?? Every video walk through I’ve seen has been full of easter eggs and eye candy. What kind of queue is NOT boring to your fam?? And It just opened, of course it’s going to be longer wait. But it’s still consistently a long wait at HS and it’s been open years nows)

    2. Jade

      While you’re more than welcome to voice opinions,.from your view, please try and keep it a bit civil. Sorry that you and your family didn’t enjoy the ride, but exclaiming that “no one over the age of 6” is going to enjoy it is a bit exaggerated demeaning to others that do enjoy it.

  8. Jimbo

    “Most Dehumanizing”…? Good Grief… Poor little spoiled brat.

  9. MBKrebs

    Yeah, no. Dehumanizing is reading articles like this about absolutely NOTHING. If you don’t want to wait, don’t go to Disney. And if you pick a line that’s too long, find something else. Someone needs a nap…

  10. Wendi

    I like it. I’m not going to wait two hours for it but I’d give a a good 45 minutes. Lines aren’t the end of the world if you’ve got some popcorn and a drink and someone to talk to. And someone needs to talk to this spoiled girl about the meaning of the word “dehumanizing”. A day at Disney does not fit the description.

  11. Paul

    Dehumanizing?? Really ?? You poor little snowflake, get a grip on reality. The prime example I’d a self centered spoiled brat. God forbid she doesn’t receive instant gratification and actually has to wait in line

  12. D Ander

    Funny. I don’t see anyone standing next to her holding a gun to her head making her stand in line. We were just at Disney. If the line was too long, we just skipped it.

  13. MuzzyFush

    Looks like the video has been taken down. She obviously didn’t like the backlash.
    Guess this article, as usual, is totally irrelevant.

  14. Walt

    Oh my how did she carry on. Boo hoo little entitled brat.

  15. Chad

    Awwww. You had to wait in line at DISNEY? Your poor thing

  16. Pat

    Oh the humanity, how am I gonna live. It’s a freaking link for a ride. Don’t like the wait, get off it or best yet don’t go to the park anymore and get a life

  17. No not with the wait. The ride is cardboard cutouts. Miss Great Movie Ride!!

    1. JustJessee

      Pretty sure this was about the Disneyland version. Has nothing to do with the Great Movie Ride on the other coast. Also, It’s 2.5D, and replicates the feel of classic animation with a modern edge. Much like… Toad is now, for example. Are you saying rides like Toad are crappy ride because they’re “cardboard cut outs”?

      1. Jade

        Sadly, I know what they mean about the great movie ride, as that no longer exists, when it was shut down to make way for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

  18. Kris

    So sick of these spoiled little A-holes. Stay home where you belong.

    1. Or let’s not normalize going into massive debt to visit a place that exploits their own workers. You are part of the problem.

  19. Rw

    What a joke!!!!! Grow Up!!!!

  20. Chris LaRocque

    Here’s a thought, if you are that miserable, GET OUT OF THE LINE! No one is forcing you to stay there. You are making the choice to sit there and wait. So don’t piss and moan to the public and claim it’s the most dehumanizing event of your life since you made the choice to wait in the line. Go somewhere else.

    1. Jade

      Sadly, I know what they mean about the great movie ride, as that no longer exists, when it was shut down to make way for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

  21. Andrew

    LMAO. Dehumanizing indeed….someone would rather die??????? Why don’t you make good on your sarcasm???? Poor little attention seeker

  22. Deb

    Let’s all hope and pray this young lady never ever has to experience the horror of having to ride Mickey’s railway ever again 😂

    1. Hew

      Disney is losing its magic because of woke,snowflake,cancel,tiktokers who believe they are intitled and things should change just fir them and if things aren’t the way they feel they should be they cry…that ride is no thrill ride but it is alot of fun and if u don’t like the wait then buy all of the passes needed to get on faster,stop destroying disney magic with your whimpering

      1. Jesslyn Williams

        As an annual pass holder and a dvc member, I think everyone can agree that disney has put making money over guest experience in the past few years. I was with her and I’m the other girl in the video. The video was a joke, but we should also acknowledge that disney has started prioritizing whoever spends the most money WHICH IS WRONG. We stood in a line that was estimated 80 mins for almost 3 hours, not because the ride was broken, but because they were only moving the lightning lane line for an hour straight. Everybody standing in that line was upset, and everyone in these comments would have been too. As a longtime guest of disney world, I am disappointed, and for anyone to disagree with my statement is wrong. Open your eyes

  23. M Z

    Stand in line at the soup line
    Then rate the experience

    1. Tasha

      I think you need to take a breath. There is no need to belittle people who have a need to “stand in line at the soup kitchen.” There’s nothing wrong with needing help. I get the point you’re trying to make, but there are better ways to make it that don’t involve dehumanizing those in need.

  24. Lynzy

    There are very few places you can just walk right in. If the line is long then don’t enter it. Go enjoy some other attraction. Come on out and live in the real world where few things are free and it is okay to work to achieve your goals for life. It’s a cute ride. Not a 45 minute in line ride in my opinion. But then I was a Great Movie Ride fan and so miss it. Change is inevitable in life but sometimes it makes no sense when Disney owns so much property and could have chosen another area to build it. Bottom line is you will have to stand in line so charge your phone, get some snacks and enjoy life and have fun.

  25. MorngConqr13

    It’s not like the layout of the building is all that much different from the original bride so why is she complaining people used to have to wait a long time just to get on the original ride that was in there I never had a problem waiting

    1. Kali, this is a valuable lesson, learn from it. It’s all just a money grab. No one cares if you’re “happy”.

  26. Ashlee

    My 7 year old waited in line just fine, so maybe she should stay home if she didn’t want to wait for rides.

    And we all loved it, it is definitely one of my favorites and I will go on it time and time again, even if I have to wait.

  27. Walt's Friend

    Lazy writing.

  28. Dell

    If this is THE MOST dehumanizing event of your life, YOU have been truly blessed or very young. Quit complaining or stay home where your parents must do everything for you.

  29. The One Who Knows

    Uh…boo hoo?

    It’s DISNEY…what did you expect???

    End of Line

  30. Mike

    Rides break down
    GROW UP!!!

  31. Steve Reeves

    She calls this dehumanizing. Then I guess she hasn’t worked a day in her life!

  32. Dylan

    Wait…..she had to wait in line or what is the issue?? Sounds like straws are being grasped at

  33. Jr

    So weird that adults go to Disney without children, and then surprise… they’re really old children. Grow up. This wasn’t dehumanizing.

  34. Eliza

    Jeez, so dramatic. Let’s see it was the most “dehumanizing” experience yet she didn’t simply get out of line??

  35. Mark

    You volunteered by getting in line for that. FFS

  36. Pete

    OMG! Poor girl! What a life altering event! 🙄 This is what happens when you think you are the only person in the park! Time to grow up! Life isn’t going to accommodate your wants and needs.

  37. JenP

    I am constantly amazed by how long people will wait in line after paying hundreds of dollars. I love Disney, and I love the rides. But, none of them are worth the cost and the wait to me. I still go occasionally, but I have regretted it the last few times. I grew up going, so I have lots of magical memories. But they magic has seriously faded, and it’s hard for me to go back. And, I’m a shareholder.

    1. Marie

      As am I a shareholder. I gave up my residents annual pass that I’ve had for years and years. I was also at Disney as a very little girl, when it opened.

      I agree….the magic is gone. I haven’t steped foot in the park in almost 3 years. Also selling my shares before they totally tank out.

  38. Momofmonkeys

    Unfortunately jealous Judy’s can’t take a 21 year old making light of the situation! It was a joke! As a matter of fact, I was crawling on the floor in that line with her (not my proudest moment 😂). She’s a kid and all these grown adults need to find something better to do with their time then bully a college student on vacation with her family!

  39. Mg

    The entitlement of our future generations on full display. Not sure what’s more pathetic… the “tik toker” or this embarrassing publication actually putting this up as news

  40. Jake

    Didn’t watch the vid, but can confirm that this line is awful. Once you get into the building there’s no easy way out without pushing past hundreds of people. If the line consistently flowed there would be less of a problem, but their Lightning Lane to standby ratios are awful. The cast member merging the lines was told to take 3 parties from standby at a time after the LL would just flow and fill in the merge point. And at that merge point you’ve waited an hour so bailing and wasting your time investment is more annoying than waiting it out.

    TLDR, too many LL being sold, forces CM to halt standby queue so LL doesn’t backup and it’s annoying.

  41. Krista Kelley

    Oh no! She had to WAIT IN A LINE? At DISNEY WORLD?!?!?! Who would have thought it could happen?
    She needs to count herself as LUCKY that she even GETS TO GO!!! Many people cannot afford to go. Waiting in lines is to be expected at any theme park.

  42. Kim

    Okay, but the video says most HUMBLING, not dehumanizing 💀😂

  43. Kukamonga

    THIS? This is what she finds dehumanizing?! A long wait to get on a machine ride? Spoiled, entitled brat that doesn’t know the meaning of “dehumanizing “. She should be ashamed to show her face.

  44. Gina

    These people!!! Unbelievable. Entitled is all I have to say. You lead such a sad life. “Dehumanizing” is an exaggeration. All they want is attention and they don’t care how they get it. Again… sad.

  45. K

    So having to wait your turn for a ride you chose to ride knowing full well what the approximate wait time was is dehumanizing? Ok.

  46. Joe

    Literally this is the most human thing ever. Waiting in line at a theme park to get on a ride. Never seen a tiger or bear do that. Parrots and crows don’t do this.

  47. Kevin

    Spoiled much. Maybe someday she’ll have some real life experiences.

  48. Lilac sea

    Its one thing to film your displeasure for your content. But to film others? Did your entitled self centered attitude EVEN THINK that maybe those other people didnt WANT to be used in your content. To bad its not in il, or maybe one of those filmed ate from il and sue you for biologic theft.

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