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Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Whitney

    I think it would be fun to see the speedway themed as the race game from Wreck It Ralph. Also in Tomorrowland I think it would be nice to add a theme to the Astro Orbitor rockets of maybe Stitch’s rocket.

    1. Jonathan Fernandez

      Yes i would to see that its great addition speedway into wreck it ralph and astro orbitor into stitchs rocket great additions i like it

    2. Dis Lad

      Or you could make them electric light cycles or an electric Tron: Legacy car for the younger kids that will not be able to experience the coaster. Gives something for the smaller crowds or for those that might find the coaster too intense.

      Although I would not be opposed to Sugar Crush cars either.

  2. Rroe

    The Disneyworld Indiana Jones attraction in Studio’s is 34 years old. Time to update to the great Indiana Jones ride that Disneyland in California has.

    1. Dinosaur is the only reason we go to Animal Kingdom because it’s so ’90’s. That’s the whole point of it. Expedition Everest is okay, but not that great, and Avatar is a waste of space. If they get rid of Dinosaur we would probably skip that park entirely.

      1. Yaga

        Oof. Bad takes.

    2. Nick

      Except that would be better suited for Hollywood Studios. Not sure how it fits Animal Kingdom theme.

    3. faackanders2

      Replacing Indiana Jones show (which I haven’t been to in like 20 years) with Indiana Jones ride would be a great improvement. Replacing Speedway with King Candy/Penelope’s Candy Racers would be a modest upgrade and young elementary kids may like it, but older males probably would prefer original better. Would like a cars land in HS or MK (E already has test track). Tron looks like a great addition to tomorrowland.

  3. Phil

    Save Dinosaur!!!!!

    1. faackanders2

      They should redo dinosaur movie, to keep Dinosaur ride relevent (and just replace “old tech” Iganodon with a feathered raptor to make it new and fresh). Many boys love dinosaurs! Some adults too!

  4. EM

    Massive expansion to come at MAGIC kingdom or do they just close down some attractions and replace them with something else?

  5. Ildar Puffenstuff

    So, another “article” based on absolutely nothing -no announcement, no official (or unofficial) statement, not even a rumor. Outstanding writing, chop off your fingers.

  6. Mason

    Daytona international Speedway + lawnmowers + the smell of a gas station = Tomorrowland speedway.

  7. James

    Maybe retheme the speedway to something based on Wall-E or Lightyear. Or even a Honey I Shrunk The Kids where you drive through and past everything oversized. Some sort of Sci-Fi property to keep in theme with the area. And of course update the vehicles with more modern technology to speed the up and slow then down etc.

  8. Coleman

    I am not apposed to “updating” older rides but changing the complete theme of opening day rides to another IP base ride theme is shallow in concept. I’m not saying that IP rides can’t exist in the parks but Disney needs to make more rides/shows/events that are made from new ideas and not from a Movies/TV. A good example of this would be rides like Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, carousel of progress, Great Movie ride, Studio Backlot Tour and alot more that I could say.

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