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Left: A woman closes her eyes while holding her baby. Right: Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom on a sunny day.


  1. BG

    At least there was Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty. If this woman has an ounce of sense, she’d say the name was from there.

    1. Michelle

      I was thinking the same thing – Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty.

    2. WJ

      Was just coming to say the same thing ☺️

    3. Kat

      According to Disney, Princess Aurora and Sleeping Beauty were both also known as Briar Rose. Why can’t people immediately want to make everything about race?

      1. Lana

        Because the post says she named her after a ride, not a character and that ride is done because of the racial connotations from the movie.

    4. Kat

      FYI- According to Disney, Princess Aurora and Sleeping Beauty were also known as Briar Rose. Why do people have to make everything abour race?? My word, it’s not your child so keep your ugly comments to yourself. Ever heard the old saying : If you can’t say something nice, DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!!.

    5. Lana

      I was thinking the same thing when I heard Briar. I don’t like it as a first name tho but what do I know?

  2. Babz

    That was a strange thing to say; that she named her kid after a Ride. It’s *in* the ride. And the movie. And in real life. And, anyway, Briar is a nice name!

    1. Sandra

      I think it is a nice name too! You have the right to name your child anything you want. Kudos for creativity in the name! I like it! And congratulations on the new baby! Babies are always a blessing!

    2. Doris DuPriest

      SHE,!! Can name her baby anything she wants to and it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS so get over it

    3. Phil

      Agreed, the name is different but times have changed. I lived through the 60’s and being “White “ my best friends were “Afro American “. I was brought up to respect everyone.

    4. I love the name!!

  3. Candice

    I love the Uniqueness of the name. I am sad to the ride go, especially because it was a political motivation to do so. I will forever LOVE DISNEY, but I am disappointed with the people who are running it. Yeah, it is for everyone, but seriously, who cares what your Sexuality is. Who cares what skin color you are, I sure as hell, do not care.

    1. Kate

      Now I am not a fan of woke Disney. But in fairness to them, this change was in the works well before all the 2020 race crap. My mom got the announcement in her Disney ambassador packet in 2018 or 2019. It makes sense that they would redo it to a movie that they can actually sell merch of. They retheme rides to modern stuff all the time.

      1. Azza

        The woke mob are imbeciles. Low IQs and a delusional, evil wordview.

        1. Mindy

          Shut up. You still lose. The ride is changing no matter how much you cry and stamp your feet. Run along and play with your toys now.

          1. Snicker

            I’m sick of all this racist BS. I’ve never been racist and never will be. Wasn’t until Bambam that all this racial stuff was stirred up. He was the biggest racist this country ever saw.

        2. MrConservative

          Liam Neeson’s character in “Next of Kin” was name Briar. This “racist” hogwash is manufactured pap.

        3. she


      2. Rick Williams

        I truly think if Disney had framed it as revamping for a more modern film appeal, then they would not have half the backlash. Of course then Disney could not play the woke card.

      3. Mindy

        Exactly. They did the TOT in Disneyland and I like the Guardians theme way better. I love change. It keeps the rides modern, fresh and interesting.


      Well. The world should just bend to your will, I guess.

      The ride was based off a racist movie from 70 years ago. I think you’ll be ok, even if it is going to be now based off a Disney movie with a Black lead character. I know it’s hard for you to live in this ‘brave new world’ but you’re going to have to try. Or not. I’m fine with the alternative.

      1. S

        No it’s not racist and yes the world should bend to the will of Disney purist and kids should be zombies with the same tastes as their parents and grandparents. Splash Mountain is not closed and Disney is spreading lies. I have access to a time machine and not only is Splash still there but Tiana is banned.

      2. faackanders2

        Song of the South had a Black Lead character and the man that played Uncle Remus was the first black actor to win an honorary oscar. The first black female oscar winner for Gone with the South also had a small acting role in this film

      3. Lana


  4. Jim Foster

    Controversial? To whom? What does it take to make something controversial?? Just one SJW?

  5. MarvelFan

    Still don’t get what’s racist about a bunch of animals. Going to miss the creepiness of that ride with following that rabbit.

    1. Ur mid

      It’s almost like the article provided a link you can click in order to read up on it

      1. Jayne1955

        All the racist whining about the ride is off base. The main character was not a slave since the story was set after the Civil War and he’s a great role model. He’s wise, compassionate and caring. And Baskett deserved the honorary Oscar he got for the role. Disney fought a hard campaign for him to get a regular Oscar and lost but the honorary one was still historic. Apparently no one cares about history.

  6. Bob

    Just rode Splash Mountain a few weeks ago……still didn’t see anything racist on the ride.

    1. Mike G

      Because there isn’t

  7. Disney sucks

    If that ride’s racist, I’m the second coming of Christ.

    1. DJT luvsputin


      1. Crawl back under your rock…woke fool !

        1. Mindy

          Isn’t that the preferred activity of the right though? Can’t be progressive if you stay under a rock, but I guess when you belong to a party with zero critical thinking skills you wouldn’t understand that.

          1. Taylor Tarr

            Um the kkk was founded by a Democrat. I’ll just let that sink in

  8. Kim

    American values? The left is erasing those more and more each day. We are not allowed to honor history the way it actually happened. Statues are being turn down, historic names being changed all in the name of wokeness comes first. It’s very sad

    1. DJT luvsputin

      As if Deathsantis isnt whitewashing history… you evil pricks need to get off the rvil right wing Russian Propaganda Machine… i think its a good name
      Go F yourselves if you got a problem!

      1. Splash mountain

        Song of the south may be problematic, but I will always love ❤️ brer bear❤️!

    2. Yeah, how dare they deny the historical value of celebrating traitors to the Union and unrepentant slave owners.
      (sarcasm intended)

      1. Don’t forget the black slave owners ! Why does everyone forget black people owned black people also .

        1. Jarell

          Because there were a couple of them. Why do you pretend that their existence forgives white slave owners?

      2. faackanders2

        in war it is not murder, but it still is killing, death, and wounding.

    3. Jarell

      Um, Kim, it was DeSantis that erased African American history–not allowing it to be taught as an AP class.

      Statues aren’t history, especially statues of anti-Americans like Confederates and Trumpsters.

      1. Mason

        Look into the story more. Desantis didn’t ban teaching what Fredrick Douglas, MLK, or Booker T. Washington etc. did. The black history was teaching queer theory.

    4. Mindy

      Only for you sad people. Deal with it.

  9. I hope peterpans next, you ANNOYING a**hats

    Y’all in the comments don’t even know what woke mean, y’all just speaking. The ride and movie is literally based off a racist retelling of slavery, and has tons of racial stereotypes. Just shed the idea already. Anyway, I think the new ride will be a hit. Besides, no one nowadays even knows or likes that movie especially with how racist it is anyway

    1. S

      Woke means brainwashed by leftwing lies. There is nothing racist about Splash Mountain and you need to realize that and it’s not closed. There will be no new ride and if there were it will be a failure because nobody likes Tiana

  10. Sue

    Enough with this racist crap. If someone doesn’t like something let’s change it bc it offends someone I wonder when we are going to change the name of the White House bc that is going to offend someone. We can’t have that it’s called white.

  11. Jocelyn Croft

    I think people are looking for trouble where none exists. This controversy surprised me, so I looked up info on the name.

    Briar was the 515th most popular girls name and 713th most popular boys name. In 2021 there were 594 baby girls and 361 baby boys named Briar.

    Briar is a gender-neutral name of British origins, meaning “thorny bush of wild roses” and “brambles.”

    Take a deep breath and put energy into real social problems.

  12. Jocelyn Croft

    Very good point!

  13. Jeremy

    Has anyone actually seen the movie or is everyone just believing the hype? I’ve watched it a few times since getting a copy for my birthday a few years ago. I will agree there are a couple “cringe” moments (like movies have today) but overall I don’t consider the movie (or ride) racist. A (freed) African American man, post-slavery, teaches good moral lessons to children of both races. When it was released, the main adult actors even won major awards, I believe being among the first African Americans to do so. In my opinion, this film gets far too much undeserved hatred and controversy.

  14. Crystal

    Wow people are cruel enough to call her names for the name she decided to give her baby, so much hatred towards her for it, so the best question here is, how does that make u any better? If you truly believe the ride was racist, racism=hatred and all that was shown to this mother with a new baby was hatred, they call us names like bigots for not looking at a colorful ride with animals as racist, animals are not capable of being racist, they don’t even see color, maybe people should take some examples from the animals, if your spreading so much hate over a movie you have probably never seen, your no better, I’ve never seen it, but my husband has seen the movie, and he says their was nothing racist about the movie either, they just had the black man talk, the way black people talked back then, spreading hate instead of kindness makes u no better no matter which side your on.

  15. Chris B

    I still find it interesting that the ones who like to conveniently label everything as racist are most likely racist themselves so why are they complaining again? People love to be trendy and use the same word for everything it seems.

  16. Azza

    The woke morons think everything is racist. They have no concept of historical context. For example, ‘Cowboys and Indians’ apparently is problematic because….they’re not…from….India I guess?……Ridiculous, they were named that way due to a navigational error and no disparagement was intended by the name.
    It’s gotten to the point where milk is called racist because it’s white and maths is racist because blacks on average do slightly less well than whites, of course Asians doing better than whites is not racist lol.
    Disney is now widely recognised as having fully succumbed to the woke virus, going by many of their recent releases. Lightyear being a complete flop should teach them a lesson but they don’t care about profit, they’re totally subsidised and controlled by the deep state and pumping out ‘THE MESSAGE’ is all that matters to them.

  17. chris

    People can really be assholes. They need to stop assuming they know shit before allowing other to share the truth. How can you seriously make fun of a baby you never met, nor have you met the parents, and you don’t even know what the name is? Just the fact that it came from some part of splash mountain they assume it must be racist. Why don’t you concern yourself with real issues in life and put some of that energy into helping to solve those instead of picking on babies.

  18. Michael harbuck

    I agree some people are imbeciles. You have the right after carrying your child for 9 months to do anything besides killing them. There are too many actual world problems if these pain in the a$$es want to feel like they are making a difference. This does nothing but show those people you are nothing but a bunch of bullies.

  19. MFG

    “based on the problematic and widely banned Song of the South (1946)”

    Factually incorrect. SotS has not been banned. Disney voluntarily withholds it from the US video market.

    Incidentally, having seen the film I would argue that, while its depiction of Southern plantation life is sanitized (despite taking place after the Civil War), it is more progressive than one might expect given the rhetoric surrounding it. The basic story of the film is that the children of plantation owners would rather spend time with the grandfatherly Uncle Remus and the sharecroppers, who are able to find joy in community and living life and telling stories despite the harsh conditions in which they live (Reconstruction-era Georgia, after the abolition of slavery), than be neglected by their parents, the greedy, self-centered and abusive Southern aristocracy.

    I think the “problematic” and “racist” labels don’t accurately represent the content of the film, but I certainly understand Disney’s desire to avoid this discussion in a childrens film as popular social awareness has changed over the years. One may argue that some of the characterizations are racist, as many are considered when looking through a modern lens at a time when globalism and multiculturalism had not yet established a foothold in society-at-large (Remember, we’re talking the mid-1940s here). But to say the film has been banned is flat-out wrong.

  20. Jennifer

    The ride is not racist! The only thing that is “problematic” is the “woke” “cancel culture “.

  21. Mike G

    All these internet “experts” just spewing out the nonsense they read online. There is nothing racist about the ride or the movie it was based on. Enough with that BS already.

  22. Mindy

    Briar’s not a bad name. I was expecting something really stupid like “splash” or “zippidity” or something god awful. This is pretty tame, plus, Briar Rose was the name Aurora went by until she was told the truth. Not sure what people are freaking out over.

  23. Rick

    Congratulations on your new baby. Briar is a beautiful name.

  24. Benjamin Collins

    Yes, there can be odd names out there for baby’s. Please keep in mind there is no law prohibiting the use of the name, brer.

  25. Chris

    Briar is an awesome name. If some people don’t like it, the hell with ’em.

  26. ARivJo

    Briar is a beautiful name whether it was taken from the ride or from Princess Aurora’s pseudonym. Regardless what she posted about it, it’s so interesting people feel the need to be mean. To what? Price a point?

    It is sad and must be just exhausting for some of these people, who wake up each morning and find something new to be offended by.

  27. Chris A Kinney

    I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but let’s try once more. Splash Mountain is not based on the “problematic” movie Song of the South. It’s based on an animated story told within that movie. Get the facts right. And for what it’s worth, that movie is not problematic. It’s a movie. Get over yourselves. If we banned everything that bothered someone, we would have nothing.

  28. Taylor Tarr

    There is nothing racist about slash mountain but hey , virtue signal on .

  29. DH

    hmmmmm… I wonder what I’ll be offended about today.. that cat over there is giving me a dirty look I bet he’s racist

  30. CrosswalkX

    That is uncalled for on the users attacking and cyberbullying the woman with her baby. I’m very against cyberbullying and verbal abuse and I hope the perpetrator users who verbally attack her gets their account blocked and suspended.

    We need to start banning and blocking cyberbullies online. I want to put an end to cyberbullying. We need to start being kind to people on the Internet and not try to take away their freedom of speech and learn how to forgive people and be more understanding and respect the freedom of speech. And not take offense which I had a problem and struggled with over 20 years ago since I was a teenager that I’m trying to overcome.

    1. Kat


  31. Bert

    That poor kid…

  32. Deb

    Beautiful name

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