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Donald and Goofy in Tomorrowland

Credit: ITM


  1. No thanks. Alien Encounter hurt my neck.

  2. Lisa

    Avengers for Arrowsmith roller coast

  3. Drew

    Instead of changing Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure why not move it over to Jungle Cruise? After all there are no mountains in the bayou, and the Jungle Cruise fits the premises much better. Both rides could stand some refreshing but Jungle Cruise would fit a bayou adventure better.

    1. Steve

      Put her on Living with the Land.

  4. Keil

    Tiana should have a restaurant rethemed to her. Splash mountain should get a native American retheme.

    1. John

      This idea makes a lot more sense for a retheme. Fits in with Frontier Land land avoid the whole no mountains in the Bayou issue.

      1. LJ

        Never thought about that but a Pocahontas theme would work well

  5. Lil

    I will not stand for the Carousel of Progress being maligned in this way. 5 minute wait at all times to be able to sit in air conditioning for 20 minutes? And a catchy song? AND ROVER? How dare.

  6. Desiree

    Lower the pricing, and decrease crowd capacity, or they will lose a lot of business! Greed is taking over Disney! Walt would roll over in his grave if he knew what became of his dream!

  7. Tosp

    S1, you are bat
    ass crazy

    1. The Emperor

      As the Emperor of Mankind you have my blessing S1, provided you create an attraction where Star Wars fans can punch Krapleen Kennedy in the face and do an alien probe of Rian Johnson’s lack of a brain

  8. Cuyo

    I love the heck out of Alien encounter! I’d bring it back 100%

  9. Jamie

    If you are bringing back alien encounter, I will be your minion in the takeover.

  10. MFG

    I miss the Extra-TERROR-estrial dearly. But Walt died years before WDW even opened, much less Alien Encounter.

  11. Jeff

    S1, you may be on to something. Returning Disneyland to its 1970’s splendor might not be a bad thing. Many of the folks who come every day, might scale back, having to pay for extra tickets to ride their favorites repeatedly. Take all of the non-Disney parts and put them in the new park across the street, and use the original park space for “Disney” IP themed lands and rides only. A Disney purist-s paradise!

  12. Eric Poll

    #1 Update needed… The Speedway! A gas powered engine is Yesterdayland! It could be electric batteries or even maglev tracks, maybe incorporate show solar powered or wind charging stations. Make it about the future in transportation & energy!

  13. Victoria

    But it wasn’t a hot day. People weren’t riding Splash Mountain in droves IN JANUARY because they were roasting.

  14. Nathan

    Splash Mountain is a phenomenal ride, my favorite since childhood. I had no idea of the existence of the film it was based off of. The ride is a bunch of singing animals. The decision to change the ride, not plussing the ride but straight up changing it, was completely a political decision. The ride is one of the most popular rides in the park and a true classic. The company which bears Walt’s name, which has drifted far away from what Disney would have wanted, made the decision out of fear. Spending a lot of money to change one of the greatest rides at the park, especially after the losses because of Covid-19, thanks Premier Xi, was the exact opposite of what the leadership wanted to do. They made the decision out of fear, seeing all the destruction of property all over the United States. In a way, I actually see Splash Mountain as a victim of the times, from that summer years back.

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