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A man in rainbow overalls points at the voyage of the little mermaid sign, and then at the shutters that are closed in front of it.


  1. Lanner


    1. Amy

      Lol – I thought the same thing.

    2. Janet


  2. Thank you for sharing my video! 🤣

    1. Lorraine

      My granddaughter is obsessed w/mermaids and this is a favorite attraction.
      We will be traveling to DWD in June and hope this attraction will be up and running.

    2. LoL yeah it’s clout chasing to post a funny video…. I have enough “clout” without these shitty Disney park fans. 😂

  3. Eddie

    Seems stable enough 🙄

  4. Crystal

    None of the comments from any of you people make sense.

  5. None of the comments that you people have made make any sense.

  6. Jaxx

    In Flo There is mold EVERYWHERE! Get over it! What a whiner!

  7. MT

    I noticed and could smell the mold in that theater when I went 4 years ago, I remember cause I asked my sister if she smelled it too and she agreed. I don’t think a little mold is a big deal since it’s not like it’s a place you’re in for that long, TBH, but yeah that’s definitely been an issue they should probably take care of.

  8. Peggy

    Grow up. The buildings a health hazard. If your allergic to mold or your kid and have an extreme asthma attack you’d be during Disney.

    1. Peggy

      Sue disney

      1. Cam

        Why? There was a pretty good reason to close it.

    2. LoL Peggy… time to say off the internet if you can’t handle a joke. You need a time out!

  9. Jorge

    How do you walk out in public dressed like that?

    1. Ja

      Awkwardly, while begging for attention.

    2. It’s part of naturally being cute. I’m sure you can’t relate.

  10. Tonya

    Yes it was originally MGM

  11. James

    I think this Queen or whatever it is will be fine and as we see, didn’t really leave

  12. Deb

    Some unnecessary comments nothing to do with the mould ,unless it has spread to certain individuals brain’s.
    But if it has to close for cleaning and up keep it won’t be long before it’s reopened

  13. Dyme

    Homos r the worst. They think there special just cuz the found a loop hole in civil rights bill made for myself and my people. Take ur caucasian butt home and cry about it.

  14. Iconic ride. My favorite and my kids favorite ride. It is magical and needs to reopen!!!

  15. Yes it was

  16. Cindy

    I do understand the disappointment of rides being closed. That being said it takes less than a minute to look online to see what rides will be shut down due to maintaince during your trip. If that was a deal breaker for this guest he could have stayed home.

    1. It takes about a minute to see that this was satire. Thank you. 😂

  17. Pete M

    The Little Mermaid ride has been around since 1922??

    I didn’t think Disney respected their classic attractions anymore.

    I guess I was wrong 🤣

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