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Arrest at Magic Kingdom

Credit: @copsvnlfs48


  1. Gary

    Throw him in jail & throw the key away & ban him from all Disney property for life time!

  2. Steve

    Face diapers are a violation of human rights.

    1. Krvd

      Exactly how is a health precaution is a human rights violation?

    2. Bert

      You should wear one Stevie. It would help keep the crap you spew in your mouth.

  3. Turtle

    The person was wrong to attack someone. At the same time I remember what it was like to be around a bunch of mask worshiping morons. It can drive you crazy to be the only sane person in a group.

    1. Deb

      But no one makes anyone go to wdw if they choose to go they also agreed to wear a mask,it was the rules at the time ,I didn’t want to so I didn’t go ,simple

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