Universal Studios Announces Imminent Closure of Orlando Theme Park

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Krakatau Volcano Bay

Credit: Universal

A major part of the Universal Studios experience is shutting down.

A large body of water
Credit: Universal

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While the Universal Orlando Resort features two incredible theme parks, there’s almos a massive water park to enjoy.

At Volcano Bay, some thrill rides include Ko’okiri Body Plunge, which is a 125 feet ride that features a drop door with a 70-degree fall; Krakatau Aqua Coaster, which is a four-person canoe ride that goes through mists, dark tunnels, and a waterfall; and Puihi of the Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides, which is a five-person raft which takes you through a dark cavern and into a funnel.

Unfortunately, Universal just revealed that this water park will be closed very soon, sharing the news on Twitter:

Weather Update   Volcano Bay will be closed on Friday, January 13, Saturday, January 14, and Sunday, January 15, due to inclement weather. For park updates, please call 407-817-8317 or stay

Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay will be closed from January 13 through the 15 due to inclement weather. We saw Disney make a similar announcement with its Blizzard Beach water park at Walt Disney World just days ago.

Universal opened Volcano Baytheme park back in 2017, providing some water-soaked entertainment for Guests looking to cool off. Guests ever since.

volcano bay
Credit: Universal

More on Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando:

Make Waves.

It’s a water theme park. Which is like a theme park with a whole lotta water. And that big thing in the middle is just like a real volcano. ‘Cause you know volcanoes have water slides, the kind that’ll make you chicken out at the last minute unless your friends (or kids) peer pressure you. And if you’re more a go-with-the-flow type, we got chill things like a winding river, wave pool—oh, and lounge chairs. Doesn’t get chiller than that. Remember, it’s a South Seas oasis (and nothing says oasis like a volcano).

Have you made a splash at Universal’s Volcano Bay water park?

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