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Low crowds near Transformers attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. LC

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but they’ve asked for my opinions within a survey capacity, 2x now. I can tell that they’re doing their best to gauge what they need to do to be better. The only things I really like are the Transformers (one of the best rides in So Cal) and Jurassic Park. The tram is also iconic and for fans, I know Wizarding World is a big draw. Is that enough to substantiate the price of a ticket? No. And with this new “Super Mario land,” prices can only go up. I’ve suggested a few times that their annual pass should include free parking— not just before 6p. I think more people would undoubtedly swing by for a ride and a show after work if it didn’t cost $20-25 to park. That’s ridiculous. It’s their parking structure.

  2. Kris

    I loved Universal growing up. Now, it’s lost it’s identity. It doesn’t help that the cheapest day costs more than the cheapest Disneyland day and only has about 1/3 the rides. They should have stuck to being a movie park. The transition to amusement park is slow going and the admission price is not justified even with the 2 new rides.

    1. B.OB

      I work there, and these pics were taken right as the parked opend. So of course its not filled with people yet. Even on our slowest day the park is never that empty… this article is garbage.

  3. Rachel

    Waiting until Super Nintendo land opens and myself and extended family if 25 are going it’s after Christmas before it NW opens that’s probably why no one is there

    1. Rob

      Prices are too high,come on used to take my kids a long time ago we had always a good time , prices were ok but new atracions will more expensive….by the way what happen with the Terminator ride??

  4. Kl

    I was there yesterday 01/21/23. It was packed AF!!!. You could barely walk without stepping on someone’s shoes.

    1. Brian

      100% this. I’ve lost faith in this website due to the utter lie of this article

    2. Nathan Gomez

      This looks amazing!!! I wanna go now if it’s like this 🙂

      Note to self: take random weekday off, enjoy this.

      1. Rix

        Universal Hollywood is the best pure it.

  5. Sudhir

    The author of this article has conveniently forgot to mention the date the pictures were taken. Weekends and Fridays are completely packed with more than an hour of waiting at each ride.

    1. John

      Bull*** article. I was just there on the 20th and it was bustling.

  6. Will

    Must be a California thing. The rest of the country has moved on from COVID. I assure you, the Orlando location is packed.

    1. David

      Florida led the way into the 2020’s. We ditched all the planned pandemic panic BS in 8/19. Come on down. The weather is fine. Bring lots of money.

    2. david

      Nope, that’s not it at all. Disneyland blocked out all of their passholders during the last few weeks of the year and still managed to completely fill their reservation system. Also if anyone else like me went to USH you would have seen it was filled there as well.

  7. Brittany

    I was there yesterday January 21 2023 and there was SOOOOO many people you could hardly move. Especially since there was a soccer game and the park had a live show for it being taped. The author should write a truthful article.

  8. Alicia G

    Not the day this was posted! It was packed!! 100+ min wait foe everything!

  9. Jasmin

    We were just there 2 weeks ago and there were so many people. No where to sit and eat. We only got on 3 rides because of the long lines. It was a 2 hour wait to get on the studio tour tram. Weekdays everyone is working so they can afford the visit.

  10. Dawn Riquier

    No one does it better than Disney, been to Disney 22 times! Sadly the pandemic robbed me of any chance,anytime soon! Best memories of my,entire life were at Disney!!!! Was lucky enough to be in the parade! Sadly never been to Disney with my husband, due to my health reasons! That is my dream, just the 2 of us!

    1. Samurai Delicatessen

      This isn’t even an article, it’s a sentence. This website is a joke.

      I would call it lazy writing, but you actually have to WRITE something in order to be called lazy.

      1. Jenny

        I love it when the park is like this. I go at least once a month and you will only see an empty park during the week. Weekends are always crowded.

      2. Marty

        Agree. How do you post an article like this with no insight as to why there is no people there? Is it price in these tough times? Are the rides dated? Is it in a bad location? Lazy writing.

    2. James

      Lol sounds like someone has never been to universal Orlando . Disney doesn’t even come close to being as good.

      1. Lonnie

        You are so true!

    3. Jeff

      Just went last year was amazing

    4. Matt

      They removed Animal Actors and Special Effects show. No wonder the crowds are gone!

  11. Hixy

    Absolutely rubbish! I went on January 21st and the park was so busy with up to 2 hours for queues to some rides so ended up not doing half of them. I dunno if you think that’s quiet but it felt like it was over capacity.

  12. DC

    I’ve just recently went to Universal Studios Hollywood on a Tuesday. Which is a day I thought would be slow. It was pretty packed. It’s definitely no where near a ghost town. You literally posted pictures with not one person around at least be realistic lol. Maybe edit out some people but no one in the pictures is a huge exaggeration.

  13. A. Wake

    I’m swearing off theme parks altogether because of the insane admissions prices. This photo of an empty park would be good news if true but it’s likely a hoax. Making prices so high they offer monthly payment plans is absurd. And now we’re getting a $100 Disney US currency? The socialist woke mob should be unhinged with anger! Disney is the epitome of capitalism. Walt is turning over in his grave. The younger generation is so easily amused. USH is vastly overpriced. It’s different than other parks and was quite nice for many years but not truly a full fledged amusement park. More of a shopping and dining experience. Dwarfed by the Orlando area attractions both USH and California Disney have become stale and second rate. Yet we continue to hail all things Disney? Absurd. The USH tram is destined to eventually fail and be replaced as younger entertainers become hallowed in the younger minds. The tram ride is dated and worn out and only still slightly amusing to older folks. Hollywood itself is long past it’s prime and ever more irrelevant as streaming services produce more original content. Big studio products are fading away with fewer big budget movies than ever before. Watching first run newly released movies at home is growing. The big screen is in the living room now, not the cinema. Like the youngest generation that asks who were the Beatles? Clark Gable and Bogey fans have faded away as woke culture infects minds like a psudeo-religion and American cultural depth becomes lost. It’s an end of an era. USH might well revamp it’s entire rides similar to Mario but with newer less out of date icons. Less attractive to older generations but geared for the future. UHS should let go of the ancient past fir the most part. The younger folks require more razzle dazzle and CGI, and more sickening woke versions of heroes these days. They ask “Jimmy Stewart Who?” and their idols are the newer glitzty redundant shallow politically driven created people designed to embellish viewers minds with trash thought. If UHS wants to make itself relavant it unfortunately has to go with the current cultural garbage flow in today’s society. It’s sad but true.

  14. Cris

    I’m sorry but this is false! I was there January 21,2023 and wait times for each attraction was over 70 mins and the classic tour wait was 120 mins. Not sure what day this was but I wish it was a ghost town when I went!!

  15. Chris

    I work there and I can tell you, it’s not that empty, these photos were taken early in the morning when the park first opened, the proof is in the shadows, it shows the sun is still on the east side, where it rises from, as the morning gets later, much more people arrive, wouldn’t consider it a ghost town.

  16. Kellyann Needle

    Sorry but Disneyland is not the smaller cousin of Disney world. Disney world is the larger cousin of Disneyland. Disneyland started it all.

  17. I was there yesterday and it was completely dead. 5 minute waits on rides, rode a couple 2-3 times. Alone on the tram was definitely strange, the worker kept acting like he was interacting with numerous people. . .Then the park opened and we were swamped. Maintenance is fun especially when we get to test the rides 2-3 times every 5 minutes or so.

  18. Malcom calero

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  19. Melissa

    Went in 2018 and the park was littered in trash. Like no one cleaned anything. It was disgusting. First time and last. Bummer cause the attractions were worth going back for.

  20. Jerry Dryer

    1973 gas shortage. You could go to Disneyland midday and park in the front 5 rows next to the ticket booths. 10 minutes for the longest ride.
    I worked at a gas station and always had a full tank of gas.

  21. Andrew

    Love it the first and only time we went in an off season. It looked exactly like the photos and the jurassic park ride was closed. We really enjoyed the Hollywood ties and the Transformer ride. Who doesn’t like getting on almost all the rides with no line. I’ll definitely be booking again at a slow time when it’s all open. I’m thankful we have something on the west coast. I live in the state of Washington and from riverside. I miss it what you got until it’s gone but I do love visiting instead.

  22. Ch

    I remember when they were thinking about buying the golf course to extend their property.

  23. brandon p.

    Most likely “written” by a bot. There’s not much real writing going on anymore, its just filler to package ads around.

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