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Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Royz

    Lightyear had potential…it was confusion..that led to the failure at the box office (audiences want to be enrtained and dont want to have to really think about things during a film…these films are called popcorn films..a simple action story flow)….

    Who shall remain nameless is correct.

    Why didnt Disney recut the film? It could have been saved. it still can be recut.

    Instead of a simple opening statement of this is the film Andy saw…

    A whole introduction scene should have been created (to set up the film and elimniate confusion)…showing Andy, his mom, and lines of people standing in line at the theater to see the film Lightyear. We see the marquis with the title Lightyear Now Playing..
    TODAYS Showings SOLD OUT…

    Then its established, the Lightyear in the film is just an actor playing Lightyear. As the film should have shown us that we are seeing a film being made of a film. That the actor is not the real lightyear. Its a character at first we see him on the set of the film.

    We see the entire film. Some reworks .of scenes. There was no need for the commander who take the lady commanders place after she died. There was no need for the alien tentacle vines. This should have been from the perspective of the actor playing the character of Lightyear. A lot of scenes would have to be reworked and reshot.

    And yes I agree that a different take could have been used as to the film being derived BuzzLightYear of StarCommand. So that could have been a second possibility.

    So. We see the entire film from the viewpoint of the actor playing Lightyear. Throughout the film we hear Tim Allens voice, as the actors conscience giving advice…A very cool outro is that at the second to last scene of the film, the Actor playing Lightyear realizes hes got nothing else in his life and realizes that the only positive and meaningful existence is he needs to be the Lightyear(this has happened in real life Hollywood where some actors, one for example Clayton Moore televisions Lone Ranger, who played a role, after the role really think they are that character)…

    Cut to: EXT ALS TOY BARN
    Masses of kids and parents wanting a Lightyear action figure

    Andy and his mom at , where else?, Als Toy Barn, in line to get the buzz light year action figure in addition to a posters stating…Appearing Today Only….The Actor Who Plays Lightyear. Its a a mad house in the barn. Everyone, kids parents wanting a Lightyear action figure, photo and autograph. We see the actor is really digging this part hes playing, and this what he needed in life to., his calling.

    Cut to EXT:
    Andy and His mom outside of Als Toy Barn, excitedly, opens the action figure and presses the button.. we hear (Tim Allens voice) To Infinity and Beyond…and then dissolves into the Title Card/Graphic from Toy Story One. There is the transition to set up the whole Toy Story films.

    1. CM690

      That premise is really intriguing. One small detail though. Andy originally gets Buzz as a birthday present. I think your story could still work with small change. Perhaps he’s begging mom for the buzz but she reminds him that his birthday party is this weekend and to be patient with a quirky wink at the camera.

      1. Paul

        This is what I expected to see the ending of initially. Mom is at Al’s buying a Buzz for Andy, but more discreetly, maybe while Andy was at school or some other place being watched, seeing he had friends that came to his party.

      2. Bren

        I imagine Walt Disney would be very dissatisfied that the now Disney company is using adult agendas to confuse and take away from the traditional magical fun that he created. He wanted to create dreams, magic, and fun in the movies and to make a place for families to enjoy without political or adult agenda driven confusion and controversy.
        I read the book
        The Disney Way.
        In the book it says that
        “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

        Well apparently the new administration of Disney needs to read the book. Because the direction of Disney is leading many away .

        1. Matt

          What adult agenda? The adult agenda of an adult designing, organizing, and directing a movie? Disney movies are not political. The attempt to control the creative choices of a company and its artists because of their manner of depiction and portrayal of life is a political intrusion.

          1. Jose Medina

            The agenda of polluting homosexuality into children. That will get the movie banned in many parts of the world. Need to remember that many World Leaders wanted it to be banned. That is what Walt Disney doesn’t want.

        2. Confused

          I didn’t see any “adult agenda” in the film. It deserves its criticisms, but it didn’t seem to push any agenda at all.

      3. Bren

        I imagine Walt Disney would be very dissatisfied that the now Disney company is using adult agendas to confuse and take away from the traditional magical fun that he created. He wanted to create dreams, magic, and fun in the movies and to make a place for families to enjoy without political or adult agenda driven confusion and controversy.
        I read the book
        The Disney Way.
        In the book it says that
        “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

        Well apparently the new administration of Disney needs to read the book. Because the new direction of Disney is leading many away .

    2. Joe

      Let’s just be real. That movie would have never been the one Andy saw or non of us back in the day. Disney needs to stop pushing these agendas and just entertain. My 3 boys and I where so excited for this movie and it was a total disappointment. It’s not just Disney doing this it’s happening with every movie every tv show. No more male testosterone allowed.

      1. Marcus

        Everyone needs to stop accusing Disney of agendas. It’s an irrelevant point.

        1. Christopher M Jennings

          No, that is the point.

    3. MIke L.

      Except Andy got Buzz asa birthday present…

  2. Drew

    John Lasseter is obviously correct. The storytelling in recent films hasn’t been great. Lightyear is flamingly bad, imo. I just think it’s an example of a studio trying to do too much. Not getting the original creators of the character involved was a mistake, too.

    1. Lightyear is a good movie I don’t think Disney has no right to rip apart a great movie that talks about the actual origins of how buzz lightyear came to be before his toy form of himself ever existed before the making of toy story but the backlash against this movie needs to stop just take time to witness a great movie like this movie I know gay people did seep through the hands of Disney into their own movies just make a rip off of gays as a joke movie and if it doesn’t work it will fail

  3. Rob

    It is a really good film. The bad press killed it. Everyone I know that has seen it loved it. But I work with people who will never see it and never let their kids see it because they think they are protecting them from disturbing images (which is laughable if you have seen it).

    1. J

      My question to you is: how many kids ran out of that movie demanding Buzz Lightyear toys for Christmas, and then jumped for joy on Christmas morning upon getting a Buzz action figure, which immediately became their favorite toy?

      Because that’s the reaction Andy had to whatever Buzz Lightyear movie he saw. I’m pretty sure no child in the United States had a similar reaction to seeing this movie.

      1. J

        Since I’m in a researching mood, I also wanted to poke holes in your “bad press killed it” argument, on the grounds that strong word-of-mouth beats bad press. “Lightyear” made $51 million in its opening weekend…and then limped to a total box office of only $218 million. We could compare that movie to “Encanto,” which posted an opening weekend of only $13 million – literally a fourth of Lightyear’s opening weekend – but then was buoyed by strong word-of-mouth on the way to a final box office of $251 million, three Oscar nominations, and an Oscar win for “Best Animated Feature.”

        If “Lightyear” had enjoyed good word-of-mouth, the same thing might have happened. In reality, though, “Lightyear” made only 14% of what “Frozen 2” made, and that’s in spite of all the nostalgia people have for the “Toy Story” franchise.

    2. CM690

      I saw it and took my kids to see it. We all agreed. It was a “meh” movie. The robot cat was the best part. We felt the “woke” stuff wasn’t a deal breaker for us but came across force and unnecessary.

      1. Ka

        Yeah surprised socks wasn’t the tickle me elmo of this year

      2. Matt

        It WAS a “meh” movie! I couldn’t pay enough attention to watch it to its end. Zurg’s hidden origin wasn’t very interesting to me. I liked the cat, Socks. The gay couple didn’t phase me, but I understand that didactic storytelling feels inauthentic to the story.

      3. Confused

        By “woke” stuff do you mean the gay couple? That’s not an agenda or being “woke”; it’s just a reflection of real life. If they were pushing an agenda, they’d have made a big deal about it instead of it just being a inconsequential thing.

  4. Kevin

    Go woke go broke. Tim Allen was pulled because of his political stance and his refusal to change his comedy routines. Additionally strange world crossed a line that confused children and lost audiences before it ene hit theaters.

    1. Marcus

      Wrong. Tim Allan just did the Santa Clauses for Disney. No one case about the woke crap. That is not why the film flopped.

  5. J

    Everyone is going after Lightyear for culture-wars stuff, but the honest fact is that it was a boring movie. There’s no way Andy would have walked out of that movie and said “I absolutely need a Buzz Lightyear action figure.”

    This movie should have been a tongue-in-cheek homage to the old campy space-opera movies of yore, something fun to watch that would have kids run out of the theater cheering at the end and demanding toys for Christmas. Instead we got some horribly paced navel-gazing about how (sorry for the spoilers, but I promise I’m doing you a favor if you haven’t seen it) an old Buzz from the future is actual the evil Emperor Zurg. Yawn.

    Angus Maclane tried to get too cute for his own good. He wanted to invert all the tropes of children’s movies, and he ended up with a movie that neither kids nor adults wanted to see. Someone is going to read the article and go “Well, it cost $200 million and made $218 million, so that’s at least a small profit, right?” Wrong. That $200 million doesn’t include the cost of global marketing, which is typically equal to the production budget. So Disney is most likely into that movie for $400 million, meaning the movie is going to end up losing them around $180 million.

    1. Dawson

      I don’t know if it was “meh” or not since I didn’t take my daughter’s to see it because I won’t have homosexuality shoved in their faces by these woke “kids” movies. If not for that we would have spent 70 bucks at the theater to see it…same with Strange World for that matter.

      It’s a shame that we can’t go see a “kids” movie anymore without researching to find out if it’s blatantly attempting to indoctrinate my children. There has been plenty of innuendo for over a decade in kids movies that was unnecessary but now it’s just in your face front and center.

      1. Arnold

        Yep. Same here. We canceled our Disney + and stopped going to Disneyworld buying anything Disney or going to Disney movies. I don’t want to pay Disney to shove their worldview down my children’s throat. Shame on you Disney.

      2. RaeRae

        I don’t want homosexuality shoved down kids’ throats, either….. how about we just show them a world of true freedom of choice, choice in partner, choice in self, true freedom to be a true you, and trust that they can then make their own choices as they grow up without ANY sort of indoctrination, straight, gay, religious, or otherwise….. or is letting our kids use their own big brains to figure out the world and themselves just too much of this “woke” stuff, whatever that is. 🤔

    2. Ka

      Sir it’s not nice for you expect a person reporting on Hollywood to know anything about Hollywood!

      Maybe he feels better thinking it made a small profit!


  6. WhiskeyThief

    You can’t have Andy and his mother at the Toy Barn picking up a Buzz Lightyear action figure. If they do, then how would Andy get his first Buzz Lightyear as his birthday gift in the original Toy Story movie?

  7. Put aside all the controversy, Lightyear was simply boring and the story was to complicated for young kids to understand. I have yet to hear someone rave about it. You might get an “it was ok” but nothing more

  8. Jane

    Lightyear was boring. End of story. That’s why people didn’t watch it. I saw it in the theater and wanted to leave 20 mins in.

  9. Rosemarie

    I know of many like myself decided to boycott Lightyear because of not including Tim Allen.
    Regardless of the lame explanation Disney gave, people see his omission as an insult to the fans.
    Tim Allen could have been Lightyear voice with somewhat of a change in it. What a Business mistake but then Disney has been making quite a few.

  10. Mike C

    If Disney wants to keep on cramming the ideologies on the ticket buying public, remember, the ticket buying public can spend their money in other places & other movies.
    We want to be entertained, very simple

  11. Gudieve Ning

    Spot on. Cancelled our Disney sub over this nonsense.

  12. J

    Woke garbage

  13. Carl

    Stop adding gay stuff to these movies and maybe it’ll blow up better. Disney shoves this LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ- agenda down everyone’s throats it’s annoying. You’re catering to a small population of people.

  14. Fu n

    Good screw your traditional values that control people like religion and stuff.

    1. Only A Movie

      Enough of political comments and attempts at getting a writer’s job. The movie should have been live, not a cartoon, and an action movie- the spaceman version of Black Panther.

      1. Marcus

        100%. If it’s the real Buzz the film should have been real.

    2. Christopher M Jennings

      You misspelled ” radical progressive ideology”.😉

    3. Micky Mouse Jr.

      Really screw traditional values? I’m not religious by any stretch. But the Bible is pretty good. Treat others as you want to be treated. Spare the rod spoil the child. Thou shall not Lie, murder, honor the sabbath keep it holy (to me that means work then take a day off) Honor your parents. You reap what you sow. Traditional values In my humble opinion are work, take care of your family and responsibilities. Treat everyone with equal respect until shown otherwise. But yeah eff traditional values smh.

      1. Micky Mouse Jr.

        And stuff. Period. Merica

  15. Kids could get over everything else parents are not gonna take their children to see a gay movie OK get it through your heads same reason the other one fail just keep making game movies and you do all right in California or wherever but not in the real world

  16. Victor

    I think Disney should respect their fans and release the rest of the animated series they left incomplete on DVD as well as other series Which were never released and stop these silly remakes ad nauseum. Enough is enough!

    1. Ka

      Yeah I’ll never understand the obsession with prequels that Hollywood has.

  17. Ka

    My kids have had me watch this movie probably a hundred times by now so I’ve thought about this a little bit.

    Aside from the time travel being a really bad plot hole (were they speeding through time as they hypersped to where they were going??)

    Its was meh, music was great.
    Honestly think the argument that Tim Allen sounds like a toy and Chris Evans sounds like a man sounds reasonable. Also Tim Allen has been a pretty vocal Disney critic to the point that I doubt he would have wanted to be involved had he been asked.

    The whole I(buzz) was a dufus but I hate these dufus’s was a bit strained too…

    My conspiracy theory is that the vines would have been happy to let them live there – until the Space Rangers started destroying their kin.

    Don’t think it’s out of line to specify why John Lasseter is no longer with Disney either.

    Not a super riveting story but it does have the hero growing and learning and realizing that his singular Focus was a mistake. the movie certainly has its other flaws I think that’s decent. It’s a shame too cuz aside from the time travel being a little bit questionable and according to physicists, quite Amplified, the rest of the story seems rather well thought out old Buzz can’t make the crystal again because when they were trying to escape socks and young Buzz destroyed formula by accident.

    Whoever up here is saying that audiences got confused because they couldn’t read two sentences in the very beginning of the movie I think is being very very unkind to their fellow humans to the point of insulting their intelligence

  18. Ka

    Let’s not forget many parents we still staying away from theaters when Lightyear came out.
    Need streaming numbers to know if it was a true bomb

  19. Kendall

    The traditional family structure is different than it was in the 1950’s, when will people get over themselves? There were gay couples IN MOVIES in the 1990’s.

    1. Jose

      Not in children’s content

  20. Bridger

    Just focusing on the movie its self, Lightyear doesn’t even come close to matching what is shown in the original Toy Story movie. There were no little green aliens and (while I only saw it once) I dont remember a single mention of Emperor Zurg or Evil Emperor Zurg. Kids dont make up movie quotes after just seeing a movie and toy makers don’t invent and promote toys that arent part of the movie.

  21. AJ

    I thought the movie was boring and the repetitive blast -off sequences were wasted. The story line was “mah”.I realize this is a spin-off but the money should have been better spent on another Toy Story sequel with all the beloved characters. The gay couple didn’t bother me at all.

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