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Saving Splash Mountain

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  1. Anonymous

    No, what they are doing is cancel culture, which all turn into failures.

  2. I have been commenting on this since first hearing about plans to re-theme. The story teller is correct. This is exactly like the mess with renaming the Washington Redskins. Polls repeatedly showed the vast majority of native Americans had no problem with the name. As usual, a vocal minority of people are forcing their views on everyone else. I find it more insulting that they are demanding to protect these groups claiming to know what’s good for them. How degrading.

    1. JLG

      You’re talking about the Washington Post poll that is a psychometric embarrassment? The poll that was conducted over the phone, which has been scientifically proven to garner more positive results? The Poll that utilized a 3 point scale in which 2 of the answers indicated the person was not offended? The Poll that did not address the participants feelings of connectivity to their racial identity? The same poll that the Post has refused to even provide the questionnaire for?


      Try looking up the results of the transparent and scientific study conducted collaboratively by real experts from the University of Michigan and UC Berkley. Spanning data from twice as many participants, you will see that it directly contradicts the Posts poll.

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