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Stranger Things and Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp

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  1. PPP

    That picture on top right is not Maya.

    1. Yvette

      First of all…all things Disney sucks. Secondly there is only one Captain Jack Sparrow…Johnny Depp. Disney had/has no problems making money..billions of the the pirate franchises. I cannot believe in order to watch said movies I have to get Disney+..which I will never do. Disney actually drank the Amber kool-aid and threw this man out of a franchise he literally created. Nobody else..male or female can recreate Captain Jack Sparrow. With all respect Disney..go to hell.

      1. Karen


      2. Care

        Perfect! <3

      3. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow.What is wrong with Disney.Wake up and apologize.

  2. Caleb

    There is no replacing Jack Sparrow

  3. Jusal

    Rumors abound on this site. What a bunch of crap. There always has and will be only (1) one Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Good luck with this garbage. Ha haa!! Sorry to all the shareholders!

  4. Holy

    Huge dislike you can’t replace jhonny Depp As captain Jack sparrow if you do this people
    won watch it he did so for this company and this is how you repay him shame on you Disney I guess boycotting Disney is the way to go if they are doing this

  5. USA

    There’s only one Jack Sparrow – JOHNNY DEPP – Disney knows this – Everybody knows this !!! Why you shoving BS down the throats of We the People who pay to see these Movies !!
    NO JD – NO POTC 😏

  6. Kurt

    It was a fun ride while it lasted. Looks like it’s time to move on.

  7. Debbie

    Disney will not get a dime of my money if they replace Johnny. Shame on you, Disney!

  8. Temperance

    🤣🤣 bye bye Disney!

    1. Sandy

      Johnny Depp made captain sparrow his own. Shame on you Disney. You convicted Johnny before the trial even started. DON’T YOU REALIZE NO ONE CAN REPLACE HIM IN THIS ROLE. If you where smart I would reconsider replacing Mr. Deep.

  9. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. He is Pirates of the Caribbean. Please let Johnny reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. The movie will not be the same without Johnny Depp.

  10. Christopher

    There’s no POTC without Johnny Depp

  11. Pat

    Agree with ALL the above!
    Diney- who??!!

  12. Brittney

    Seriously? “Not redeemable” after he was exonerated by a court of law in the United States? Found innocent via a trial of his peers. There is no pirates without Johnny. You continue to stand by liars and narccisists and Predators yet you won’t give an innocent man his credit? He Won. She is not a victim by any means Other than Her Own Faults And Actions. The lack of accountability is extremely ridiculous as much as it is equally exhausting. Iger being back this needs a second look at. Thousands if not Millions (myself included) of ACTUAL DV & SA Victims have stood together and told you all that Amber Heard Does Not Speak For Us. What we wrnt through she made an entire circus of, she ripped off the plot of gossip girl for Christ’s sake. She ripped off a t.v. show for her own pathetic b.s. sob story…. that’s not a good look from a company perspective. The one who has been vindicated seems to be The Most Logical one to go with. But there’s too much pride to say simply ‘hey, we fucked up we’re sorry’ 😒

    1. Debbie

      I agree with you 100 percent. They need to get their head out of there ass and smell the coffee. No Johnny Depp no money from the people. We don’t want to see garbage. Period!

  13. Billie Bryant

    Disney can get anyone they want to star in any movie. I quit buying anything that has Disneys’ name on it , they lost a beloved one I certainly will not watch or buy anything from Disney.

  14. Zom

    If Johnny isn’t there than niether am I!! I’m OUT. Nobody else can pull off Jack Sparrow! Wouldn’t pay a nickel for a ticket.

  15. Tara

    I personally would love to see Johnny Depp and Margot Robbie duo together and atleast bring proper closure to Jack Sparrows character instead of just moving on as if he never existed.

  16. Terri Rimmer

    The movie will bomb as it should

  17. member

    Don’t f–k with with Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow again and don’t do the same s–t but a different day.

    1. member

      And I hope Will Tuner & Elizabeth better not do that to Jack again either if they ever see each other again.

  18. How about this, no. How about this, no, only Johnny Depp for Jack Sparrow.
    How about this, NO! NO! NO!
    Try as Disney might to see people’s reactions from various stars to replace Johnny as Jack Sparrow they will never succeed in getting a positive response.
    Disney better apologize to Johnny and offer him something he can’t refuse, that or Jihnny might just do it for his fans who knows. Although he gave his word that he won’t ever go back to POTC, he also loves his fans whom he knows want him and him alone to play as Jack Sparrow so ….

  19. Brandon

    Yeah right, Does Disney actually think that people will watch pirates 6 if they replace Johnny Depp and have somebody else play Jack Sparrow?

  20. RBW143

    Ok. There is no replacing jack Sparrow. That is a given. There is no replacing the crew. Disney will have to take “Pirates of the Caribbean in a complete new direction. Different theme. While it may do ok, it will not have the same audience and draw as the legacy. It is like a Harry Potter redo….it can’t happen. All related movies have to stand on their own. You can’t go back to your childhood, you have to move on. But those memories can’t be replaced.

  21. jonny depp can not be replaced it will not be jack sparow any more

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