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A woman with brown hair, a blue shirt, and clear square glasses talking to her phone camera in three separate screenshots.


  1. Jeremy

    I’ve never experienced a rude cast member or one with attitude, and I’ve been going to Disney for the last 30 years. Sounds like part of her problem is expecting people to “bend the rules” for her. 🤷‍♂️

    1. GoolieJohnson

      Was coming here to say that! Bingo, nailed it! She comes off entitled and thinks because she ‘can pay for it’ she deserves CM’s to bend rules for her. They are working and have rules to adhere to or they will be fired. Disney doesn’t play. I can’t fathom standing in the hot Florida sun with thousands of people and smiling all day but they do it so kudos to Disney Cast Members for always keeping it 100 and not letting ‘influencer’ wannabes soil their magic!

  2. Todd S.

    My family has frequented the FL parks for about 10 years and can without a doubt confirm the attitudes of cast members in general have changed for the worse. It’s a topic of conversation every time we leave a park now. And to respond to the comment above, we are a very nice, well mannered family and are very nice to all CMs – say please, thank you, exchange pleasantries, etc. Of course not all CMs are bad seeds, but where there used to be a few, they have now spread all over. I attribute it to bad training and a general attitude of being “bothered” and a “us vs them” mentally. This has turned into a topic of discussion on every trip home now.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow you really need to stop making unfounded reporting here. Your first paragraph seriously. Where is your proof on any of what you said in the first paragraph?

    1. Jo

      Guessing you did not take the time to actually read the included links.

  4. Jo

    No I have to agree with the TikToker, which is rare for me to do. Last trip to Disney was horrible. I fell in a store in Galaxy’s Edge. As in hit the ground, almost taking a couple of shelves of merch with me. While I sat there trying to get myself together, a CM came over and rudely scolded me, telling me I couldn’t sit there and I had to go outside. When I explained what happened, thinking maybe they didn’t see it, I was again scolded and told to “move it”.

    Once I got my husband to come help me up, I immediately went Karen and got the manager. The manger at least asked if I required medical assistance.

    The CMs are not what they used to be and Disney is far to expensive to be treated so poorly by their employees.

  5. Alex S.

    This “influencer,” and FFS I HATE that term, needs to get off her high horse. My best friend is a CM and one of the sweetest people ever. The “influencer” is a spoiled little brat and I wouldn’t mind seeing her work retail, janitorial, or food service so she knows how hard these jobs are.

  6. K

    I read the link and only ONE cm said they did sex work as a second job. Please quit over inflating your reporting. Not many or all do this, you literally had one person say they did that.

    Also, stop mixing Disneyland stuff with Disney World. They are two entirely different places and what happens in one isn’t always the case in the other.

  7. Melissa

    If CM’s are losing their patience with rude, entitled guests, I don’t blame them one tiny bit. They are overworked, underpaid, and treated like non-humans by both management and guests.

  8. Gary Neumann

    Agree 100% with your thoughts. We just got back from WDW. Every CM we encountered was great. In fact there were 3 that went well above exceptions and we told WDW.

  9. Michele

    Who is this self entitled princess…. As a MOM of a cast member, I know a heck of a lot more than you do. Guests are SUPER rude. I was in multiple parks over Christmas, not ONE cast member was rude…. But guests… that’s another story. Why do you feel entitled to not follow the stroller rules? Why do you feel you deserve special treatment. The DCP cast mates weren’t given any holiday meals
    For Thanksgiving or Christmas, they worked for straight pay, on holidays, zero time and a half or double time. They maintain cleanliness, sparkling personalities, leader do the utmost to help everyone, cast mates and guests. You do not know what you are talking about…. The most disgusting things go on in the park, by guests, and cast mates NEVER complain. They cry? They call their parents and totally break down, where as a parent it literally hurts your heart. Show love and kindness, how about understanding. These kids and those working at Disney are awesome.

  10. Mickeymouse3

    CM’s make the “World” go round.
    Are they always going to be in a happy or magical mood? Please. We all have off days. Rarely have we encountered a bad CM and even when we did, they still made an effort to not show it.
    We make it a point to thank CM’s or wish them a great day (I’m sure they get sick of hearing have a magical day). They appreciate the good coming from people.

  11. Paul W

    I love every single CM I talk with.

  12. Patti

    They’re both right. I have noticed a steady decline in the quality of people Disney hires. It isn’t everyone, but definitely more than ever. Then again, is it right to expect rules to be bent? No. Rules are there for a reason. Unless it’s an emergency, there should be no expectation that you will get a pass or special treatment. Although there was a time when Disney made a real effort to add magical surprises to days at the parks. That seems to be fading fast. Probably many younger guests don’t even recall these things. Work is needed from both guests and cast members alike.

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