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  1. Mr. Smee


  2. Royz

    This lunacy has got to stop.. its like being in Wonderland at a Mad Tea Party.

    To state again, the film reflects a time period, which is fantasy, when the film was produced in the 50’s as how the world saw Indigenous people (Native Americans)…

    Take a look at network television at that time…The majority were western cowboy tv shows.

    This ideological movement has got to chill….Whats next, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Tea Party, Mad Hatter…Oh I beg your padon, I meant the gentleman with the large hat who has an emotional carriage plauging his mind…

    Please before any hot tempered ideological movement is started, you know the band wagin, research the time and era of the work you are attacking before you attack.it and try to understand the cultural.differences viewpoints of the past are not the same.of today. This movement is trying to force the ideology of today interjected into the past.

    Doc Brown, got the Time Machine ready? Tesla? Edison, Einstein? The Philadelphia Experimwnt…because that is the only way these idealists can interject the ideals.of today by going back.in time….since they cant do that, the want to attack, destroy, and erase, what they think today is offensive.

    1. James Fred

      You say that the world saw Native Americans a certain way in the 50s. I think your comment is very Eurocentric. White Americans, some but not all, may have seen Indigenous Americans a certain way, but I don’t believe indigenous Americans saw themselves in that same way. People outside of the US likely did not view Native Americans that same way either. You are equating the white American view to the world view, which I think is the issue.

      1. Peggy

        This is crazy and going too far. Disney, please stop following the band wagon. Your shows show the way life was. That can’t be changed

    2. Cate

      The Hall of Presidents is surely on the list. All those Presidents that owned slaves.

      1. snarty

        they’re all rotting in hell 🙂

    3. S

      Actually you can go back in time. It’s how I made myself billions. The Biff Tannen way.

  3. Chris

    No, the PC police are ready to target another attraction, the fans didn’t want Splash to go in the first place. Most fans have no issue with Tianna getting her own attraction, but she deserves her own new attraction not a retheme.

    1. Eddie

      Are they going to depict them in actual rape , slaughter, torture and cannibalism?

      1. DK

        Or maybe the destruction of their entire being by whites? Either way, leave it alone.

    2. Idontcare

      I can’t wait until we make everything boring, bland, and milquetoast. Then we can racistly force everyone to stay within their own cultures and not mingle or diversify.

  4. The long lines prove that Disney fans like Peter Pan’s Flight. Of course long lines proved that people liked Splash Mountain. Disney execs didn’t care about keeping Splash the same. Leave Peter Pan alone, Disney. Removing the Native Americans will not make any sense; they are still in the movie. Woke is on its way out. With woke, you go broke. Ask the stockholders.

  5. RealDisneyFans!

    I know the article is talking about Peter Pan but you know what the Fans next target REALLY SHOULD Be? The Haunted Mansion! Why? Because In My Opinion the Upcoming HM movie if it does well at the box office May have severely NEGATIVE Implications for the attraction! Meaning the SJWs will see the HM movies success as an excuse/opportunity to change the ride into that Garbage movie that NO ONE LIKES! That movie must never success! It will flop and it will flop HARD!!!!!!
    #NotMyHauntedMansion! #GoWokeGoBroke!

  6. Amy

    No thank you.

  7. WOKEisaJOKE

    Another garbage article from a trash leftoid. When is ITM going to realize you’re toxic and drop you?

    1. Eddie


    2. Tony

      WOKEisaJOKE person is so triggered! HAHAHA.

    3. snarty

      your existence is a joke and you deserve to be gunned down

  8. Walt

    Disney blows as hard as the gaylords who patrol the parks now… no thanks.

  9. JT

    Perhaps we should take all references to Walt Disney out of Disney Parks because, after all, he is s White man in a woke world. 🙁

  10. Marvin

    Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin is derogatory towards little green men, er, sorry, extraterrestrials. There. I said it.

  11. Walt's Ghost

    The depictions of Native Americans in 1953’s Peter Pan and in the attraction deserve to be immortalized in a library or a museum, not a modern day theme park. I would argue that Peter Pan is infinitely more offensive and problematic than the Splash Mountain Attraction was.

    Let’s get real, if we were talking about unflattering representations of White stereotypes, those in opposition to these changes would feel quite differently.

  12. Walt's ghost

    Fans? What fans? Another BS article from a woke hack. Another trash article from a piece of trash.

  13. Jayne1955

    This is not as major a deal as Splash Mountain closing. I could survive if they switched it out for another scene.

  14. Jayne1955

    I doubt if they need your support. A friend of mine waited in line for 200 minutes for Splash Mountain. The park was packed with people.

  15. Rick

    Twittter is Disney’s “social” Media. It will “listen” and act upon what the more active people say there.

    Twitter is plagued to the brim with anger filled wokesies demanding presentism being applied to EVERYTHING in history. They won’t stop until the world is turned into a reflection of their ideals: a Bowl of sexually fluent milk chocolate fudge.

    The PC, wokesies, presentists, etc are all the children of social media, groomed into the perfect social warriors defending to death the delusion that the whole world should become like their ideals based on their sexual preference and political correctness. One Single race with no heterosexualism at all in it and to do that history needs to be re-written on this case… re-themed.

    They’ve become Tyrants. Would be conquerors ready to eliminate all that stands in the way of they groomed views of what society should be today.

  16. James Fred

    Splash Mountain isn’t a racist ride. It’s a ride that contains various animals, not people. It is based off of a movie that some, but not all, have claimed to be racist. In the movie, an older black man tells stories to a young white boy to teach him life’s lessons. The characters and scenes in Splash Mountain are based off those stories.

    Does this somehow make the ride racist? I think there’s danger in using the word racist for things that are not because then when something actually is racist people will be desensitized to the term and not take notice.

  17. Jordan Davidson

    Are you F-ing serious? This wokeness needs to stop! Bad enough we already lost one classic ride because of crap like this now people want another to go because of one scene with natives?! I swear this keeps up then Disney is going to loose more guests than when Chapek was running things.

  18. Turtle

    For a site that is dedicated to all things Disney, the writers sure do have a hatred for everything about the subject. I used to come here to get Disney news, not leftwing propaganda. Off to find another site that does it better

  19. John L Bowman

    It’s all about the COST of maintenance of the BEST RIDES. They want you to ride through and watch movies on the walls. VERY LOW COST.

    1. I’m not a fan of the movies on the walls rides

  20. Zippidy Doo Da

    Your tinfoil hat might be a little too tight there. Let your brain breathe a little or possibly literally.

  21. Mason

    Democrats have been wanting to get rid the Native but keep the land since 1830.So I’m not surprised.

  22. jake

    I’m salty about all the re themes
    mainly splash mountain ( WHICH IS NOT RACIST) but also California screamin’, DCA tower of terror, Soarin’ over California I don’t understand the point of any of these themes

  23. Kurt

    Disneyland has always changed. There are many changes I really did not like but they didn’t consult me. Peoplemover with the Jets on top. Awesome! Train through Natures Wonderland. Loved it! Carousel of Progress. Fun – with a catchy song. All were easy, sit down, relax and enjoy rides (except the Jets. They always scared me being so high but I always went on them anyway). I’m sorry they’re gone, but things change.

  24. Caleb B.

    Personally I think the Indian scene is fine. People are just too sensitive these days!

  25. Sue

    They need to change Disney to a new black gay park then they will all be happen. Make a Luther King ride and a rain bow ride then maybe they will shut up with all this racist crap

  26. Scott E.

    Here we go. Everything is racist. Tear it all down. Make giant safe spaces for the instantly triggered SJWs. They ruin everything.

    1. snarty

      i hope you choke on rusty screws you ugly bigot

  27. John Smith

    Tiana’s is a racist ride. Remove it!

  28. Flyerspac

    I am all for updating to keep things new and exciting…it is a business after all. I am not sure how to say this as I know no matter what I say will upset someone..but erasing the past means we repeat the past. As they say history repeats itself. Raise your children to know the past, respect everyone and why labels are wrong, then what rides we ride really won’t matter.

  29. McTruth

    Honestly who cares. Liberals have destroyed this world, let them destroy Disney. Gladly the purge will come soon and they’ll be gone.

    1. snarty

      imagine thinking you will be safe when society crumbles

  30. Snicker

    Peter Pan is a classic. This needs to stop. All these big mouths are a MINORITY. Time for the majority to start raising our voices. Getting so fed up with Disney seriously considering selling our DVC.

  31. CrosswalkX

    Yes, we need to retheme Peter Pan’s flight adventure to match more with the Peter Pan and Wendy 2023 movie remake coming out on Disney Plus. And while Disneyland is at it. We need to retheme Pinocchio’s Daring Journey because it features Native American statue stereotypes in the Tobacco Row section.

    I’m surprised Disneyland staff hasn’t noticed the problematic scenes in Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride, the donkey boy cage scene abuse, the Native American Sioux Chief stereotypes advertising free cigars in Tobacco Row section and the Asian stereotype doll in the cage.

    Anyways speaking of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride can you Inside the Magic do another article on Why Tobacco Row in Pinocchio’s Daring Journey ride could get removed? The ride features outdated Native American stereotypes in the Tobacco Row section which could very likely get removed and Pinocchio’s Daring Journey would very likely get rethemed to match the Pinocchio 2022 remake.

  32. Sherri

    I was at Disney the first of January this year and the Splash mountain ride was constantly over a 200 min wait and Peter Pan was at a constant 320 min wait time all week. Obviously people do not have an issue with the ride. I think the majority of people are not woke and would be happy if it disappeared forever. For some reason certain people want history and thing that do not match their view of life to disappear. You will repeat history if you do not learn from your past. Those that learn from their past do not repeat the past. Erasing history does not make it change it just means that future generations will repeat it which is a real sham.

    The only way we can change what is going on is if we make as much noise as they do. We are messing up a whole generation with the crap that is going on right now.

  33. What exactly is racist about the depiction in the ride? Nothing. It is just a group of native Americans sitting at a campfire. Leave it alone.


    NO! and the should of not changed Splash Mountain because of a group of cry babby domastic terrorists. My Great Grand Father was Native American, he would of laugh at all these cry babies complaining about something that isn’t there. The racists are those who started all the whining.

  35. Bob

    No let’s not rename everything. I haven’t heard from anybody that we’re at or went to the parks complaining of racial rides. Maybe about long lines or how hot it was but really, come on. Grow a pair and stop trying to appease the cry babies in the world. And you wonder why sales are down.

  36. Tom

    Has any of these “people” who are saying to take the ride down spoken to any of the Native American tribes, there is several in FL, what’s their view is on this subject. There are millions of things in any of the parks someone/group could be offended by. We take life to serious and forget Walt made this for kids and more then anything your imagination, get over controlling peoples life and items they enjoy. If you don’t like it don’t go or ride it. We’re suppose to be a “free nation” of choice not control.

  37. Phillysub

    I agree, get rid of the ride! Let’s pretend Indians never existed.

  38. Bert

    Don’t be afraid. It’s going to be alright.

    1. S

      No it won’t. We will liberate Disney from wokeness like the concentration camps were liberated across Europe.

  39. B

    Will they re-theme the ride Peter pansexual? Enough already.

  40. The Hall of Presidents must be on the list. All those slaves owners.

    1. Kurt

      Yes, Americas original sin.

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