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Splash Mountain ride

Credit: Disney


  1. Everyone is not interested in this Splash Mountain re theme and the petition is now at 93,000 signatures on Change.org. There are rumors that the re theme is happening at Walt Disney World only in Florida and the Disneyland version of Splash Mountain is staying the way it is because the concept art that we saw in 2020 around the same year COVID-19 happened matched the Walt Disney World Splash Mountain. So we are still in the fight of saving the Disneyland Splash Mountain because it was not only the first one built in Disneyland but it’s the oldest Splash Mountain in California.

  2. Harleen

    You know; I’ll say this, Lizzo has the right lyrics for this case “It’s about d—n time” that this got a re-theme. My parents and I rode this a lot between the 90’s and 2000’s. I still never heard of “Song of the south” other than it promotes racism, slavery, and controversial topics that many find offensive, today.

    I do see why everyone is upset but remember this: a new re-theme brings new improvements, such as a smoother ride, less “sinking” moments and less moments of logs “crashing” into one another and giving people headaches or backaches.

    I am amongst the 125,000 that sees Tiana as a WONDERFUL choice for this re-theme, especially since she has a successful movie, a new series on disney+ AND the kids adore her. I rather my child know of Tiana’s adventures with Ray, Louis and Prince Naveen rather than have them learn that racism (which society is trying to end) is “okay” by being introduced to a ride themed off something that was known to promote it.

    I am all set. Goodbye Br’er Bear whomever that is, goodbye to your Chuck E Cheese knock off characters and HELLO PRINCESS TIANA

    1. franklin

      Lizzo is a loud obnoxious whale of woman and the last one I would look to for advice about how to enjoy life.

      And considering the number of people lined up on the other side your 125k is pretty tiny.

      This remake is going to be a disaster.

    2. Cuyo

      You are the reason that Disney should ban folks like you.

    3. Alex

      Song of the South is not racist. Woke morons just think it is. It shows a slave being happy sometimes and thats it. Maybe don’t speak on things you know nothing about. Watch the damn film before you spew nonsense.

    4. Marie

      You do realize those characters and stories are based in African folk tales…right? Brought over and told by the slaves as part of their heritage. Right? Congrats on wanting to wipe it all out. Seems a bit racist to me.

    5. Marie

      Yet all these characters were based on African folk tales. While the Princess in the original Princess and the Frog story, was never black. Hmmmm…..so you’re OK removing characters based on African tales for a story where the main character has been changed to fit a narrative? Who’s the racist????

    6. Jayne1955

      It’s not a racist movie and it can’t possibly even involve slavery since it’s set after the Civil War. Uncle Remus was the best, most sensible and kind character in it. Baskett’s performance should not be forgotten. He deserved his Oscar, (even though it was an honorary one) for his performance in the Walt Disney film, which he got thanks to Walt Disney’s tireless campaign to get him recognized. They should have put a bayou on Tom Sawyer’s island (which is much more racist) and tied it in with the riverboat. They could have done amazing things to tie in the riverboat.

    7. Wolfie

      Sorry to disappoint you but the ride mechanism is staying the same it’s just the animatronics and the music that is changing

    8. Wolfie

      Where does this figure of 125,000 come from? Only 20,000 signatures on the petition to retheme Splash Mountain compared with 93,000 to keep it as it is.
      If you have never seen Song of the South how can you say it promotes racism? The movie was set after the abolition of slavery and there are no slaves in the movie. Also the ride was based on the African American tales of Brer Rabbit and not on the movie itself so Disney are actually erasing part of African American culture by this retheme whereas PATF is based on a story written by an American white woman which in turn was loosely based on The Frog Prince, a German fairy story.

    9. The movie depicts an old Black man (who won an honorary Oscar for his performance) telling Black folk tales to children to teach them valuable lessons about life. Black scholars have even commented that Walt Disney went out of his way to reduce the number of stereotypes in the film. Changing the ride erases Black history.

    10. Skip Andretti

      You bring the word “arrogance” to a whole new level. Congratulations.

    11. Stacey

      If you’ve never seen or heard of it then you only know what other people have said. It doesn’t do any of that. The black cast didn’t have a problem with it.. From Indi Wire
      “The Film’s Cast Stood Behind the Movie
      “Song of the South” counts among its ensemble Hattie McDaniel, the “Gone With the Wind” star and first Black entertainer to win an Academy Award. In a 1947 interview, she told the American publication The Criterion, “If I had for one moment considered any part of the picture degrading or harmful to my people, I would not have appeared therein.” Her co-star James Baskett echoed her support of the film, saying, “I believe that certain groups are doing my race more harm in seeking to create dissension than can ever possibly come out of the ‘Song of the South.’””

    12. I’m sorry. I am in tears right now because I loved this ride. I hated the splash at the end but loved the overall ride. You know that they say if we ignore, forget, deny our history, we are doomed to repeat it. This was the way it was. You can’t changed history but make our lives better by learning from it. The songs as were the B’re Rabbit, stc. stories, such happy songs. I refuse to believe that there were not some some sensitive, caring, loving Uncle Remus’ who loved the innocent children on their plantations and took time out for them when they asked or needed it. I love children I don’t know. Surely, when slaves knew the children, they must have come to come to care for them. I also believe that all slave owners were not insensitive and cruel. I velieve there those who were products of their time, and that they grew to accept slavery as “normal.” We know better today, Things and times have changed. It appears that people today are more resentful and angry over slavery than most of the actual slaves were. That says something about todays people. If anyone needed forgiveness, it was the slave owners of that day and probably a lot of good Christian slaves were forgiving. Are we not good Christians today with forgiveness in our hearts and the ability to understand that our history is just that, “our history?” I shall NOT be visiting Princess Tiana and jazz-loving alligator, Louis. I weep at this loss of great literature.
      P.S., Song of the South is still out there as a bootleg copy. You’d do well to watch it before you judge it. BTW, it is decades older than Chuck E Cheese, So, no, not a knock-off.

      Uncle Remus is the fictional title character and narrator of a collection of African American folktales compiled and adapted by Joel Chandler Harris and published in book form in 1881. Harris was a journalist in post-Reconstruction era Atlanta, and he produced seven Uncle Remus books.
      Oh, man, am I going to get yelled at, even cursed, for speaking out loud what so many others want to say, that is my piece!!!!!!

    13. Are you mad or just ignorant? The stories are decades older than Chuck E Cheese. Most were brought from Aftic with the slaves. The people in Song of the South were not slaves but employees. Many slaves chose not to leave their plantations after the civil war because they liked, even loved, their lives. They knew nothing else. Watch the damn movie, I’m not sure there are any made today with such a loving, sensitive message.

  3. Jon n

    It’s a crying shame that Disney caved to the woke. Splash Mountain is/was an iconic ride that countless people have countless memories on myself included. As to Song of the south…..if zipity do dah offends you remember what my parents always told me….sticks and stones will break your bone but names will never hurt you. Grow up !!! What’s next…..retheme space mountain because it implies Marijuana use ? The park will never be as good as it once was.

    1. Angie

      Amen to your comment.

  4. Mason

    This proves that almost nobody wants a Splash Mountain re-theme.

  5. Dave 62

    They the woke probably never seen song of the south, it’s really a great movie , they are erasing the great accomplishments of the first black American that received a Oscar for his great preformance, I wonder how his family feels about mr james baskett being removed from disney history?

  6. Zane

    Quoting Lizzo and whining about a “racist” ride based on a film you’ve never seen is a good way to prove you’re part of a very entitled generation. Oh, and Princess and the Frog was not very successful. Enjoy your “win.”

  7. Yes I am saddened that the ride is closing and going to reopen as some new and improved version that the young kiddos may like better but let’s look at one thing how many kids under the age of say 13ish really pay attention to the actual words of the song. So yes as other have said The Woke has won again. I’m sure it will not hurt Disney but I will not ride it again due to history that has been lost

    1. Jim

      You Americans are really hung up on woke. Get Trump out of your head. This ride needed a redo. Never thought this was racist, just couldn’t relate to the theming. Remember, Walt said that the park would always be changing.

  8. Jayne1955

    I didn’t even try but I had a friend go and she said the wait was 200 minutes.

  9. The movie depicts an old Black man (who won an honorary Oscar for his performance) telling Black folk tales to children to teach them valuable lessons about life. Black scholars have even commented that Walt Disney went out of his way to reduce the number of stereotypes in the film. Changing the ride erases Black history.

  10. Kelly Kleber

    This was such a stupid move on Disney’s part! They are not changing it for something NEW …they are doing it for all the POLITACL. crap that was going on. It’s really sad … that the Happiest Place on Earth … is turning into the worst place to go! Poor Walt … he must be turning over and over in his grave … All he wanted was a nice place to take his family too … and wanted a place that a family could go and makes memories. Disney used to be my happy place! I’ve been more than 150 times … now it just doesn’t have the same feeling. Make me very sad!

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