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  1. Robert Dempsey

    The guest in blue is the final rider of the night! Note the managers and security around her securing the end of the line.

  2. Royz

    There is too much way neigh going with this.

    The line btween what is real and what is not is…well,there is no line anymore to.distinguish because of the interjection of political basis to establish one side or another for an arguumwnt over a fantastical production.

    Any film, tv, live or cartoon emulated what was thought to be the priod of the time. The film SOTS eminated a depiction of the past time it was set in.

    Whether right or wrong, it was just how it is presented at the time. Are some projects out dated, and not agree with current world views?…Sure, but that does not justify a basis for politicalness to support whatever aide your opinon falls upon in todays world. No.

    The problem here is ideals. The curret day is taking ideals and placing them into real.world situations to cause argument and division amongst all of us, ideals are great in theory and thought, but when forced interjected into modern day society it does not work…its a train wreck.

    We are seeing now Hollywood starting to turn 180 on the ideological wokeness that is being presented to us through media as an idelic way of how the current society should be. Again, its an ideal. Doeant mean its going to work in the real.world.

    Didnt we see this in the 1960s? with the hippie flower power movement…what happened all those within that movemwnt, after then band wagin was done running sold themselves out to commercialism, and to high middle class wealthy societial inhabitants.

    In the end an ideal is just that, an ideal, and can run on a bandwagon for sometime, but eventually it comes to an end, and see life progresses onward no matter what ideals are forced upon the populations..

    Hollywood is known for hoping on trend band wagons. One comes up, for a while then ends, and another comes into the picture.

    1. Angus rock

      Well stated

    2. B. D.

      Well said.

    3. Manny

      The argument was well written till you used the word Woke which now has become the cowards word for the “N” word or any derogatory racial slur. It is basically code switch.

  3. Aurora

    Y’all are overthinking this. 🤣🤣 It’s just a ride. There was nothing spectacular about it. There are dozens of log flume rides out there.

    It’s time to get over it.

    1. Queen

      Well stated.

    2. Chris B

      You clearly dont get it. You seem to be the type of person that has that “whatever” mentality.

    3. Bruce

      You woke people get o er yourselves. All you are doing is looking g to be offended. You all offend me.

    4. Phil

      Agreed “ It’s just a ride. People that are making “A mountain out of a Mole hill” are letting everyone their thoughts on it. I’ve been on the ride several times (used to live in Florida) and enjoyed the ride. ITS A LOG FLUME ride. Didn’t see any buses or groups of animatronics wearing “White Hoods”. I’m white so should I call the “Princess” racist?

  4. Jeanne B

    Being a resident of FL., and knowing the ride pretty well, it was time to shut it down and create a whole new one, anyway. Updating it to make it Tiana themed is a fantastic idea!! I think that it also shows that Disney is displaying respect and morals by retheming it. State government has no say here. What happened to small government? The overreach is horrendous. Great job, Disney!!

    1. Manny

      Good luck with that. Disney’s intellectual property. Remember that word property since people in this country value it over people all the time.

  5. David A.

    “This attraction is going to be gorgeous at night,” Why are you saying that? 90%+ of the attraction is inside a building. Are they removing the building?

  6. B. D.

    Anyone else beyond tired of woke and political correctness? We loved that ride, because it was a great ride. Many happy family memories. Now it’s closed. People should shut up and get on with their lives.

    This wasn’t a death or a cancer diagnosis. It was a ride. Move along people nothing to see here.

    1. Cathy

      Absolutely agree with you.

  7. Ronnie Capuano

    Disgraceful that Disney is removing one of the most popular rides because of today’s culture wher the few outweight the many. I bet many never watched Song of the South which is a wonderful movie which is set back in the time period when slavery existed and depicted blacks as servents. In the movie they weren’t treated badly and it was a happy movie but all it takes is a few to cry racism and everything hets turned upside down. Today we want to hide the history instead of learning from the past, lock it away. I guess we should ban Gone With the Wind and The Little Colonel with Sherley Temple because she danced withBill “Bojangles” Robinson because he portrayed a servant. Disney + won’t show Song of the South but that show many series from Marvel that show sex scenes that any child can watch but no one has a problem with that, Disney could have built Tiana at another location and kept Song and I garuntee that after the buzz of a new attraction died down SotS would be way more popular

    1. Jeffrey Chow

      Agreed. Most people have never seen Song of the South. I have. What other movies depicting slaves will be protested and band.

  8. Doc S

    “Song of the South (1946), which has forever been put away in a vault to never be seen again”…if this is the case why was I, just a few short weeks ago, able to purchase a brand new copy from Amazon!?! Disney may not be offering it, but it is still available.

    1. Deb

      The people from Disney went to Avery Island to get inspiration for the new ride according to a couple of articles online. That’s right, they went to a former slave plantation. IDK, what’s worse, the old ride or the concept of the new one.

  9. Sue

    People are Disney crazy. There r more important things and life the a damn ride that might offend someone.

  10. lorraine

    I am a regular visitor to Disney world and never have ridden that ride because of not wanting to walk around wet all day …..Anyways I dont have a problem with the theme being changed at all . I have seen the ride on line a few times and it was cute but I am sure tiana will be a good ride also.

  11. Well congratulations WOKE Disney. You just shut down a ride that has set records, has been a good cheerful ride loved buy hundreds of thousands non racist people of every color on the planet. All for a few people that think everything is race based and the world needs to change around them.

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