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  1. Johnny Depp deserves to movies like where ever he wants. Amber is as evil as they come. So he has to suffer for what she did. No!

    1. Eddie

      Without JD Pirates of the Carabbians id death! Me and all my friends would never accept another actor in this character!

      1. Lynne

        Agreed! Scapegoat! He is not an angel but who is! I won’t be watching.

      2. Rhonda Jean Prideaux

        I agree

    2. Who’s the retard who writes this stuff😅

  2. MT

    The Pirates franchise peaked at the first film (some would say it peaked at 3, whatever agree to disagree). I heard no one even caring about the last movie in the franchise and didn’t it not make back its budget (or not meet expectations)? Time to put it on ice till it’s been long enough for it to get nostalgic.

    1. Kat

      Ok so let’s see,
      Disney isn’t making any money back from any of it’s movies from what I’m seeing. Depp made Disney A Lot of money.
      Blacklisted??? Wow Seriously.. Depp made Hollywood Producers, Directors and the Film makers alot of money as well and this is how he get repaid… Funny Dior Backed him, Burton would work with him and even Robert Downey Jr vouches for him. Everyone thru him under the bus before anyone let the trial start. You all condemned him without any proof of anything. You don’t Deserve him anyway. He deserves better than all you who passed blind judgement upon him. He has more talent than most of you will ever have. Sadly Depp knew what was gonna happen once the trial started, he prepared for what you nay sayers were going to do. Johnny realized his fans were there through it all and stood with him no matter what the outcome was gonna be. He shined for his fans and his fans shined for him.
      Depp realizes and understands that it’s the ones who adore him that made him what he is.
      Many many of the rest of the Celebs take that for granite more than you should.
      Depp will always shine bright in my eyes. All of his accomplishments and achievements speak for themselves.
      There is not one today that will accomplish as much as he has during his Career. Amber should be so ashamed of what she was trying to do.
      I will always be a forever fan of Mr Depp

      1. Agree!! Hollywood is ignorant because Depp fans would flock to any movie he made especially Pirates and it would Probally break quite a few blockbuster money makers in terms of revenue. Disney just continues to flop and that new Little Mermaid will be a massive flop!

        1. Lisa Synder


          1. Patty

            I have been a fan of Johnny Depp for ages I am 74 yr old gramma & no fan of Johnny Depp would think of going to any Pirates movie without him in it. Are they crazy. We have loved him forever any by the way he was found not guilty Disney. No one can ever replace Johnny no matter who it is..He is forever loved.

        2. Tony

          What’s wrong with little Mermaid? They decided the actress based on singing merit alone.

      2. lovesdisney

        What Johnny Depp has is much more sincere than people just loving his character’s, we love him.Johnny is one of the greatest actor’s of our time also a great musician, great voice, sweet celebrity, great dad,a good man.

        1. Patty

          Totally agree he is the best.

        2. Joey

          Exactly how I feel about Johnny Depp also. I think he’s one of those actors that have the Marlon Brando cool and that doesn’t come along very often. I’m a big movie buff and have been for my entire life and I don’t get starstruck too much but I think if I bumped into Johnny Depp I’d probably start sounding like porky frigging pig. Love seeing him on The Graham Norton show him and Ricky gervais are hilarious together

      3. Jenny Moore

        Right here with you!!! He still has music – he still does movies. His own country and these big failures like Disney etc won’t have to worry about me watching anything with there name attached. Already cancelled all subscriptions I had for them for steaming. This relative stands with him 100%!!!

        1. Billie Bryant

          I quit buying anything that has Disney and Disney logo. Disney didn’t back the best actor ever , Johnny Depp then Disney doesn’t get any of my money .

          1. Joey

            That’s okay in the end Johnny Depp will be just fine because he is still a bankable actor in Disney is going down the toilet with all their woke BS….. If I had my way the entire Disney executives would go to prison for child abuse

      4. Rhonda Jean Prideaux

        Good one.well written and i agree 💯

        1. Deece

          You must work for Disney ! 😆 🤣 Disney has gone down hill so fast. I will never take my kids there again. Exactly what are you trying to teach kids? If someone lies about you or your friends just Cancel them i!outout..just ignore it

      5. Tom

        Your comment is as lame as you are!!

      6. Cindy Lewis

        Nailed it to the ground, you did. I agree with everything you said and if you didn’t say it I was. He doesn’t need Hollywood to be successful, he already is. He has dedicated fans that showed him more love and gratitude than anyone in that high and mighty city, that thinks they’re judge and jury before the actual jury sided with him. Hollywood lost one of the best actors of our time but gladly we will still see him in his movies and his concerts. Love you Johnny

      7. Lizz

        Absolutely well said I stand with you

      8. I agree. Why couldn’t Amber Heard move on? I pray men to stay far away from this train wreck. It’s clear if she doesn’t have Johnny Depp, she is willing to ruin his life. The sad situation is Johnny Depp carrier suffers.

      9. Kecia M. Blackshear

        Well said, and so true

    2. Alicia

      It’s great he is still doing what he is good at. Hollywood’s loss it has to be on the other side of the for Pirates, I will not watch the next installment – Pirates means Johnny and no one else!! I hope his movie gets shown here!!

    3. Joey

      I don’t know the first pirates movie was the best but I wouldn’t say that the franchise peaked at the first film…. I’m sure they made plenty of money in all of them thanks to Johnny Depp

  3. Debbie

    Johnny Depp does not deserve what Hollywood is doing to him. He was proven to be innocent of everything that he was accused of by a jury in a court of law and it was broadcast for the world to see as well. He is a good honest humble person that deserves their respect. They need to give him his life back that was taken away with just an accusation with no proof of anything!!!

    1. Tee

      You go Johnny,!!
      Pirates certainly won’t be the same or as profitable without you.

      1. Joey

        What I think is going to happen is woke Hollywood he’s just trying to flex its muscles to appease the liberal alphabet machine. Make no mistake about it in Hollywood it all comes down to the money and these greedy woke Hollywood executives will never ever in the end turned down money. I hope I live long enough to see Hollywood destroyed

  4. Isabel

    Regardless,JD is an Icon. This is his private business and we know him as an EXCELLENT ONE OF A KIND JACK SPARROW. JD is top notch Actor. Hollywood and Disney at this moment are not doing too well. They need to let things go. Let him act again The industry needs it. Hollywood is pretty much gone with streaming and big names doing TV series and movies. Disney needs to bring him back. No one can replace JD as JS. We want him back.

    1. Listening Disney Exacs!!!

  5. Roger Stevens

    It will hurt Disney more then hurting Johnny. Good for him to tell them I do not need you.

    1. Rebecca


  6. Linda L. Camacho

    As usual, Hollywood execs quaked at the indignant screams of the MeToo crown and rushed to judgment. Now they can’t take it back, so Johnny is making a new career without them. I just hope his royalties keep coming to remind them of what they lost.

  7. Alani

    Johnny Depp should not be shunned! He was in a relationship with a narcissistic bi*%#. She was free-loading off of him and dragging her friends along with her!! I feel sorry for the innocent child she is raising.

  8. JustJules

    Johnny doesn’t need the corrupt/skewed Disney, or the Hollywood establishment, as much as they need him, and he/we know that. Meanwhile, his future schedule is quite full, with a Hollywood Vampires tour, and a movie he’s producing/directing with Al Pacino.
    She. Is. Finished.
    Him…just wait for it!
    Never Fear Truth.

  9. EM

    Life goes on. He will never be hurting for anything. Pirates saga is over anyway as it was going downhill. If Hollywood wants him for a movie they know how to get hold of him. I read that he is very hard to work with. Shows up to shoot his scenes whenever he wants, has hundreds of people standing around waiting for him on the movie sets. He should work on that part and improve his image with his peers. He is a very talented actor but the success they achieve the more of a Diva they become.

  10. Mea

    That man is gold. He is an incredible artist and made Hollywood, Disney and Warner Bros a lot of money. The only folks they are punishing are their fans and their pocketbooks.

    Johnny is gonna happen and I have no problem seeking out and devouring films from across the pond to continue to enjoy this man. He is one of the few actors I was ever willing to pay theater prices to see and buy his films as soon as it hit the shelves.

    Fantastic beasts just won’t be the same. I’m disappointed in the American film making society for doing this man such away. Shame on yall.

  11. I believe his personal life should not interfere with his acting career, his a good actor

  12. Benjamin Tracey

    He possibly and most certainly equally very likely can and will do still get “un-blacklisted” even if albeit yet in time and he can still reprise his “Captain Sparrow” role for the one proper conclusion still yet to come.

  13. Andy

    Seems he is a deeply troubled soul and would be a colossal pain to work with. Let him ruminate in isolation.

  14. Christine Tullock

    Well Disney there went that movie no one cares to watch it without Johnny so do not even bother with it! This will be like when the one twilight movie where Edward appears 20 minutes 😂 I even skipped that book! This will be a million times worse! So save yourself some money and time to actually pay the man and get in his good graces before ever filming another movie again!

  15. Phil

    No “Jack Sparrow “, No more money going to Disney.

  16. Sue

    I welcome Johnny Depp in any movie, concert or art event. He proved his innocence and deserves to be treated as such. He has built a legacy like no other artist of our time and I can’t wait to see his new work. ❤️

  17. cinemask 2021

    Johnny Depp obviously does not need Hollywood to make his fans happy and to earn money. But Hollywood might need him back – especially Disney.

  18. Shel

    Imagine a group of fairy duck tails, evil in nature, using their fairy powers to capture all the feathers in the world. Their secret research revealed popular movements can be manipulated, fit their agenda, and gain public trust. This allowed the tails to trick the public into handing over their feathers. The public believed in the fairy duck tails, trusted them with their feathers, handed them over to the tails without question. Not realizing the tails evil intentions, they lost all their feathers, forcing them under the fairy duck tails complete control. A faint birdsong, in the distance, could be heard calling out the feather corruption. It was laughed off and ignored. The tweet got louder, more passionate. The public could hear. They listened, then joined song. Soon the song was a hit, number One in the world. Everyone was singing it. The feather corruption could no longer be denied. The public took back their feathers, and plucked fairy duck tails feather, leaving the tails powerless. It begins with One song, One open heart, to shed light, restoring the world’s vision.

  19. Jayne1955

    Disney should be kissing his backside to make up for the way they treated him.

  20. JoeBryant

    Another star canceled.

  21. A Paul

    Where is the alleged “MASSIVE STATEMENT”?!?

  22. Dee

    Disney should be ashamed of the way they treated Johnny. He made them all prosper with Pirates. If they bring him back they won’t be sorry because he will make them more money than ever. Disney needs to talk with Johnny and apologize for not standing behind him. My family and I are so disgusted with the way Disney has been heading in the last 5+ years and won’t be supporting them anymore. And the treatment of Johnny just put the icing on it. Disney doesn’t deserve a person like Johnny Depp.

  23. ed

    I can’t think of anything more hypocritical and ridiculous than Hollywood thinking they are “moral” and “righteous”

  24. Lynn Carol Feinn

    No Johnny,No Pirates!!! Hooray for Johnny ,making a movie somewhere that he’s still wanted ! I think that’s his way of saying That he doesn’t care what Hollywood and the rest of the “cancel” culture think!!! I’m on his side ,always have been and always will be.

  25. Disney is the LOSER in the situation !! Without Johnny there is NO Pirate’s of the Caribbean !! I certainly won’t spend ANY $ to see a/the film without him & don’t know of anyone else that would either. Amber has to pay a million (well the insurance) and JD IS DONATING the $$ NOT PLEDGING it. What about the “pledged” $$ for the Charities that SHE owes ?? Is she just NOT going to live up to a MORAL obligation.. Since she already pocketed the $7 million ?? Can she be sued by the Charities ?? She SHOULD BE !! Look where she is… Right there where it ALL began !! With the Woman that she left and complained about to JD, with no job, but now a child to take care of… That in the year’s to come… She will be competing with for the attention of Male, Female, Hollywood, but the Alpaca’s could give a 💩 less about.🤣 I REALLY hope AH gets the help, that she so DESPERATELY NEEDS, for her daughter’s sake !! Her Father (DISCLAIMER- This is MY OPINION..1st Amendment right) couldn’t possibly run Twitter and spend the time with ALL his children. He Invitros, but isn’t apart of the day to day care of the children, because someone else gets paid for that !! However Baby Mama’s have an Ace in the whole, because they will NEVER be TOTALLY BROKE, because the Child Support could sustain them. So it’s OVER Amber, although it seems that YOU were the one that NEVER left JD alone (you had to keep thing’s going, YOU didn’t leave him alone) so NOW you will be “left alone” and don’t even NEED to speak his name !! It’s soo important to you that you don’t have a gag against you (I read that you might have enjoyed that), but IT’S OVER !! Your going to be left alone to raise your child and it might be a GREAT IDEA to move on and NOT speak of JD at ALL, because DEFEMATION/SLANDER can be VERY EXPENSIVE 💲💲& He certainly isn’t thinking about YOU…🥶

  26. Superstar

    I totally disagree
    So he can continue to passionately kiss his on-screen kissing partner from the 90s
    JD is a Con-Artist
    Hollywood have their way of scamming ppl from around the world

    1. Disney has effectively killed it’s cash cow. J. Depp is too good an actor to be black listed. Hollywood needs to rethink its decision.

  27. Shannon Pierce

    Disney stinks. I will watch the Europe movie and others that Depp makes. Just as we have went to his concerts and will continue to go to his concerts and watch his movies bit I will not be watching the new Pirates movie without Depp in them, nor will I watch anything on Disney or associated with Disney. Johnny deserves in hollywood. Disney and Hollywood are an embarrassment to the United kind.

  28. Brenda

    In order forJohhny to survive this LIFE and to save his career, he needs to admit himself into a 6 month RESIDENTIAL rehab program. He has been abusing alcohol and drugs since ge was 13 or 14 years old. Addiction has consumed him, taken total control. He no longer has any self discipline. He comes to filmings late and still under “the influence”, continues” using” 24/7. He has a death sentence over him. He needs to get help. I wish the best for him.

  29. I have no plans to see any movie that started with Johnny Depp like pirates of the Caribbean he made that franchise what it is with his acting. Any other actor can’t fill his pirates shoes to restart the franchise so disney and Jerry better think twice about restarting pirates without him I won’t go and spend my money or time on it!

  30. Sherry

    Indeed!😊 you took the words right outta my mouth …. I’ve loved johnny from the 1st time I laid eyes on him.What a gift to us all🙏

  31. When is people going to understand, there is no one in this world that can top Johnny Depp! I LOVE YOU JOHNNY DEPP ❤️ ♥️ Disney can piss off. They will regret their decision.


    Disney’s loss

    1. I think that John just wants to do music. He is in 3 bands now & his latest band, something with Skulls in the name is a different type of band. He is doing what he loves and should. John is aging out of movies and the movie industry has drastically changed with streaming at home. It’s a slow dying industry & way to expensive to go to these days. I love seeing a great movie in the theater but know that it will cost me $17 a ticket and $15 in snacks so just bring your own. Happiness is the key and I am not sure that John is long to this earth as he has abused his body horribly. I hope I am wrong because I also love the guy but his self abuse is already affecting him. Sad.

  33. Shawnna

    Johnny Depp is brilliant the characters that he plays are totally awesome and fun and realistic to watch he should be able to the actor that makes him the actor and forget about his girlfriend and let him perform the way he was made to perform and learn how to perform he is so wonderful as a performer no matter what role he plays it’s perfect

  34. M

    Nobody better than Johnny. He should do what he feels best for him. His relatives stand with him!

  35. Fran

    Johnny, don’t ever change your the best in everything
    remember Disney needs you, make them hurt and ask for

  36. LuAnn

    I don’t think it’s a wise move to black List this iconic actor Johnny d. If you’re in a business to make money depp brings in the money. He will continue to be admired for his work and loved by his fans

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