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Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk roaring in She-Hulk Attorney at Law

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Row

    Didn’t even get Jamil’s characters name right.

  2. Sonny

    Yeah this article shouldn’t be called news it’s just opinions and nonsense

  3. Joe

    BS She Hulk isn’t that bad, better than falcon, and Thor which is easily the worst Marvel movie ever made

    1. Matt N

      Thor 4 was worse than Thor. Simply because they took a decent movie and trashed it at the end with the 10 year old yeahhhh you can all be little Thors. Corny garbage. If not for that I’d rate the movie 3/5 but since it had that 1/5. It’s kind of like how the Movie From Dusk to Dawn is somewhat awesome till you get to the end and your like scratchin’ your head like what am I watching and you’re in disbelief.

  4. ChaseThomas

    No, you got it wrong. This is Intelligencia fanfiction!

    1. jhovani

      Go home and take a shower

      1. Jack

        So many people loved She-Hulk, including myself.

        What a garbage article attempting to capitalise on the loud minority of She-Hulk haters, largely but not entirely comprised of incels, by hamfisting an anti-show sentiment to an actor’s unrelated comment.

        This sucked!

        1. Nunya

          It’s a simple search to reveal that out of almost 15,000 reviews, this show received an audience score of 1.9 stars out of 5. Numbers don’t lie. If you enjoyed this show then you are the minority. Period.

    2. Chris Wood

      Her character was like Reva. She served no purpose at all. Perhaps if she played a super villian and not some social media nobody cares about

  5. Bob

    Wow, did the incel who wrote this crap even watch the show?

    1. Megan

      This is such a horrible article! It only says she wants the be in star wars to nothing about jumping ship! I’m so sick of men who can stand strong women speaking the truth! The show was not that bad! I’ve enjoyed all the things marvel has done but even so I can name at least 5 that would rate lower than she hulk. It’s funny though because when the men in the shows and movies do these things in the mcu none of you bat an eye! Get over yourself.

      1. Todd Hudson

        I can name one thor love and thunder thats it. My thing with she hulk is it was trying to hard in my opinion and he was right about the effects were terrible. I love she hulk but i have to say i was not impressed with this at all i was expecting better from marvel. Here lately it seems they are going for quantity over quality. Just my opinion. I love strong female leads but i felt this fell short in my opinion

    2. Ilovemovies123

      Why so angry? 🤣

  6. Mal

    She Hulk was amazing. And incels are the ones complaining about it. Nice job exposing yourself.

    1. Ace

      This! Say it louder! 👏🏽 Way for this loser to twist Jameel a Jamil’s professional aspirations into some nasty commentary on a hugely fun and refreshing TV series.

    2. Ilovemovies123

      Why you so angry lol

      1. Woke Gen-Xer

        Do you not have employment?

    3. Ilovemovies123

      And yes I’ve seen She-Hulk before you ask. I didn’t like some of the episodes like 2 and 4 but the rest I really enjoyed.

      1. Woke Gen-Xer

        Then why are you being such a twatmuffin?

      2. Patrick Bateman

        Oh it sucked, definitely.

        However, her 4th wall breaking was something she used to do in the old comics. Not something they stole from Deadpool lol.

    4. Hugh mongus

      Tell me your from reddit without telling me your from reddit. Y’all a bunch of losers shouting buzz words

  7. Devin

    People still try and roast Shw Hulk? Its one of the best shows. Easily topping most Marvel TV Shows. Even comic book authors say its one of the most accurate shows we got. I for one can’t wait to see her in the movies!

  8. Ellie

    I hope you don’t call yourself a journalist because this is just an opinion piece based on a quote that you tried to take out of context. I’d recommend either getting better at this job or finding another one.

  9. Mars Dust

    She-Hulk is a great show. It’s refreshing to see basically a sitcom in the Marvel universe. Not everything has to be an end-of-the-world the whole universe is at stake doom fest.

    Anyone against the show never liked She-Hulk to begin with and sounds like a misogynist when the bash it. Also, Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress.

  10. Idontcare

    This saga feels like a cheap Chinese knockoff compared to the Infinity Gauntlet saga.

  11. Michael

    Haters gotta hate on everything. There’s a reason there’s a saying “misery loves company”. Miserable people don’t want to be lifted up to a positive level, they want to drag everyone else to they’re level. She Hulk was great and funny. Second season please!

    1. Ilovemovies123

      You actually sound miserable yourself tbh. So angry.

      1. GoggyGo

        Not really

  12. McLeod

    Agreed, these whiny little man babies need to grow up

    1. Ilovemovies123

      They won’t miss you nor will I tbh 😂

    2. Paul D.

      I personally Loved She Hulk! I loved all the comments to the audience during the episodes. On the last episode, where they mimic the old TV show introduction, I was on the floor! I hope to do a second season. I feel that some critics just like to be negative to pretend to show how smart they think they are. I think they are think hope those show continued. HO SHE HULK!

  13. A concerned citizen

    Person who typed this into a computer (I won’t lower the standards of the title writer by using it for you), tell me you’ve never read a She-Hulk comic without telling me you never read a She-Hulk comic.

    The twerk and climbing out of the screen are literally lifted directly from the comics. Darn near scene for scene

  14. GG

    Well said

  15. Peter Saenz

    Horribly slanted article. The reporter is obviously biased, and is writing as if his opinions are fact. (They are not.) The She-Hulk series was a lot of fun to many people, and called out toxic masculinity. If this guy can see and enjoy that fact, reporters who are to report the truth should as well.

    1. Nick

      Well, it seems the majority of the comments disagree with you. There would be more but the BS was to much, they got sick and quit the article half way. If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch it. I liked it. Was it great, not as much as it could be but not the worst. So quoting the Disney you love, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thumper

  16. baconbyts

    the incel runs strong with this one

  17. Yamama

    Whoever wrote this needs to take a long hard look in the mirror at themselves and stop being a hater 😂

  18. Sam

    So glad to see everyone in the comments calling out this BS for what it is.

    Go smell some grass, Daniel.

  19. Marcissus

    Everything I was going to say has already been said.

  20. Marcissus

    Except it’s not really “jumping ship” when Disney owns both franchises. We’re going to see a lot of the same actors at both because their contracts are with Disney not the individual franchise.

    1. Aaron

      She Hulk is the most fun of any Marvel series and I waited with anticipation every week for the next installment. Also genius way of crossing franchises, especially integrating Abomination and Daredevil. Tatiana is amazing in the role! Definitely needs multiple seasons.

  21. chris

    negative review by a corny dude. she hulk was a great series.

  22. Not Daniel Roberts


  23. Eric

    Lots of nasty comments,some perhaps valid and some not. This is a business. If the ratings are there, so is the money and so is the future of such shows. At some point, these shows will run out of gimmicks or agendas and have to have real super villain and good action sequences. I don’t think people watch super hero entertainment for talking and relationships. Time will tell.

  24. Craig

    I’m disappointed that this article isn’t a paper print, so that U could crumple it up and throw it into the trash where it belongs.

  25. Bob Hudspeth Jr.

    While I wouldn’t fault anyone for making a Star Wars movie, even though 7-9 sucked, I felt I must speak up in defense of She-Hulk. Perhaps the author of this article didn’t GET the humor that the show intended. I, personally, think it’s one of the most fun projects Marvel has done in a long time. I would welcome it back.

  26. Ilovemovies123

    Why you so angry? Why so butt-hurt? 🤣

    1. Joseph

      Why do you reply to every comment?

  27. Ilovemovies123

    If you’re that butt-hurt over an article then maybe stay gone

    1. Joseph

      Why do you get so butthurt over women and people of color getting recognition?

  28. Ilovemovies123

    Where’s your article ? Hmm

  29. Ilovemovies123

    There’s a LOT of toxic comments here from so many unhappy people being massively butt-hurt over… Wait for it… A tv show, people are entitled to their own opinion if you like it or not. So stop spreading the hate just because someone doesn’t agree with you. Go be happy.

    1. Kay


  30. Hilariousbreakfast

    This is the most contrived incel article that I forcibly made myself read. If you’re offended by the show you deserve it.

  31. Hulky

    If you ever read the She-Hulk comics, you would know that they are comedic and that they break the 4th wall on a regular basis. She -Hulk fans actually enjoyed the show. Maybe don’t write about stuff you know nothing about.

  32. Inceltearsaredicious

    Lol trying to say she wanted to jump ship, and then leave a quote that says nothing but the sort.

    If you have to lie to try and make your point, then you have no point to make.

  33. Chris Marin

    Wow this article is so deceiving and trash

    1. Ilovemovies123

      Yet you still read it 😂

  34. Ilovemovies123

    Love don’t hate, especially over a TV show… You a butt-hurt mega fan or really unhappy?

  35. Ilovemovies123

    Very childish comment to make, who needs a life now?

  36. Ilovemovies123

    Why so angry? I like She-Hulk and I disagree with some of the article but I really disagree with you 100%

  37. Herb

    You can always spot a comic book casual by how quickly they dogpile on She-Hulk, despite it being every bit a perfect lift of the John Byrne run in the 90s

    (And to twist Jamil’s statement into a “MCU is too woke!”? That’s weak)

  38. Shelia Carter

    I personally loved She Hulk and I’m hoping that a second season is in the works!!!

  39. ZR

    Now and again. She-Hulk was nothing more than a feminist wet dream, a therapy session for the showrunner herself for her own issues. Took a character that was strong likable and sexy all three in perfect balance and turned her into overbearing arrogant bad CGI greenskin Karen. Considering how bad CGI was it’s obvious they didn’t put much effort into She-Hulk or have much faith in it for that matter but I half expect it to see a second season because they just love failing upwards. I don’t blame this chick for wanting to jump franchises but the way Star Wars is right now it’s also in a weird place she seems kind of nice but she should probably look elsewhere for the moment

  40. Dale In NYC

    You know what would be a welcome change of pace? For sellout Ruffie to go back to doing simple low-budget, story-driven indie films, now that he is finally sure he won’t starve, after appearing in a half-dozen Marvel pictures. How much is enough, Mark?

  41. Fan

    If you yhink she hulk is the worse you dont read marval or let alone like it this show s the closest to the marvel comics,so how wrong you really are..you dont care for marvel you dont even read it.

  42. Kay

    Really harsh on the show. I really liked it despite some hiccups here and there. The fourth wall break and somewhat bizarre ending could have been better done. And I don’t really appreciate agendas and politics being blatantly pushed at me via the things I specifically do to forget stress and reality in general. But overall my husband and I both really enjoyed it and intend to watch the next season, assuming there will be one.

  43. Hugh mongus

    If you enjoyed she hulk chances are you probably enjoyed mein kompf too

  44. Darrin Eigenbauer

    I don’t know why everyone is bashing She-Hulk. I loved watching the show. I never read the comics, but from what I’m told the show pretty much followed them. I loved the humor and am hoping for another season. My buddy and I have seen every Marvel film in theaters ever since they’ve started. He feels the same as I do about She-Hulk. I don’t know where the numbers are coming from, but I look forward to more of She-Hulk and Tatiana.

  45. MeHulk

    You trolls need to calm down. Heaven forbid someone criticizes something you like. Throwing words like incel and bigot around just makes you sound like petulent d-heads. Get a grip.

  46. Mike

    Please bring back the show it was really good.

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