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SeaWorld vs. Disney

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  1. John

    I’m excited for the big drop to return honoring New Orleans and their many mountain ranges. Well thought out theme that will stretch the imagination to unknown limits.

    1. Jayne1955

      If they had put Tiana’s Bayou on Tom Sawyer’s island they could have tied it in with the Riverboat. Maybe had characters or the band on it…that would have been amazing.

  2. Marvin

    Atlantis is a shadow of its former self. Nothing to brag about.

  3. Smith Nellon

    ‘Bout time. The waterfalls and mountains of my native South Louisiana should be experienced by one and all. What’s up with fat-shaming that Reptilian-American, ‘tho?

  4. Alana

    Atlantis is TRASH now. It’s in dire need of a paint job AT LEAST, and 90% of the animatronics either don’t work or were taken out and never replaced. SeaWorld doesn’t have much ground to stand on in the bragging department here 😂

  5. Dan

    Yeah, Disney needs to hire someone who is either a Centrist or leans Right — so theat person can tell them just how stupid it is to retheme a mountain ride to an IP set in New Orleans. The Frozen Retheming actually fits well in Norway — but this is just a stupid debacle that still won’t please the people they are trying to pander to. Right now, it is a company full of sycophants that has led to them losing billions making nonstop bad decisions.

  6. Kje

    If Disney did a Tiana attraction on Tom Sawyer Island, there would still be “adults” crying because nothing they remember in a Disney Park as a 5 year old is ever permitted to change.

  7. Jean

    Is Seaworld serious? Atlantis is terrible.

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