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Guests riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Credit: Disney


  1. Sue

    For sure. Another person offered image that.

  2. Tonja T.

    In response to other comments, you two are the examples of why the world is as it is today. This country was built on the backs of immigrants from many countries. The United States was once considered a melting pot of multiple nationalities all with the same purpose of achieving the dream of life, liberty and tgeir pursuit of happiness. Somehow, somewhere along the way certain groups considered and still consider themselves better than other people and choose to wallow in their ignorance. You choose to wallow in ignorance. The guests that experienced that disgusting display of ignorance handled it properly, however, I would have asked the cast member at the platform to seat them in a different log so they would not have a forever reminder of their day at Disney. I am a black was who is fluent in 5 languages, and English is my native language. But I also understand how they felt in that while having a private conversation amongst themselves discussing their day at Disney World.

    1. S Nogg


    2. Patricia

      Thank you, Tonja T. Your response is perfect. I always enjoy the photos with other people when we have talked and laughed and shared parts of our Disney experience while waiting in line. But I would hate to have rude, inconsiderate or racist people in one of those photos. What a shame. I hope the rest of the memories from their trip are more pleasant.

  3. Mason

    Of course it was rude what they did but you don’t have to take it to social media and whine about it. This person acted like as if they were lynched. I honestly feel like the term racism has lost its meaning. Especially in the US. I actually wonder if the people who claim to be victims of racism have ever met actual racists.

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