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Cinderella Castle Partners statue at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    That would be sad; however, given the amount of water involved in that show and how long it has been closed, mold would make a lot of sense, hopefully they can mitigate it and get something equally as good back in there.

    1. TJ

      Are you really right

  2. Ariel

    Any ideas where they are selling the puppets? You know for curiosity sake.

  3. Lisa

    They know how to drain and clean and sanitize. It’s not mold. They are killing old Walt. Next they will remove his statue. Just wait.

    1. Mella

      I personally love that show because I love blacklights and special effects. I think they should totally update everything and bring it back.

      1. Anna

        Me too it really would be sad if they forever took it away it was one of my top favorites being a classic Disney fan and The little mermaid fan. Also it was a very nice place with entertainment to go to see and rest escaping the heat on those Hot days. I have already vowed if I go to that area of Disney World it will only be for the classic Disney attractions not at all ever going to support going into the Star Wars attractions. I’m sorry but I’m that firmly a classic Disney lover and all I can say in addition is Walt Disney and Roy Disney did not envision these things and are both tossing and turning in there graves and me if they keep getting rid of all the classics then it would be officially ruined to me and no longer worth the money. And I would be officially full out mad and disappointed in Disney.

        1. B-

          Sold the puppets? Lol…that isn’t what they do.

    2. Yeesh

      Walt and his famous 1989 hit movie The Little Mermaid, in the park he totally designed and built himself, Disney MGM Studios Florida.

      1. Anna

        So actually Walt didn’t build it. He dreamed it and started the process of it becoming a available attraction park place just like His famous Disneyland but he did not actually build it. Roy Disney was actually the builder to where it came to actually be. Walt sadly unfortunately died before it came to be. Don’t feel to bad about the mistake on the who though I myself thought Walt not only built it but that it was the first originally built by Walt to. Honestly not sure why or when I first thought that but definitely had that mistake thought too.

        1. troy

          Walt died in 1966. Roy died in 1971. Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 (just before Roy died). Hollywood Studios (then MGM Studios) opened in 1989. The Disney brothers had nothing to do with Hollywood Studios (then MGM Studios), but instead it was a major development under Michael Eisner.

          1. Tmac

            Haha, weirdest argument thread about nothing important. Stan Lee also didn’t write most of the comics he’s in the movies for, who cares! Haha yowza folks.

          2. Kay

            Roy O Disney, Walts brother died in 1971. Roy E Disney, Roy Sn. son and Walt’s nephew didn’t die until 2009. You need to read about Roy jr. contributions to disney, specifically in animation of the 80s/90s

    3. B-

      Oh no…believe me…that stage was gross before covid shut down…. if they turned off environmental controls like they did at some other locations, it was likely consumed by mold…ew

    4. Mamie

      I agree. They could have turned this into a tiana attraction and left fan favorite Splash Mountain alone for the millions who loved it to enjoy.

    5. Glenda

      Hollywood studios is my least favorite park. This show is what I would do countless times when everyone else wandered around. Shame to hear this.

  4. Oldster

    Update to reflect Haile Berry that’s what’s happening. Interviews for look alike character performers and less classic Mermaid merch available online

  5. Me McP

    Voyage of the Little Mermaid was awful. We saw it once and said – well we never have to do that again. It’s a prime spot and they could do anything with it

  6. Chris

    My family and I love that show. We hope it will return!! 💖

  7. Geri

    I hope Disney brings this show back. It was very beautiful and entertaining with the special effects. I hope they clean up the mold and make it better. It was one of the best shows in all the parks.

  8. Sandy

    This venue has been cleaned out multiple times, but the issue keeps arising due to the rain curtain and trough that were left in place without being drained during the 4 months that the parks were closed. They were having issues with mold and mildew before the pandemic even occurred because of the air conditioning being shut off overnight. They had air quality control sensors at the stage To try to keep it at Bay. The problem just got worse when the air conditioning was shut off for too long and the water was still present. Ariel was sporting a new look at the stage just before the pandemic hit, and her new look can be seen at fantastic. It be unsure if the little mermaid show would have come back, they decided to use it there instead. The puppets were in a safe place. New effects had been added to the stage just prior to the shutdown as well. There was hope that they would temporarily revive the show until money had been saved in a new idea chosen chosen to replace it. That show has been on the shopping block for many years call me, it looks like it may finally Be gone for good. I feel bad for the cast members who never got a chance to say goodbye and have a final official last day there. That whole corner of the park needs to be reworked. It doesn’t make sense to have launch Bay in 3 different areas of the arc. That shouldn’t move over to where star tours isAnd Disney animated films and characters should go back to what once was the animation building that Star Wars launch Bay currently resides in.

    1. B-

      Totally gross stage before covid….lol… you could smell the mildew when you walked in.

  9. Erick

    Omg just wait and see, I think its going to come back as 2023 Voyage of the little mermaid. UGH, why did they do that to us😭😭😭

  10. Loring

    Well I have the unpopular opinion of saying we didn’t care for it. We went in at my insistence but left about a quarter of the way through because we couldn’t take anymore. They do hope they remediate the mold and get something good in there so we can escape the heat.

  11. Satoshi

    I wonder what people would think if they entirely gutted the place and used the space to add in a renewed and modernized take on ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter? Disney’s been slowly losing that “vacation spot for everyone” title ever since they’ve started shying away from adding more thrilling attractions, so that could be a good new addition for the thrill-seeking crowd, especially if they were actually able to pull off the original “NOSTROMO” idea for the attraction that they were going to do, which would also help it fit in with Hollywood Studios. They’ve already had Xenomorphs in the Great Movie Ride, which was in the exact same park and was a fan-favorite section of that particular ride, so I definitely believe a full Alien-themed attraction would definitely be within the realm of possibility.

  12. Monalisa

    Walt Disney World turned 50 this year and so did I. I have been visiting the theme park since I was 7yrs old.
    For my 50th birthday my family wanted to take me to my happiest place on earth.
    And I had to say no because the last time I visit it was the following year for my son‘s 21st birthday and taking my kids there since they were born, and I hate to say it is not been the same as it was in the past years And things seem to just get worse or the crowds are even worse so the whole make a reservation don’t make sense anymore. It just makes things harder because you’re not able to bounce around the park. If one park is too full, you can go to another that’s what park hopper were for.
    The magic in Disney has been caught on fire, and it has been burned to ashes in my opinion. Now it seems like it’s trying to become universal studios with Marvel comic taking over not saying that Star Wars world is not amazing. It is major, Star Wars friend, me and my family, but they need to keep up with the magic even with the cast members yelling at people and people visiting need to stop fighting in the park looks rundown. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

    1. Bella

      Correction to your post. The Magic Kingdom turned 50 on October 2021. The celebration started then and continues thru March 2023.

  13. Michael

    Why do you find it necessary to remind us in every article regarding something going on at WDW, about the complete history of WDW including how many Theme Parks it has and how many people visit it, both locally and from overseas on a monthly basis, before getting to the actual point of the what the article is all about? This is both incredibly annoying and unnecessary. You make us scroll through 6 to 8 paragraphs of things we already know before actually talking about what is in the heading. We all know the history of WDW and don’t need to be reminded about it in every single article. Just get to the point!

  14. L

    I used to be a manager in park and all those buildings in close proximity to the Chinese theater had roof damage from the fireworks debris falling on them nightly. They try running the sprinklers ahead of time but it doesn’t totally stop the damage and leaks from forming. I coukd never understand why we could never get our leaky roofs fixed before damage occurred. It happened everywhere i worked! Months we’d complain and try to get maintenance to repair them we threw away tons of tee shirts awayvevery time in rained in my shop in pleasure Island for 6 months and we had the same problem in world of Disney. The repairs resulting from the leaks and damage to the things inside always far outweighed any cost to just fix the roof in the first place….

  15. Patti

    Wild coincidence that this closure becomes permanent just as the remake of LM is about to happen. I’d put my money on a Halle Berry LM attraction to replace the “moldy oldie.” Nothing in Disney’s vast history will be represented if the woke crowd has their way. It’ll be all Star Wars, Marvel and new versions of classic characters. Sounds extreme because it is. Sad.

    1. Pam

      I think they should move the Muppets show to that area and move SW to the Muppets current location. Then have the Imagineers create new attractions using other characters like Stitch, the Fab 5, or the Incredibles.

  16. Valencia Cantu

    I hope it comes back as an acrobatic performance to resemble Ariel swimming under water. Like what they have at Disney Seas in Japan.

    Other ideas: Frozen Arendale land with Frozen ice skating show inside the Ice palace on North Mountain.

    As for an alien attraction: convert the rock’n rollercoaster to Stitch’ Rocking Luau. And him to the giant guitar and get some strobe lights as he plays ELVIS . Add some visual effects to simulate the riders surfing some waves. At the end of the ride, have a flying saucer crash the party and send us hanging ten on the ultimate wave to shore with a wet, (real )splash. Imagineers, take notes.

  17. Susan

    I hope it reopens♥️

  18. RT

    I had the pleasure to spend a year there with my Wife before she passed. Great memories. To see WDW fall to “progressive” agenda is very sad. Halle Berry? It seems everything is leaning towards the woke agenda, “just because”. Too much of anything, including a gourmet meal can make you vomit, enough already. In my humble opinion, “progressive” is not progress. Inclusive means everyone, yes even white people. WDW is heading towards the end for me, perhaps a beginning for others.

    One last comment; metal roofing, chlorine water, proper environmental controls.

  19. Mark

    So an entire post of assumptions.No facts just gar-bage

  20. scott harter

    Disney’s gone woke and will go broke.

  21. Cheryl

    I know nothing about the mold. Sorry, but Disney has mad me very angry. I sent them my story 20 times. Now they are supposed to be lowering prices. Don’t know how much. But everyone should be able to afford to go to Disney.

  22. erjen

    So they sold the puppets. That’s it? Disney has not confirmed its permanent closure. Could they be refurbing the whole set AND the puppets?

  23. Phil

    Lived in Florida for years. Mold is like Seagulls…IT’S EVERYWHERE!!! You can clean and scrub and next week it’s back. The ‘Little Mermaid Ride’ is air conditioned (which really helps) plus the chlorinated water .

  24. Shannie

    I’m too sad to comment 😞

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