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Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Owen watts

    Benedict Cumberbatch, because he has the perfect face for it. And probably the perfect build for the character.

    1. I am glad she isn’t Ahsoka again. I did not think she suited the role at all. She also didn’t really have the same physique of Ahsoka at all.

      1. Chris

        I was bashed for saying she had a off feel of her interpretation of Ahsoka. Anime was was better.

      2. Colleen McAllister

        Read the article again. It isn’t about Ashoka. Dawson is still playing her.

  2. ben

    kyle mclachlan

  3. Shane

    I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of Tom Hiddleston playing a young Thrawn earlier in the timeline.

  4. Kalel

    Knowing Disney it will probably be Keke Palmer

    1. Dakpluto

      It’s Disney, so either The Rock or Scarlet Johansson lol

  5. Jason Lémonjello

    Yeah piss on this show, no point in watching this garbage.
    Disney thought they could do it better than George Lucas and all they’ve done is screw everything up.
    Anyone can produce eye popping special effects, it takes talent to produce a story people actually want to enjoy, something Disney is in very short supply of.

    1. Me

      I agree and Ashoka not only can’t hold her own show Dawson is miscast

    2. Todd Hudson

      You say that but did you read lucas’s ideas going foward. Sone of them were pretty bizarre and weird. Im not saying i liked what disney did either but for what its worth their story fits more then Lucas did. Im not saying he wouldn’t have changed his mind on things as production went on because he does that so do i think Lucas’s would have been better. Yes i do by far but his original ideas were very much out there

      1. Lloyd

        I agree. Part of what made the original trilogy so great was the tons of feedback he got from his follow director friends and the great editing done by his former wife.

  6. Vibe

    “I am aware of that, yes…Well, I haven’t had the offer. But, yes, sure.”

    How does this possibly confirm or deny his involvement one way or the other? Seems like complete speculation over a noncommittal statement made into clickbait.

  7. Bennett

    Very disappointing. Anyone else is second best.

  8. CosmicMate

    I’m done with Disney Wars, ain’t going to watch anything made by them, it’s pointless.

  9. Me

    Don’t care only gonna tune in to see the Anakin and Ashoka reunion. Other than that the show will be boring. Ashoka like Boba isn’t a very interesting character to hold a show and Rosario Dawson doesn’t fit well for the character

  10. Brand

    I’d say Benedict Cumberbatch, I disagree with all those about Rosario Dawson being miscast, sure it would be nice to have Ashley Eckstein as she’s the original voice of Tano, Rosario has done a decent job so far and while book of Boba could have done with more action and less exposition I enjoyed it.

    1. James

      I agree with you 100%… finally someone with sense!

  11. Zane Elliot

    The reason Disney is adding expanded universe characters, is because the woke lefties at Lucas film, lead by Darth Kennedy, have failed to write characters that appeal to the audience. Get woke go broke.

    1. Chris

      You sound like a virgin

      1. Kristie

        LOL, I’m positive he is.

  12. Daniel

    They had the perfect actor i Richard E. Grant. Unfortunately they wasted his talents i Rise of Skywalker.

  13. James

    I thought he’d already confirmed his return as Thrawn?
    Benedict Cumberbatch is a good shout to play Thrawn but ONLY if you can’t get the original actor!

  14. Donnie

    Why are articles so poorly written these days. All that fluff for 1 line of actual context that explained nothing. Actors lie all the time with Disney. This poorly written garbage has become the standard of writing. Should start reading from the bottom up!

  15. J trester

    It’s gonna be Ray Stevenson…especially because it’s already been said it won’t be him

  16. Jeff Trester

    It’s gonna be Ray Stevenson come on…especially cuz it’s already been said that it won’t be

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