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Toy Story Cast ready for Christmas

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It’s truly a special occasion when a new character joins the ranks of Disney’s beloved Meet and Greets, but Disney Imagineering truly gets to show their stuff whenever they create a costumed character that would otherwise be impossible to imagine in a real-world space. The Disney Cruise Line has just introduced one of their new Pixar pals to a shipload of guests, and some are wondering how long it will be before this new friendly face makes his appearance at the Parks.


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@disway800 on TikTok recently shared footage of Rex joining the rest of the toys from Andy’s room at the ship’s Pixar Day at Sea, and he looks phenomenal. While he does lack his collection of bath toy attire from the Partysaurus Rex short, the meetable version of the character looks positively spot-on when stacked next to Buzz, Woody, and Bo. Judging by the audience’s reaction, it seems like he’ll be quite popular with fans, perhaps even popular enough to make an appearance at the Disney Parks.

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For countless Disney fans everywhere, meeting the Disney characters are a huge part of their Disney Park experience. While the Parks are obviousley the prominent host to Disney’s colorful cast like Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, the Pixar crew have been surprisingly lacking.

Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear at Toy Story Land
Credit: Disney

While Buzz has been prominently featured in Tomorrowland and Woody and Bo have been seen in Hollywood Studios, it feels like there could be more considering how much Pixar has contributed to the Disney name. Introducing Rex somewhere in the Parks, like Toy Story Land, would be an impressive and incredible addition.

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Disney truly needs to include more of their side characters, as some are arguably more popular than the heroes they follow. Given Rex’s popularity and adventures outside the main four Toy Story movies, as well as the response to his appearance on the cruise and on TikTok, there’s definitely an audience for him. This could definitely be a good sign of Disney hearing out their audience and moving forward with Park additions more fans can get behind. Only time will tell.

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