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Johnny Depp

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  1. PJ

    Why on earth are you starting trouble here by suggesting anything whilst playing dumb? Didn’t you learn enough from that disastrous trial?

    1. Greta linden


  2. Sarah T

    The scum will out.

  3. Ann

    And this is news worthy? Lots of people follow people on Instagram. Just because he started to follow her after her book came out means nothing. Maybe he read her whole book and found her interesting. By insinuating that he is following her because she wrote a chapter about a rape is ridiculous. This article is just gossip to fill a page. Shame on you.

    1. Karen

      I completely agree. The most likely scenario is that he happened upon her account and decided to follow her because he thinks she is a nice person. Anything more than that would simply be the writer of this article’s attempts to imply information that does not exist to sway the reader’s opinion to match his or her own.

  4. Jordan

    Okay… I had to read this over 3 times and I’m still asking “And…?” This is borderline slanderous with the intent of trying to create a false narrative to siphon more viewers to your page… All with the absolute understanding that people will just assume it’s connected while trying to piece together the scattered sentences in between endless adverts.

    Do better.

  5. Sam

    The article is beyond confusing, and the author connected dots nobody understands.

    I just want to know how I can get this kind of journalist exposure? Without getting any points across…

  6. Linda

    For heaven’s sake! Just because someone follows someone on a social network doesn’t mean they relate to the experience or that what was written is about them. If that’s the case, we should all be worried.
    Ridiculous reporting.

  7. Bob

    Anonymous news reports suggest that Andrew Boardwine is actually trying to deflect his guilt onto Johnny Depp?

  8. Bridget Langley-Broadwell

    How exactly did you tie her book to Depp? Did she specifically name him? You media/journalist create so much trouble and problems where there aren’t any just to earn a buck and you hurt so many people in the process. KARMA will get you in the end. How do you actually live with yourself?

  9. Bindyobizniz

    Johnny is just supporting his friend and wants her to get justice i dont see what the big deal is here

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