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Happy Holidays at Hollywood Sudios

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  1. A vacation disaster. More Disney manufactured stress. Our tickets are 1 park 1 day. Spontaneously closed rides can cause a stress. You can’t go back unless you paid extra for park hopper. During one of our vacations, Rockin Roller Coaster was only open one day of our vacation.

  2. A. Gallo

    We were there from 1/6-1/16. And rise of the resistance was broken down constantly. I’m not even sure if it ever operated on the 14th. We went back 4x and it was still down.

  3. Steve

    Disney is a dis-aster.

  4. Jim

    I was there the 14th. It was not a good day. In line for Rock-n-roller coaster and ended up having to wait 3 hours to get thru. Went down multiple times while we were in line.
    Went over and was going to ride Star Tours and was told we couldn’t join the line for some reason. Headed to Galaxies Edge. Multiple cast members were blocking access to Rise of Resistance. Then over to Smugglers Run. I forget how long we waited, but was over 100 minutes.
    No, we didn’t have Lightning Lane or anything, but definitely seemed like a bit much even with no passes.

  5. Gary

    Disney should get things back the way that they were no woke or politics then try to get the long time CM’S who took care of the rides to come back then they will not have as many breakdowns. Until then they will stay away!

  6. Steve

    Funny how people are willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the opportunity to stand in line for hours, but cannot be bothered to stand in line to vote.

    1. YES!!!!!! I agree wholeheartedly.

  7. DeNeil

    Same back in November on the 18th too! At Hollywood Studios the Slinky dog rollercoaster, Rockin Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror all went down for an hour plus. I believe Tower of Terror was half the day actually. Oh and we even got stuck on a ride at the end of the night. All that money down the drain. It was so disappointing!

  8. Max

    Best trip ever perfect luck

    1. To Steve,
      YES!!!!!! I agree wholeheartedly.

  9. The wonderful world of Disney ya right….

  10. Jamie

    I was there Sat 1/14. Rise was closed at opening, ran for 2hrs and broke down again until 5pm. Slinky Dog broke down while we were in line after an hr we left the line. Passed by a broken down Star Tours and Mickey and Minnie Railway. Never had an experience like that with Disney before, but it seems like it isn’t uncommon these days. Hopefully Iger walks the walk with his latest statment saying they’re going to make park experiences more flexible and valuable.

  11. Van

    On December 26 we waited in line for 2 hours at the Rockin Rollercoaster only to have everyone in line having to leave the area due to malfunction of the ride. We were steps from getting on the ride. How disappointing!!!

  12. Michael

    Haven’t they outsourced the repairs to “Mr. Fix It,” who drives around in that white van and has an ad in the Penny Saver?

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