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Hogwarts castle in Hogwarts Legacy

Credit: Warner Bros. (via Hogwarts Legacy YouTube)


  1. Shellbell

    Unfounded fears? Tell that to the 2 girls from Loudoun county Virginia. A biological boy put on a skirt and attacked 2 teenage girls at 2 different schools in the bathrooms. He was found guilty for both attacks.

    1. Azza

      Facts don’t matter to the SJW, woke vermin.

    2. RichD

      Shh…you’re not supposed to bring facts out to leftist’s. They hate facts.

    3. Bert

      Koo Koo for CocoPuffs!

    4. Mitch

      Tell that to all the poor kids those youth pastors groom. You seen it in the news everyday!

    5. Milliways


    6. Tim

      So not a trans woman then? Sounds more like it’s the cis gendered men we need to fear.

      1. Thank you, I am right.

        There are only women and men. So your argument is really stupid.

      2. Kage

        Just you using words like cis means you don’t even know what the word men means. Bro grow a set of balls and stop acting stupid. We all know that there’s only one male and one female. From the beginning of time we are the ones who spawn crap like you

    7. Lakes

      Couple of points

      1) That’s terrible but one example does not mean the entire group is like that. This is much the same as laying out “black crime” examples to smear all people of colour.

      2) No one is claiming that someone pretending to be a woman solely to commit a crime is to be taken as trans.

      I have trans friends, all they want is to be left alone and to stop being treated like they’re ALL presumed criminals/predators

      Hope this helps (I know it won’t, you can’t reason with TERFs, but I can’t sit here and say nothing)

      1. brett

        one example? this is happening all the time and the sheer amount of covering it up is astonishing. confirmation in Australia that over 130 trans raping crimes has happened and only 1 was ever able to get out to the public which is when the other 129 came to light. face it your trans aryian fascist race has been exposed so stop being a normalphobe and come back to reality

      2. KAGE

        I am African American you racist turd and for you morons who keep want to call us People of Color get something straight. That is the same crap ole Racist Democrats called us years ago only switch around. Hey retard remember the words “Colored People” by the southern Democrats. You people got your nerves thinking that African Americans are so in need of your punk ass woke crap. Tell you what if you really want to talk about things how about you talk about how most deaths among us African Americans are from females going into that racist ass abortion clinics. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO CALL US PEOPLE OF COLOR YOU FOOL THAT’S RACIST!

  2. W

    Plot Twist: You should play Hogwarts Legacy!

    Get over yourselves people… Jesus.

    1. Liberty Lane

      Watch as Florida comes out of the woodworks of the comments section on this one to be….well Florida.

      Here we go with thr spicy old white people.

      1. RichD

        Better a TERF than a trans rapist. Guess SWJs don’t support real women. Oh, right, they can’t define what a woman is so…

      2. Christine

        I am buying the game! buying the deluxe version! and EVERY add on and expansion that is released! How JK feels about people has NOTHING to do with the Wizarding World! And doesn’t change the fact that she created a Universe that millions Love! I included. Don’t like what she says in tweets…block her and don’t read what she says. I can’t wait for this game and I truly hope REAL Wizarding World fans run out and get this game by the millions!!

        1. Truthteller

          Please name one tweet that was wrong/hateful/ or incorrect?

        2. Daniel

          We are impatiently waiting!

        3. Nerrad

          If this is your philosophy then you best go live in woods. Just about every “thing” was created by someone with views who you oppose or others do. Though I’m willing to bet many will say this in public and secretly enjoy the game. Woke cancel stuff has gone too far.

          1. Chad

            Just want to say… Cry! Looks like Harry Potter is winning. And you can cry all you want and try to get people fired, but in the end of the day who is larping the fascist, so yea cry more.

      3. Truthteller

        if 80% of the country is “spicy old white people” then you are the racist minority here and color blind, bc my family is all sorts of colors, but we believe you are the crazy one haha, i identify as successful intelligent person who believes in science (which wow you’re right i am that!) and my pronoun is Your Daddy/ and I am your intellectual master, so from now on you WILL refer to me as that… dummy smh…

        1. Rick

          I’m going to buy and play this game so hard.

      4. Wanna Polita

        You should change your username, you’re clearly a giant sperg

  3. Jay

    I’m buying 7 copies because of this article

    1. Johnathan spears

      Now I want to play it even more

  4. Shane

    Lmfao are you retarded

  5. J Mck

    This article shows how “woke” our society has become. You want to be woke then deal with the backlash. Disney is woke! Nobody want to deal with the real problems, the elephant in the room, the children who are trafficked and the woke people helping them.

    1. Johnno

      Harry Potter isn’t part of Disney. Stop being a dink.

      1. Bill murry

        The only confused people are the trans!

  6. 🤣 I already pre-ordered 3 copies and an Ivan Provorov jersey……….with pride!!!!!

    1. Steve

      I thought I was going to read a review that was based on gameplay, and how bad the game was to play. Nope all political claptrap and what a bad person JK Rowling is. Get over yourself!

  7. Donna Casey

    These are lies JK Rowling is not anything like this, look in the mirror!
    I’ll order 10 games and give them away just to support !

    1. Omg

      Ca mn i have one? lol

  8. Art

    I was never a HP fan but please watch and enjoy if you are.

    1. G

      If you have ever visited the Harry Potter lands at Universal and bought butterbear or merch you’ve already donated more to her than whatever this game will do for her.

      Cope and seethe about the game being one of the bestselling things ever, and it’s not even out yet. People like you are weirdos, and continue to out yourselves as such.

  9. Jaxx

    Wahhhhhh! Someone said something I don’t agree with so they have to be canceled! Wahhhhhh!

    Typical whiny, hate-filled, intolerant leftist trying to ruin other people’s lives.

    Time to order hundreds of copies!

    1. Azza


    2. RichD

      Awesome comment!! Couldn’t have said it any better!

    3. Lakes

      You lot: endlessly picking on vulnerable people in a minority group who just want to live their lives without constant persecution, questioning and being treated like criminals

      Trans ppl and allies: politely asking everyone to just think about what they’re supporting by buying a particular video game and that maybe they shouldn’t

      But sure, it’s the trans/allies who are “ruining lives” here. Give your head a wobble.

  10. Carol

    So this is cancel culture just because she doesn’t agree with your views? And this makes you a better person how???

    1. Quincy

      You forgot the key ingredient: Rowling never even said the things she’s accused of, it’s all lies. That’s why they never quite the allegedly transphobic tweets, and the rare times they do there’s nothing transphobic about them.

  11. Feministerkeister

    I started out thinking this article was an actual game review. But fortunately it’s pushed me to make the decision to…..but the game, okay it, and love every minute. Thank you!

  12. Lord of the Woke

    I came just to comment how poorly informed a perspective this is. JK Rowling was just stating biological fact, and rather politely I might add. The fact that she has become a focal point for leftist hate is predictable as well… but also sad, because she indeed was just speaking the truth.

    1. Shorty

      I’m with you on that. I really care about transgender right and fully support them. I read her tweets and I really didn’t get any feelings of hate. I would also add I’m not trans though.

  13. Eric

    I’m a Harry Potter fan without a Twitter account, so I look forward to enjoying the game!

  14. Jess

    This is an excellent explanation of why the franchise is now so problematic. It is frustrating, because I would love to play an open-world game set at Hogwarts but I cannot in good faith give her royalties after she’s pushed her hateful views so aggressively. Thank you for summarizing so it succinctly.

    1. JM

      Do you play other games?

    2. Azza

      She has NEVER pushed hateful views, merely objected to biological males in girls’ bathrooms and women’s sports.
      Common sense moral views.
      The fact that POS people like the author of this article attempt to smear her as espousing hatred to trans people shows just how evil the woke crowd is and how much they hate women.

    3. A.Grey

      Are you serious? Have you actually read JK’s actual tweets or are you just so excited to be inclusive that you agree with this nonsense? Hope you never have a daughter…

    4. RichD

      So, basically, you’re just an intolerant bigot? Do YOU expect EVERYONE to agree with YOU? Are you not capable of allowing others to have an opinion different than yours?

    5. Keil Fleischbein

      JK Rowling did nothing wrong, and Jess is a libeling radical who needs to shut her trap.

      I’m gonna buy this game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC now. Every platform I own.

      I love Harry Potter, and I have immense disdain for cancel culture n4z1s like Jess.

  15. Randy

    What exactly are you proving by purchasing or not purchasing the game. Its just a game, I guarantee there’s way more trans people eagerly waiting to play this than there isn’t. This mindset is going to ruin video games in the future.

  16. BradDoesaThing

    Ah ha ha ha ha! I get the feeling the author of this farce of an article is a member of r/gamingcirclejerk… they tried to add fake tags to the Steam version of Hogwarts Legacy, and just like this article it only makes people WANT to buy the game instead of turning their noses up at it.

    Apparently someone forgot about the “Streisand Effect”. 😉

  17. Kate

    This is ridiculous. Women fought hard for their own spaces and I don’t want men in women’s spaces. Is a fully transitioned trans female a danger to me? Probably not, but a random dude throwing on women’s clothes to be allowed to get dressed in my locker room? Yeah, creeper. Or how about men who can’t hack it in their sport transitioning and stealing women’s medals? Wrong. Not all aspects of trans rights are acceptable to everyone, and it’s okay to speak out. Its also okay to disagree with her and express yourself. But I think the call for a boycott based on cherry picked and misrepresented quotes is overdramatic, wrong, and counter productive to your cause.

    This article gives me vegan teacher vibes.

    1. A.Grey

      Yes, yes, and yes! I saw one woman or at least possibly a women support this dumb article. She either truly hasn’t read JK’s tweets or doesn’t have a daughter herself. I do and I’m sad to see where this is going 😞

    2. A.Grey

      Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!

  18. wish I could abracadabra and make you disappear

  19. Buck Lucky

    Blatant libel. Hope she sues you.

  20. Azza

    I’ve never read a more disingenuous, libelous pack of lies in my life. Rowling has NEVER expressed hatred for transgender people you lying POS writer. She merely stated the FACT that trans women aren’t real women and should not compete in women’s sports as they have an unfair biological advantage. This is just science, something the leftist SJWs are unfamiliar with.
    Smearing Rowling’s common sense observations as hatred exposes the evil political agenda at the heart of trans activism and wokeness in general. There is a deep state agenda to destroy the family as part of a divide and conquer takeover of society. Destroying traditional gender roles makes men and women less compatible leading to less families and more broken families. With no family to turn to in times of crisis people will turn to the state.
    Neo Marxism/Identity politics is all about dividing and eroding society by destruction of family, God, patriotism, western culture and truth.

  21. Bob

    Nah I’m gonna buy it and enjoy it. You can take all of that cultural Marxism nonsense and keep it for yourself. If the game is good, I’ll play it. If it isn’t I won’t.

  22. Bjorn

    Get over yourself

  23. NateDog

    Hmm… interesting after reading the comments and others. It gives perspective about the attitudes people have and it sees a majority are in fact going to buy the game. I feel that those opposed to it should understand that boycotting this one had won’t do anything. In principle ok i understand why. But REALITY !! It achieves nothing, but in todays society people love to bend reality into something else even if it’s not true. JK Rowling is worth over $1billion! What will boycotting this one game do? The only ones I argue that would be impacted would be the fans who long anticipated the game and the developers. At the end of the day, JK Rowling would be one of the most popular and successful writers. If you don’t agree with what was said fine you don’t buy the game however don’t be selfish and ruin it for others because someone doesn’t agree with your point of view therefore they should be ‘canceled’.

  24. G

    Woman has a perfectly sensible opinion regarding single-sex spaces = “BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! HORRIBLE BIGOT NEEDS TO DIE!!!!”

    Megacorporations (Disney) treat their minimum wage workers like cattle = “Nothing to see here, folks! Just keep consuming!”

  25. Sherry Thompson

    J.K. has an opinion. That scares you? Get over it. By the way your opinion is yours, but I won’t not read your site because I may not agree with your every thought. Grow up. And BTW a lot more people are agreeing with JK, because she makes some good points, in my opinion.

  26. The goblin part bothers me the most. Goblins have been used in fantasy for a very long time. Rowling didn’t invent it. There is absolutely no evidence that she wrote the goblins as Jewish people, and in fact assuming they are Jewish seems somewhat racist.
    I am upset by her views on trans people as well. I find it odd that it is a hill she wishes to die on. But trying to convince people to not enjoy her creation anymore is a really weird position to take. I am not paying to go hang out with her or buying a game that is anti trans, or anything morally offensive to me. If this game were called TERF: The Trans Smasher I would agree with you. She is rich and will stay rich and is an unfortunate name attached to an enormous property that is excellent and successful. Shaming regular people for enjoying good media is ridiculous, which is why they stretch the truth so hard as to claim her goblins are meant to be Jewish. And yes she called a character Cho Chang because she is ignorant to some other cultures. It isn’t racist to not understand different cultures names. And no one at all complained about cho Chang or made up this goblin nonsense before the trans comments, so don’t pretend it was a real concern of yours.

  27. Jacob

    So you are against someone speaking up for the rights and safety of natural born women, but support a company that sexualizes child actors and has a long running track record of hiring child predators at every level. Speaking as the father of a young girl, I will be buying multiple copies of this much anticipated game for my household.

  28. Randy

    This article is a joke. Harry Potter has been an escape for people for so many years. If you want to hate a piece of art just because of the artist go do that, but I will for sure be buying the deluxe edition, riding around on my thestral while y’all twiddle your thumbs on twitter spouting hate that no one really cares about.

  29. S

    Typical insidethemagic woke crap, and typical cancel culture from the liberals. I don’t agree with someone so I want them to fail in life. Get over yourself and write actual news about the parks.

  30. Aaron

    This article literally made me preorder the game. Hope this games sells like crazy!

  31. Complete hogwash Rowling is entitled to her opinion without it affecting her books. Get a real life and fix a real problem. Transphobia ? Complete nonsense…

  32. AntiAlphabet

    Buying the game immediately! Thank you for helping in that decision.

    And GFY – YOU and the entire PERVERTED alphabet community who are obsessed with sex and think EVERYTHING has to be about your agenda of recruitment and body mutilation.

    It’s a freaking VIDEO GAME a****les!!! For CHILDREN! IT ISN’T ABOUT YOUR OBSESSION WITH SEX you perverts.

  33. Drewscotto

    Wellp it’s the highest selling game on multiple platforms a month before launch. Safe to say, people will be playing this game. JK had NOTHING to do with the development and me playing this game doesn’t equate me to accepting or believing her ridiculous views on Trans people.

    1. Truthteller

      @ Drewscotto, please explain to me what “her ridiculous views on Trans people” is? I’d love to know, after scouring the internet, I have yet to find a single thing she said that wasn’t supportive of that whiny, extremely tiny, super entitled, subclass of humans?

      Hello? im still waiting? So dumb…

  34. Jim

    Notice how none of the articles attacking Rowling actually mention what she said? Saying men and woman are biologically different is not transphobic or controversial. Articles like this will only drive sales from rational people

  35. Petco

    Yes I will play it because I don’t care about her politics.

  36. Ray

    awww, did someone hurt you’re feelings….stop crying. No one really cares. You protest a video game even though in the middle east they still through a man off a building for being gay. Priorities bud, she doesn’t agree with it, so what, play don’t play, no one cares, STFU and move along.

  37. RichD

    The alt-left SJWs are really great at telling minorities what they should be offended by. Nothing says blatant racist better than a White person telling a Black/Asian/Native(me) person what to be offended by. As if we aren’t smart enough to decide for ourselves.

  38. RichD

    3rd time a charm.

    Nothing says r*cist better than a White SJW telling a minority what to be offended by.

  39. WOKEisaJOKE

    Cope and seethe. This game is going to sell tons of copies, like it should.

  40. Stew

    I got one for the Xbox and the PS5. Thanks for bringing awareness to people willing to stand up to the cancel culture nonsense. Kudos to JK.

  41. R

    Gatekeeping for the greater good I see. Just lay out your arguments for why you are choosing not to support the game without browbeating your readers because according to you we clearly can’t think for ourselves.

  42. Kano TuMadre

    Articles like this make me want to buy the game even more. You guys are in a very small minority and get your knickers in a bunch over every little opinion. Heaven forbid someone believe differently and actually have a good grasp on reality. People like you make me sick.

  43. Ivan

    Buying all of them. All of the Hogwarts. All of the Legacies. Please take my moeny.

  44. Amy

    In 1997, I got into to serious arguments and fights with one of my parents for reading Harry Potter. Their view was that to read books glorifying witchcraft and wizardry was to be a satanist and that this was the well paved, pretty path to my own damnation. That buying the books supported a conspiracy dedicated to corrupting people to view witchcraft and wizardry not as an evil, but as a normal desired way of being. That it encouraged the perscution of religious folk.
    It took years before I was able to read the books, thanks to the intervention of my godmother and other parent.
    To hear the same argument again after all these years is something of a head trip. It is possible to find joy in a thing without subscribing to the toxic worldview of it’s creator. It is possible to think critically about the art and entertainment you consume and consciously reject the parts that oppress and predate on a marginalized group.
    Enjoy Harry Potter does not make me a satanist or a transphobe. It doesn’t make me antisemitic are inclined to be violent against anyone. Does it mean we have to have critical literary conversations about those aspects of the content? Oh yes. We should have those conversations.
    We are not allowed to persecute people for exercising their freedom of speech in chosing what media they consume.
    Now, if they go out and hurt someone bc they were radicalized into thinking that ok, we have a justice system ready to prosecute them for that crime.
    I hold us all up to the higher standards of freedom of speech and thoughtfully consuming art, literature and music as responsible citizens.
    I understand your fears and concerns are based in those people who do not do that. But please address their transgressions rather than denying me my freedom.

  45. Brandon

    Playing anyway this whole world of feelings is insane

  46. Lolguy

    Lol can’t you just take some polyjuice potion to change your gender? I mean magic is as real as a man who thinks they are a woman. Can’t wait for the switch version of this game to come out!

  47. Keil Fleischbein

    JK Rowling did nothing wrong, and Jess is a libeling radical who needs to shut her trap.

    I’m gonna buy this game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC now. Every platform I own.

    I love Harry Potter, and I have immense disdain for cancel culture n4z1s like Jess.

  48. Michael

    Wasn’t going to play it but will now. Thanks for the heads up.

    Keep fighting the good fight Miss Rowling.

  49. Love not hate

    Now when I meet ppl like you I do judge sometimes Jess because it’s the lgbt ppl who instantly attack me for being Christian the moment they find out my belief, when yet all I do is love ppl but if you judge me without knowing me I will judge you back but still try not to and try to just pray for you cause you’re being hateful to me when yet you don’t want someone to be hateful to someone who is lgbt right? See the problem there? I listen to more music made by Satanists or atheists than I do Christians…why cause I don’t judge the art because of the artist….I don’t care at the end of the day, I am going to believe either way and be me either way nothing can take that from me so quit letting others take your rationality away from you!! You look mentally unwell when you write articles like this. Seriously I see it a lot in the leftist so called feminists and lgbt supporters so much anymore and all I walk away with when you ppl think you’re doing good is I see a bunch of ppl who truly lack love for themselves and others because they are just looking for attention. I don’t need to go post things and slander others or criticize others to feel like a good person I just do good and live my life. When you have to put it out there online or wrote a whole article you aren’t doing anyone justice all it does is scream notice me notice me!!! Just love and don’t let it bother you if something is disagreeable, whoopty frigging doo…life is too short go play the game you’ll have a blast and jk Rowling was once a homeless person if you want to take joy in that fact lol

  50. Ron White

    This game is gonna be the best. Gonna go buy 10 copies

  51. Aaron

    Maybe just stay in your lane, ITM.

  52. JC

    This is so dumb. I’m not going to avoid thus fantastic looking game just because JK gets paid in royalties…she’s getting paid somehow someway regardless. Do I agree with her views? No. Do I respectfully acknowledge that she CAN have her own views?? YES! People need to grow up and get over that not everybody will share their own views (regardless of whether they think it’s good or bad).

  53. Dr. Todd

    What the Hell does this have to do with Disney?

  54. James

    Your article made me prepurchase copies of the game for all of my family and friends. Thanks.

  55. Daniel

    I plan to play, who actually listens to you goons! Jk Rowling Is awesome!

  56. Me

    You have no right to tell me what to do with my life. Telling someone what to do with life is pure fascism.

  57. AIMZX

    Lol this is literally a joke you “marginilized” fish so hard for some to be upset about, imagine if an entire country was as soft as you? Wouldnt last very long would it? Grow a backbone and get over yourself….ugh

  58. Jay Faulconer

    This review is precisely, 100%, what’s wrong with this country. If the reviewer doesn’t want to play the game, for whatever reason, that is her choice. But, once again, we have someone trying to push their opinion on us. You don’t want to play? Fine, but ‘you shouldn’t play’? Yeah, get over yourself you narcissistic twit. It’s a video game review, or should be, not yet another forum to complain about how not everyone agrees with your individual opinion. Off to pre-order now, hope this doesn’t trigger you into a coma or something.

  59. J

    Waaaah, someone believes the scientific fact that there are two sexes and no amount of makeup can make a man a woman! Don’t play their games or read their books! No one is allowed to have a differing opinion to mine, waaaahhhh!!!

    Seriously such entitled snowflakeism, and I’m not even a conservative.

  60. Jack

    Just preordered copies for all my family members lmao.

  61. Liv. W

    *Buys Ultimate Special Epic Collectors Edition. Y’all ain’t ruining my fun. Yolo

  62. MFG

    Come and see the violence inherent in the system! HELP, HELP, I’M BEING REPRESSED!

  63. Random

    The WB should not bother sending out review copies as they wont be fair once so ever

  64. “You shouldn’t play the new Harry Potter game.”

    Watch me.

  65. DJ

    Thanks for the recommendation to not play a game based solely on things that have nothing to do with the game. You and a lot of very loud people are not fooling anybody. People in droves have been wanting to play this game, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    There’s also nothing wrong with not wanting to play the game for personal reasons, but trying to convince people to not because of a warped sense of (indirect, mind you) social justice is just mind boggling to me. It’s a video game for crying out loud.

  66. Rx4speed

    No one cares about your feelings. If you tell me what I can say or think or buy, you will be on the floor picking up your teeth.
    I bought 5 copies. Me, my GF, my two nieces and my nephew.

  67. Rx4speed

    Can you imagine the group think and lack of logic and critical thinking in the Discord server’s this 12yo is in? Prolly single moms with 5 kids from 5 baby daddies all calling each other queens.

  68. Bob

    Translation: you should buy it for sure if you want to offend the libtards who cry about transgender bs and try to tell us men can be women.

  69. Jose

    I’ve read that I’ll be hurting the trans community by purchasing this game. Therefore I’m buying 7 copies. One for myself and gifting the 6 other copies to friends.

  70. Ryan

    I’m a radical leftist and I’m still buying this game. 🤷‍♂️

  71. G

    Joke articl from a woke libtard.
    Sick as hell of this trans BS that’s literally everywhere.
    Just wow.

  72. Em

    I absolutely won’t purchase anything attached to She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Transphobia and antisemitism? Pass.

  73. Joel

    Everyone’s buying the game. I love this game and fully recommend it to anyone. J.K. Rowling is a creative genius and has our full respect. If the other malicious people got a life, they would not be so disrespectful/

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