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Comments for Self-Professed “Disney Adult” Exposes Influencers For Trespassing at Disneyland

Three screenshots from a TikTok where a man is greenscreened in front of a Disneyland livestream.


  1. wc

    Just go home.

  2. Daisy

    I think they should both go home. These grown men filming in a kids park is creepy.

    1. Jose Sanchez

      i say all these vloggers should not be allowed to film at the parks NO MORE or livestream. thats just creepy, you don’t know what kind of sikos are watching these videos

  3. MomD

    I have never been on tictok, and do not intend to ever be. When I see an influencer recommend something, I buy something else. Entitled is not the word I would use for some of these people. If he refuses to leave the park when everyone else has to leave, then he should be banned from the park. Period.

  4. Ralph

    It’s less about overextending a cast members shift, and more about preventing cast members from being able to do their work. Let me explain that.

    While the parks are open, those places that guests have access to are considered, “On stage”, and only activities that cater to, and benefit guests are allowed to be performed. For example, you wouldn’t want a theatre employee to begin sweeping the stage during a movie or play; and the same goes for the guest areas of Disneyland.

    Once the park is officially closed, and all the guests are gone, it’s now safe for the third shift cast members, the ones responsible for cleaning the parks, and no guest ever sees, to bring equipment, and vehicles that allow the cast members to do their work. On stage is now back stage, and the work can be done before the park opens the next day. That time is finite, and guests delaying their departure means that 3rd shift cast members have less time to move equipment in and get their work done in a relatively short period of time. Simply speaking, whatever is brought in has to be taken out before guests can enter. So Jose isn’t doing anyone any favors by hangout after closing.

    So, to Jose, LEAVE THE PARK WHEN IT CLOSES SO 3RD SHIFT CAN DO THEIR WORK. It’s just that simple.

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