Guests Have Close Call With Deadly Snake on Popular Ride

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Snake Encounter at Theme Park

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There aren’t many more exciting trips to take than to your favorite theme park.

Whether it be a Disney Park like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, or if it is Universal Orlando Resort, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld Orlando, Six Flags, Cedar Point, or any other, you’re sure to enjoy attractions that bring lasting memories.

Disney snake at Magic Kingdom
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Though theme parks seem like “safe havens” from the outside world, there are certain things that they can’t control, including weather and, to some extent, wildlife.

Over the last year, Inside the Magic has covered several stories of Disney World Guests encountering snakes and alligators, and there was even a viral video from several months ago that showed a Disney Cast Member wrangling a snake.

Florida weather is conducive to snakes and alligators showing up, and the same can be said with Australian weather. Well, maybe to an even more extreme extent.

Australia is home to 66 recognized species of venomous snakes, and just recently, a father and son who were visiting the popular amusement park Jamberoo Action Park just south of Sydney had a very close encounter with a deadly snake. You can see the photo below.

Jamberoo rides are more extreme than I remember from sydney

The snake in question is a red-belly black snake. Just as the father and son are riding down the track on the toboggan, the snake appears out of nowhere and they run it over.

Though red-belly black snakes aren’t prone to bite and typically scurry away when faced with confrontation, a scary moment like that could’ve been very bad.

“Due to the natural environment that we operate in, sightings and dealing with fauna is a regular occurrence,” a spokesperson said. “In this instance, a number of our teams are trained in snake handling procedures, and once reported were successful in isolating the area and safely relocating the snake before reopening the toboggan track.”

snake 2 at Sidewinder Safari
Credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Luckily, both the father and son are okay and they’ll have a story to remember for the rest of their lives as a result.

“I went over it slowly and let them know about it at the bottom,” the father told 7News. “They promptly stopped anyone else getting on and hopefully moved the guy. It was a red belly.”

What do you think of this close encounter at the theme park? Let us know in the comments!

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