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  1. Nan

    It’s so very true and important to report, regardless of what you may think or feel about the situation. I mean, even if you feel that Disney may not respond or you say you’re not sure or it’s not too big of a deal, etc, it definitely IS important to report it. They will look into it bc they have to. You could prevent so many others from falling sick. Please think of kids, elderly, the immunocompromised, and more. Tyvm.
    Please note, I was just trying to give examples of things people may say or think, NOT that I think it’s insignificant, etc. I’ve had food poisoning twice and it’s absolutely the worst!!! I’d do anything and everything to prevent it , if I possibly can or could.
    Sadly, Disney has taken a HUGE dive. I’m hoping and praying for a truly magical turnaround!!!

    1. Allyria

      Disney does look into these cases & it’s very important that one report it. There are staff trained to know about food borne illnesses that can help.

  2. Josh

    Norovirus infection is the leading cause of foodborne illness, otherwise known as food poisoning.

    1. Dr. Pepper

      Thank goodness for all the Disney doctors in this comment section

      1. Joel S.

        All you crybabys need to Grow-Up and leave your insane comments to yourself.

    2. Zara

      Well there were 7 of them and only she was I’ll, clearly not food poisoning, the fact she said I was calling for my mommy” on way home…get a grip big baby

      1. Marie

        Unless the others either didn’t eat breakfast or had something different. DW has been getting sloppy for quite a while and food quality has been tumbling for a few years.

      2. Dorothy McGeagh

        We spent a week at W.D.W. before a 7 day cruise on Disney fantasy. My husband was sick for the whole week of the cruise, obviously getting sick with food poisoning from W.D.W. it spoiled the whole vacation, not to mention the waste of money.
        It was reported to the doctor on board who ordered quarantine for the week. We did not get compensation or have any follow up by Disney. We ate only Disney food for 2 weeks so could not have been contaminated at any other venue .

      3. Yes, yes, yes. My son got deathly I’ll from eating the smoked salmon on the cold buffet at Norway restaurant several years ago. He was sick for days.

  3. Chris

    We went in the beginning of September and my 3 kids and I had Mac n cheese (my wife did not) and we were going home that day. We ended up having to get a room at the MCO airport hotel cuz we got food poisoning and couldn’t stop throwing up

    1. Allyria


  4. Dawn

    People must also remember that food poisoning can show up two weeks after you ate something. It’s not (in most cases) instantly going to happen. So anything within the previous two week period could be a cause…..

    1. Polly

      Not true. Have you ever had food poisoning??? It happens several hours after you’ve eaten.

      1. Corey

        There is an absolute 0% chance that food is tested if it isn’t a confirmed foodborne illness. By confirmed I mean not that your doctor says “you have food poisoning”. I mean typically a stool sample. Most of the time a stool sample will not be taken because treating the symptoms is enough. As for noro, it takes an incredibly small viral load to infect someone – and is considered a foodborne illness. As far as onset time – there are a wide array of times depending on what it is. Noro is particularly fast. Things like Hep A can be incredibly slow. I’ve been a health inspector for nearly 15 years… Just educate yourselves folks. This article and most of the comments are cringe worthy.

    2. FrndlessLemon

      That is not true what so ever. Guess you never has it? Where did you hear that from? Just curious.

  5. Joel S.

    All the comments are from crybabys who need a life, Grow-Up.

  6. Janet

    We once went to a character breakfast at the Polynesian Hotel and a roach crawled onto our table.

    1. Marie

      So, down here, the cleanest places can still have roaches. It’s the nature of the beast here. I’m not saying Disney hasn’t been slipping the last 3 years or so. It has been, sadly. But because you see a roach doesn’t necessarily mean a dirty place.

  7. Deborah P

    Many years ago my daughter and husband had food poisoning at one of three all star food court with the pizza.
    Years later at one of the all stars my son and I had severe stomach cramps from the cream cheese on our bagels ..we couldn’t walk so we sat on the bench and eventually I used a wheelchair ..lasted several hours then let up somewhat. There needs to be more adult supervision iof such things in their food courts.

  8. Kim

    I have been to WDW over 15 times. I have never experienced food poisoning there. My family and I ate at alot of different places. The last time I visited WDW was in 2008.

    I had food poisoning in the past but not at WDW. When I had food poisoning it was excruciating pain. It was very hard to handle the pain, I went to the hospital. It took about 7 to 8 hours to get the pain, it doesnt happen right away. Well anyway for my situation.

  9. TeeDee

    Got sick in 2018. My husband and I, luckily not our 7 year old at the time. We believe at one of the Epcot restaurants but since we were on the dining plan it could have been any of the places inside the parks. It was our last day and we could barely stand up, but Disney wouldn’t let us stay any longer in our room and offered no support. They ignored our requests for medical help. We ended up calling friends in Tampa to help us while we got medical help. Disney couldn’t care less.

  10. Mike Hunt

    Deathly ill… another article that is def not click ba it. Thanks for being such a hardworking and outstanding writer J ess! I don’t know how you haven’t been picked up by a major publishing company by now!

  11. Robert

    There’s been a lot of issues at Disney world parks lately. Who knows it could be food poisoning or could just be an upset stomach after eating, walking around in the hot sun all day long and going on rides. Don’t forget everybody, if it’s a hot day drink lots of liquids. The last time I brought my son to Disney world he ended up throwing up because he didn’t drink enough and he was really dehydrated. So dehydration, heat, rides equals puke🤢🤮

  12. Stacy

    Norovirus is crawling running rampant all over WDW , you can even smell it , ie the gross smell of contaminated water while shopping in the creations shop. 15 yeas ago with my first kid the pediatrician said Disney is crawling with it and kids are even more susceptible to it . Honestly I cancelled my Epcot tix for the festival after being in the outside waiting are between creations cafe and shop the smell sent us home .

  13. Dr. Zach-in-KY

    You cannot smell norovirus. I’m shocked half of you can afford to ever to ever go, because you’re so misinformed about science and the body I can’t imagine you have careers with substantial income. You’re probably the ones complaining it’s too expensive online 🙄😂. Maybe one day they’ll hit a price that attracts the right clientele and keeps the rest at home. This is why I prefer After Parties. Fewer of *these people* gestures at the most of the comment section above. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Jeff

    I’m a doctor for pretend and its my professional recommendation that you not waste your money at Disney. They have gone woke and they suck. I loved old Disney and have been more times than I can count. The new disney can go broke!

  15. Allyria

    “There were 7 of us and I’m the only one”. If u were the only one who got sick from eating the sausage & the rest are fine, there’s a high chance that it wasn’t food poisoning. People really need to stop self diagnosing themselves.

  16. Allyria

    Exactly! That’s exactly why I doubt it was food poisoning.

  17. Boo

    We were in 90 degree heat and our bottled water had run out while we were in an hour long ride at Kilamnjaro. I used the fountain before the ride along with a friend and after we at at Chef Mickey’s. I had pineapple glazed ribs and sushi. My daughter had sushi as well. That next morning I, and I alone was sick as a dog! It lasted the rest of our trip. The deluxe meal option and expensive vacation was blah! The only thing I could eat was lettuce and baked chicken. Even the water I drank hurt my tummy. I missed Dinner at the castle, Bibidi Bobidi Boutique and we didn’t stay as long as we could have due to my conduction.

  18. Alyson Petersen

    A couple years ago 5 adults and 2 children got seriously I’ll from the worst hamburgers I’ve ever eaten. Because of being so ill we missed our day at Universal and prepaid shuttle fees. We go to Cali from Utah every other year. It takes a year to save up enough money to go. We always eat at the French quarter which is always delicious and inexpensive.

  19. Chad

    Hello, I ate at center town market place at Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort and had the same issue. I think the sausage was undercooked and it had a weird consistency.After eating there I became very sick with a lot of stomach pain.

  20. Tim

    I got sick from a corn dog at the vendor near Swiss Family Robinson. Spent two days in the room sick and Disney would not extend my stay.

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