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Comments for “Disney Adult” Disregards Rules, Climbs Into Fountain For Instagram Moment

A woman climbing into a fountain at EPCOT.


  1. Rick

    Really, horror?? Come on. I might look at the offender like WTH, but not horror.

  2. Martha

    At Epcot, if that’s the only place I can find to sit down, so be it.

  3. Ruth

    Morroco fountain. Wth is it with all these low class people who don’t know how to behave in public? I go to drink around the world for my birthday every year and have never felt the need to be this trashy!

    1. This!! You are absolutely spot on. People have to hold themselves accountable, act appropriately, Wear appropriate clothing. It’s pretty much common sense, which clearly some people lack.

  4. Jayne1955

    Remove and ban people who go into the fountains. They have no common sense.

  5. Joe

    Ban them and show the park exit. See Ya!!

  6. Mickeymouse3

    This yahoo will be the reason fountains get an ugly facelift to keep people out or they will remove the fountains altogether.
    Does she walk through a mall fountain at home? Probably not because it’s not allowed. Same here folks.
    Give her the boot!!!

  7. Mason

    Even though I’m an adult who enjoys vacations to Disney World (last time I went was in March 2020) I never liked Disney adults because hey you got to act your age eventually. Same thing with kidults and transage people.

  8. Rachel

    Ban her for life completely disrespectful and disgusting show of disregard for other park guests

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