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Splash Mountain attraction

Credit: Disney


  1. M

    Let’s be clear — Few are excited. I don’t care what ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation is. Social media has made it evident that a plurality of folks don’t want this change and Disney should use this as an opportunity to reimagine the IP if it wants to help alleviate the existing problematic vibes.

    Many African American individuals are also deeply upset about this change. It’s a dishonor to the Stewart family (and others) who put their heart and soul into this IP. They deserve better.

    #SaveSplashMountain — please post this hashtag and continue to show Disney that this ride matters ❤️

    1. M


  2. All the items from Splash Mountain will go to auction where celebrities and collectors will bid on the items. Maybe this fan wanted money to pay for his/her vacation.

    1. Romeo

      Does anyone have any info on when/if there will be an auction for pieces of Splash Mountain? I haven’t heard anything official.

  3. Shareholder

    If any changes come it will be to the liars in Burbank

  4. Rick

    Glad to see most people disagree with this unnecessary change. As for the person who tried to take the sign. I wish they had gotten away with it. Disney is probably just planning to scrap it anyway.

  5. Jayne1955

    Anyone who attempts to steal anything should be banned from the park.

  6. Jayne1955

    It would have made more sense to put a Bayou on Tom Sawyer’s island and tie it in with the riverboat.

  7. Allie gator

    Why not let them steal it? You want to get rid of it anyway, might as well go to someone who appreciates it because Disney doesn’t.

  8. GD

    So true

  9. Bert

    SM re-theme is such a non issue. Get over yourself people and just let it go…..

    1. Bert

      Triggered much loser!?

      1. Clifton Brewer

        So, do you always reply to yourself just to call yourself a loser?

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