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Disney Execs at Epcot

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  1. Jeff

    I would tell both these executives to take a hike. They both suck. Iger bailed conveniently right before the pandemic and chose Chapek as his successor. He’s in with China and he takes a 60 million dollar salary/bonuses while cast members are sleeping in their cars and can’t afford basic needs. D’Amaro is head of Disney parks and under his leadership we have the pass reservation system and genie + monetization of previously free fast pass system. How are they going to fix anything? Not to mention the woke politics that led to the dissolution of reedy creek.

  2. Nathan Lee

    Complete misunderstanding of the facts. Or just plain wrong.
    Iger resigned before Covid was even a twinkling on scientist’s mind.
    Iger is not ‘In with China’ just more fantasy.
    Iger takes bonuses because he delivered. Iger’s salary has no bearing on castmember’s lives, no matter what Abigail Disney wants to claim.
    Despite your comments, Park Pass reservations are a good thing as is paid Fast Pass. The parks are sold out regularly, the hotels are running at full occupancy. That means that Demand exceeds Supply and the price of a day at Disney must go up. Which is better, charging 10 more than the already high prices or letting those that want the advantage to pay up to $30 more and those that will not use the service or do not want the increased cost can pay less than it would have been.
    Finally, Disney did the right thing by finally speaking out about the rediculous bill, as is their First Amendment right to do so. But when the state threatens to take action against Disney for exercising their Free Speech, the State and its ignorant governor will be punished. Or the unconstitutional retaliation will be ended by the courts and Reedy Creek will live on.

  3. Mickeymouse3

    I liked one person’s comment about the Bob and Josh show (visit)…..

    Did they wait in 1-3 hour lines for the attractions?
    Did they wake up before 7am so they could access Genie +?
    Did they get any of the popular attractions if they did use Genie+?
    Did they use mobile ordering and still have to wait for their food?
    Did they get their dining reservations?
    How was their food portions? Were they good for their waistlines?
    How did they get from the airport to their resort?
    How many times did their attractions break down?
    Did anyone cut their line?
    Did they witness or been involved in any hostilities?

    The commentor was polite in the end and wished them a magical day.

  4. Patrick

    I would have more respect for them if Iger & D’amaro would have gone undercover first then made some announcement about their findings. They visited more to show the flag than anything else. Every cast member is going to do everything they can to make sure that their corner of Disney is working as best as it can, vs showing the real state of affairs. Hearing from customers is good though, they need the reinforcement of what they are hearing through channels.

  5. Bruce

    What would I tell them? Nothing. Gone to Universal.

  6. Gary Sweeney

    Gary Sweeney

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