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Mickey and Te-Fiti

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  1. The Moana attraction really doesn’t make sense. Future world goes out of date so quickly making it very hard to maintain. Tired of the EPCOT construction maze, too much walking. They had a better concept idea to put in that space in 2019. Covid happened. I image the Moana water attraction is cheaper and something they can build on.

    1. Nathan Lee

      There is no Future World in EPCOT. There are World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature and World Showcase.
      World Nature and Moana:Journey of Water were announced before Covid. The construction was halted due to Covid.

  2. Morris Fraser

    EPCOT no longer truly is Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It started as a break from traditional Disney, looking to the future (not just Disney future). At some point (maybe with the Three Caballeros theming in Mexico’s boat ride?) the concept began to change. Land, Imagination, Horizons, Communicore all were a way of displaying concepts interesting to everyone apart from The Mouse and Sleeping Beauty. I fear even the backstage tour of the Land will feature only Mickey-shaped gourds. World Showcase allowed those of us who couldn’t travel abroad a sense of different and legitimate cultures, dining and entertainment. Today, it seems even the Imagineers are not imaginative, and their engineering seems to be limited to re-jiggering what The Nine Old Men created.

  3. PP

    People who want the original EPCOT don’t understand the impetus for educational attractions is corporate sponsorships. They are trying to educate the public on the products they’re trying to sell or the image of the corporation. This model broke down and Disney couldn’t update the attractions without reminding them who originally sponsored them. No free advertising. So if you don’t want Disney in Epcot, it’s like your missing the point. It’s still a Disney theme park advertising it’s IP and selling Disney products. Another problem is educational attractions or edutainment is dead. Disney can’t do it. It’s impossible. Disney was never meant to be an educational institution or museum. And besides, they only attract a bare minimum of visitors, not in the tens of millions that a theme park attracts. Nonetheless, Epcot has enough education to bore you if you wish to see it. They are there in Animal Kingdom and Studios too. Magic Kingdom is a pure entertainment theme park. The EPCOT experiment is over.

    1. S

      Everything you said is completely wrong. Educational attractions are alive and well. If EPCOT stayed stuck in the 80s people will still go because people will go to any park with a Disney name. When I take over Disney, EPCOT is going back to those days.

      1. Nathan Lee

        @S is that why people did not want to go to EPCOT. Why its attendance dwindled. Why people since the day it opened asked ‘Where are the characters?’ The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow is gone. To the failed theme park trashheap and is being replaced with a park that people want to go to. That drives attendance and has attractions people are willing to wait hours to ride.

        1. S

          That is a lie that was used to justify the ousting of Ron Miller. The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow is alive and as invincible as Superman. EPCOT Center was a massive success upon opening and the greatest theme park ever created by Disney. People
          DO want educational attractions and those who don’t are just not the ideal guest. Maybe if you want characters, EPCOT Center is not for you. I don’t want those guests in my parks and when I take over Disney, not one attraction at EPCOT will have a pre-existing IP
          again. People will still go without characters because Disney can survive on its name alone and be frozen in time.

      2. DG

        Unfortunately, I agree. I’m the type of person and from a family that loves edutainment, but I deal with students and families from all walks of life every day — a museum-type park isn’t a draw for the majority, the way it was for us 70s-80s-90s kids. They have advanced video games and world-class museums already. If Disney wants to keep raking in the money, they need a Guardians and Star Wars push to subsidize it.

        1. S

          Yes it is a draw, and money schmoney. I stand by what I said that a park carrying a Disney name will always success even if there are no IPs. P.T. Barnum was right. If kids don’t want a museum-type park then maybe they need to be made to want one. Maybe Disney needs to be a niche company, even if that means staying stuck in the 20th century and asking “What would Walt do?” to make decisions

  4. Walt Walt

    Moana has no place in EPCOT… period.

    1. Chris

      I agree. That character belongs in Adventureland or a themed area of one of the water parks.

  5. Royz

    Epcot 1982….needs to make a come back.

    Yes the Moana attraction is so out of theme/place….been better if that was part of a new addition to Animal Kingdom.

    Epcot lost its creativity /direction when Mission Space and Test Track were put into place, along with Soarin.

    Guardian of the Galaxy Coaster…does not belong too.

    Now Disney can interject some of their IPs to fit within such as Living Seas, with Nemo, or Frozen at Norway, or Ratatoullie in France while not completely offsetting the original attraction.

    1982 era Epcot was kind a break from the characters and such from the MK. Thats why it stood out and made guests want too see it.

  6. Jerry Hanna

    As with all WDW parks they need a redesign of certain areas to provide more space for people to move through and interesting things to see when lines to attractions are out of hand. As with the destruction of the MK hub into a vast paved area where people can stand, the premium is on accommodating too many people at the expense of symmetry and pleasing design. It’s a shame and I agree the vast green and water area near spaceship earth seems out of place, Disneyland has similar seeming out of place structures due to size constraints. Will reserve judgment until all work is completed near spaceship earth.

  7. Wendi

    I couldn’t agree more. I loved the original concept of Epcot and believe that although it was “dated” in some respects there were ways they could have stayed true to the original rather than turn it into another character driven park. It was a nice break from the others for a day. A fun way to learn and relax.

  8. Heather W.

    I prefer the Old Epcot, and when I was a kid in the early 90’s, I preferred Epcot over MK back then. I loved the country pavilions, the post-ride science display on the Energy ride, and the post-ride concept car display on World of Motion. And I would give anything just to ride Horizons one more time.

  9. Mason

    I agree. Especially in the World Showcase. Since the Norway Pavilion is more like an Arendelle Pavilion.

  10. Linda Ruffini

    Epcot has always been our favorite park. Characters were always part of Epcot. I have pictures of my son being greeted by characters in clothing common to the country that we found them in, Japanese Minnioe was a favorite, We also have a picture of my son meeting Dreamfinder and Figment. And Viking Mickey. We loved it because it was Educational. And fun. Body Wars was one of our favorite rides. And we loved the Kitchen caberet. We never missed a ride on Maelstrom or Horizons. We enjoyed the World of Motion. We used our imaginations to imagine what Epcot would be like if it ever was built as a City. My Dad liked the Smart House. Now, the most interesting things are Planet Earth and taking the elevators to what was once Sea Base Alpha. Now there is little to learn at Epcot. The People Mover would have fit in there nicely. More innovations are needed in what used to be Innovations. Maybe like the Transportation of the Future

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