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C-3PO on the Starcruiser

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  1. Absolutely too expensive for our family, even though we’re Star Wars buffs! Considering how many full days we’d get to spend at WDW for that $5,000 ticket, it’s a no brainer!

    1. Julia

      Yep I’m a huge star wars fanatic but $5000 for two nights isn’t happening. It’s an absurd price point.

  2. Karen

    LOWER THE PRICES. All the people that were interested that could afford the ridiculously high prices have already gone or are booked. The rest of us with interest can’t afford a stay at this price point. Lower the prices and you’ll get more guests, and possibly some return business.

    1. Please consider this idea for a value-added experience. Have me perform legal weddings there, in full costume, for couples who want to get (legally) married by Luke Skywalker. I have performed numerous weddings now and all of them have been in exchange for the bride and groom donating a check to charities like Make-A-Wish. I look nearly identical to Mark Hamill in The Last Jedi and he once said about me ” He looks more like me, than me! ” This would not cost Disney a penny and would provide the guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Feel free to contact me via the email below if you want me to elaborate any on how this would work. In the meantime, feel free to Google Fluke Skywalker for more pix and vids. ( I have a wedding video if you care to see it. R2-D2 delivered the wedding rings and it was beautiful!)

      1. Andrew ouimet

        My wife and I are already married, but if they ok this we’d absolutely do a vow renewal there with friends and family. Thank you for all your charitable work Fluke.

      2. K

        You should contact the WD Company not a blog ;-]

    2. Kirchner Leslie

      Love to see these groomers fail.

      1. Ttthhasdf

        It’s not a church

  3. I love Disney

    Lower the prices to about $1000 per night day per family, make food extra, and fill up the hotel by turning it into an “attraction” for Hollywood Studios. Guests can line up to take the box truck to get there, explore, buy food and merch, get meal reservations, etc. Just like the science station in Animal Kingdom. You take a train to get to a building that has bugs and a petting zoo. The room and restaurants will be booked full.

    1. Adam

      I get what youre saying but Honestly for $1000 a night you should still be able to get food and drinks. Especially since that price was for 2 people.

    2. Carol

      I’m sorry but as much as I LOVE Star Wars (waited in line for 5 hours to see A New Hope when it opened in May 1977), I can’t see spending this amount of money for an “experience.” $5,000 can pay buy a lot of groceries (even in this economy!).

  4. Jeff

    Saying it’s too expensive is like trying to define affordability; it’s subjective. Is it a good value though? Who’s to say? Probaly the people that can afford it. Disney is obviously trying to create a tiered park experience for those that can afford it. Maybe the fact that these tiered experiences are right in everyone’s face is what’s starting to get under people’s skin now. The message is clear, if you can afford A LOT more, you’ll get a better park expereince and Walt was very much against kids realizing their parents financial limitations and how it realted to their fun in the park, and not just for $200 souvenir lightsabers either.

    1. Melissa Craig

      this is an immersive experience, there is nothing else like it out there. but the price point is a little high, even reducing by 15% would help. the actors and staff are full on duty for the whole time there, and need to be compensated. I believe this experience is a huge value but maybe at a slightly reduced rate even 20%

    2. ACesPlace

      Even if it is a good value, there are better ways to spend 5k at the park.

    3. Hayabusa

      I’m in the income bracket that can afford this. We went. It’s overpriced. But let’s be real the goal is to price the riff raff out.

      1. Ron

        I make close to 8 figures yearly.

        It’s not worth $5000 for two nights.

    4. Ttthhasdf

      Problem is, any one who is fan enough of star wars to pay that price doesn’t like the Disney sequal movies. If they dropped goofy stuff like Kylo rin and made it mandalorian time frame it would succeed

  5. Rroe

    Another screw-up gone bad by Bob Paycheck. Disney has run out of the rich folks and now they go into panic mode to book reservations. Hopefully Bob Iger will dissolve everything Bob Paycheck did and bring Disney back down to earth once again and make the parks like they use to be……affordable and Practical for all.

    1. Steve-O

      It’s already been open for a year. No way this was Chapek’s idea–he was only CEO for a year before it opened. No way this hotel was planned while he was in charge. This is something he 100% inherited from Iger. I’m no fan of Chapek’s, but pinning THIS on him isn’t correct.

      1. Rachel

        You need to check your facts. Chapeck was CEO of Disney Parks division before he took the Whole Company CEO mantle from Iger. This hotel IS Chapeck’s baby and the issues concerning it can be entirely laided at his feet! Yet so can the good parts about it as well. I wonder if it can it be fixed and turned around, let’s hope so!

        1. SPL

          A lot people that I’m guessing go and stay at the resorts talk about the his not being affordable. That’s relative, of course. Hopefully, what you really mean is it’s not in your budget or you on don’t think the value is good enough for the money. If you are going to the resort, even once a year. Your essentially making a choice. You can take a few years off and save up for this experience or you can deem it not worth it. That’s a choice I think a lot of the people here can make. There are, of course, still those that truly don’t have the budget for it, I’m just not convinced those are most of the responses.

      2. Jeremiah


    2. Garth

      I see complaints about price and value and I agree that’s a part of it but the biggest issue imo is how it completely ignores all of George Lucas’ star wars only to focus on the new Disney trilogy. Needless to say Disney’s star wars trilogy was very divisive and poorly executed. The hotel doesn’t have the support of most fans because they just don’t care about this. Re-theaming it to the star wars that so many grew up with would go a long way to helping. Essentially, Disney and Lucasfilm are only trying to appeal to a smaller group of the fandom.

    3. Sue

      Our family loved it! It wasn’t just a hotel, it was a Star Wars experience. I do understand the cost may be high for some families, but it is worth every cent – from the accommodations to the food to the day in Hollywood Studios with Lightning pass for Star Wars rides. We are planning to revisit soon with accommodation upgrade.

  6. Heidi

    Lower the price for the experience. More booked rooms make sense.

  7. Tracie

    They could offer the experience in a ‘murder mystery’ format as a 1 day add on that concludes with dinner & the show, then once or twice a month open dates for the full 3 day experience. The limited availability would make it more exclusive & potentially peak interest, while realistically allowing more guests to enjoy the experience on some level.

    1. Bon

      It is 1 full day, half spent in the park
      The Captain does a walk by of Captains table
      What a scam

  8. Chris

    I really want to go but not at those prices. I mean I can experience a big real life adventure for a week for that price. Why would I spend this for only a few days. If tjeu lower it I will probably go.

  9. Todd

    The number one reason is, it’s Way Way Way too expensive!!! If it were the same price as some of the other resort hotels
    (Polynesian), it’s would be booked for years.

  10. Darth Reality

    You want success? Make it Star Wars! Get rid of the garbage like Captain Smurf and ridiculous Gays! Ditch Rey and Kylo- get characters people actually care about like Luke and Vader. Everything doesn’t have to be woke. Lose the juvenile light beam training. Make the interior look like a Star Wars set. And forget grumbling about price because you’re running an experience, not Walmart. Make it Star Wars and fans will come and gladly pay for the experience. Trash the garbage!

    1. Ken

      The Disney Star Wars is garbage, I agree. If Disney watches these pages, then let it be known your SW movies and characters are lousy. Use the classic SW characters and change the story lines up. The rooms and ship look like a 5-year-old designed them. Scrap your color scheme. I have so many ideas to improve this, but I’m not getting paid as an “imagineer”, so I’m keeping my ideas. Disney can contact me if they wish to create a better guest experience.

      1. Derek

        My kids are 10 and 7. We are lucky they both are obsessed with Star Wars. Even the kids were completely shattered when we told them how much it cost. I’ve got an idea Disney, how about you pay your CEO half of their salary this year and cut the price in half!!! CEOs in this country are overpaid for a few hours of work a day!

        1. Jeremiah

          A few hours of work per day? Sure thing, buddy.

        2. Jeremiah

          Saying that a CEO of. World Wide corporation only works a few hours a day is like Saying a Ford F150 towing 30k lbs is not taxing that driveline and is also safe.

          1. Tom

            But it’s true. CEO’S don’t do much of anything. They delegate absolutely everything and just show up. And there’s no risk because their contracts always have a golden parachute which yours and mine do not. CEO is there or CEO is not there, the company just keeps humming along perfectly fine. They have fooled you into thinking they are essential.

    2. Jeremiah


  11. Mickeymouse3

    Reasons we will not participate in this “immersion”….
    1. The cost. Guests check in after 4pm on day one. They get a full day of “immersion”, which includes a day in HS (no LL’s either) on day two. You check out by 11am on the third day. $5k? No thanks.
    2. The character interactions are with no-name, made up figures. Where are the known icons that people are familiar with and want to experience? No thanks.
    3. Rooms are smaller and kiddie like. They do not have anything that “wows” the guests. No thanks.
    4. The moving van transport. Guest are not cargo and want a “galactic” like transport experience. No thanks.

  12. Dan

    Here are the issues I have with the Star Wars Hotel:
    1. I would need to book a second hotel for the rest of my stay. Im not going to go to Disney for only two day.
    2. Not everyone in my family would want to do this.
    3. It is very expensive.

    Here is my suggestion. Allow people to book packages deals. Like Book a 7 night Disney vacation and 2 nights of which are in the Star Wars Hotel, the other 5 are in either a moderate or higher hotel, for like 5-8k. To me this is a win for Disney. People would be in park longer spending, and more people would be able to stay at the Star Wars Hotel.

    1. Amy Ess

      Increase from 2 to 3 days, decrease price to $2500 for up to family of 4, only $2K for 2 persons just for starters

  13. Rex

    Absolutely, killed it and ate it. Have been to WDW twice with family when kids were pre teens and now years later when now I have eight grandkids, they will never get to go with their grandparents due to the money sucking business model WDW has become. If Walt was alive today to see Disney’s business model he would die from a broken heart.

    1. Kelli smith

      We went and had an a amazing experience. It was pricey for sure but still my kids most favorite vacation. The amountvof detail in the food, the rooms, the actors…it would be anjoyed by many more if it didnt cost what it does but i doubt could be as unique as it is if its less expensive. I believe most of that coolness comes with a cost. I do think the price will come down from what we spent.

  14. Jennifer Thilo

    I agree with everyone that as much as our family was wildly excited to go, the price is too high! Or as is more accurately put: the value is not there. I like the idea of the price including 4 additional days at a moderate or even value. I will pay 6000. For my family of four for a week at WDW but not two nights!

  15. Caroline

    All of my family are absolutely obsessed with Star Wars but absolutely no way could we afford to do this on top of what it already costs us to get from the UK to the US and how much it costs to stay at Disney the rest of the time. Gutted but just way out of our price range.

  16. Your mom

    More facts that prove Disney ruins everything, including Florida. We would much rather a swamp. Signed, the Natives.

    1. Kat

      Disney has provided a ton of jobs here, and not just in the parks. Yeah, they’ve brought in tourists, but before Disney there wasn’t a big economic driver in Orlando like there is now.

      A Native

  17. Ginny Smythe

    Re: Galactic StarLoser (uh Cruiser) Make it a cool restaurant have a lunch and two dinner shows every day. Maybe a surprise visit from Star Wars characters that guests actually care about in their Atrium. A pre-meal beverage in the Bar, get a themed memory in the shop. Take out the “cabins” and enlarge the restaurant. Cast can “work” the bridge. It could be fun. Price point? $50 per person.

    1. Hillary n Bill

      Ginny, you would bring your family of 8 and order 3 apps and waters and tip $8….and then complain it was over priced. Even easier to sniff out a troll on the internet is a poor moron.

  18. Michelle

    I wish they’d stop calling this a hotel cause that’s not what it really is. Yes you stay there but the experience is actually a LARP. I’ve been twice and always chafe when I see people mistake experience for a hotel that’s Star Wars themed and not for the true experience it really is. No wonder people balk at the price when they think it’s just a hotel.

    1. Bill

      I’ve been also and it is over priced and definately under delivered. The lunch buffet and breakfast are the same meals each day. Dinner is interrupted by the first order each day. The food itself was average tasting and did not set well on the stomach if you get my meaning.

      You had better like teamwork because some things are physically impossible to complete solo.
      The bridge and lightsaber training was the best part.
      The storyline was mostly lame and you never really knew if you were supposed to participate or observe the story. Spoiler alert you observe the finale.

  19. Criz

    Everyone is hitting the same reasons that I wouldn’t even consider it. Price, era, and general underwhelming experiences. The main money spenders are the families. The parents in those families are original and prequel era fans, with maybe Mandalorian too. To me it’s expensive, and not even worth saving for because it’s not the era or characters I want to experience, and the rooms and experiences themselves seem very underwhelming. And the rooms? Small, and windowless? I feel like it’s a Star Wars Sequel Ren Faire experience. Where’s the big vision and ground breaking?

  20. Thugster

    Anyone who gives these clowns $5k to stay in a pretend spaceship should have their heads examined. I understand like Star Wars but this is ridiculous

  21. John De

    Just turn it into a regular themed hotel….turn the helm area into an arcade, the immersive areas into more guest rooms. Add an outside swinging pool with hot tubs that match the Star Wars theme. Add a public restaurant like on mission to mars in EPCOT. Rates should be comparable to other Disney hotels and have DVC points conversions.

  22. John De

    Turn it into a ride

  23. Very few people ate willing and able to spend that kind of money for this so they built something that will always have a limited audience. Not a smart move if they want to keep it full.

    1. Hillary n Bill

      Maybe you’re just too poor. Walt would be smoking his cancer causing cigarettes and lighting them with $100 bills of he was alive to see the money you fuking hillbillies max your credit cards out spend 5 nights away from your trailer parks

      1. Tpd

        Obviously as a rich person you may be correct. But Disney is the one canceling “cruises”. As a non poor I still wouldn’t pay for that experience. I can take my family to Europe for that price and be more immersive. But keep being a d***k and hating life bc you think you are better than people.

        1. The Owl

          Whilst I am in a position to afford to do this and I love star wars I just can’t consider doing this at that price I generally don’t feel it’s worth that price. I am less keen on the whole acting bit, whilst it may be a great experience it’s not one where I am limited to what I can do for a few days. For me I would love to see a cheaper tier that had just the hotel part (sleeping) and access to food (possibly at additional cost), the guests that don’t have the full access won’t be authorised in that area and moved along

        2. Jeremiah

          That dude is well over $200k in debt, buying crap he doesn’t need, trying so desperately to impress people he doesn’t know.

          1. EE

            All the one percents arguing over something that the average person can’t afford. I went to WDW growing up a few times and can’t afford it anymore. It’s sad and downright shameful.

      2. Julia

        Your gross. I could afford it but I’m not paying that for two nights. I’m taking 5 members of my family to Yellowstone and Grand Teton this Summer for 2 WEEKS for that price in beautiful lodges and Jackson Hole. Value is still a thing whether you can afford it or not.

  24. Steve

    Commenter Jeff hit the nail on the head when he said “Maybe the fact that these tiered experiences are right in everyone’s face is what’s starting to get under people’s skin now”. We are all aware that the ultra wealthy have perks… behind the scenes tours nobody knows about, overnight stays in the castle, and if your a big enough star or have enough money, they may even shut a park down for your birthday or wedding. But these perks aren’t advertised or made public. They are not in our face. The star wars thing is different, because its marketed. It’s right in our face. Maybe the 1% of us with more money than they know what to do with will get to experience it without having to take a second mortgage to do so, but 99% of us will never get to experience it, which leaves a very bad taste in the mouths of the vast majority of Disney fans, in a way that Disney has never done before. Building and marketing experiences that only the ultra wealthy can enjoy is eroding and will eventually kill off whats left of the “magic” Walt so skillfully created.

  25. Disney was a little late with this whole concept. The whole Star Wars hotel/experience thing should’ve been done years and years ago while movies were actively being made and it was super popular. Then to build a whole hotel catering to it?? And to charge the outrageous price also?! It was doomed to fail. I could see it coming from miles away, I’m shocked the company actually put all the time and money into building it!! They’re kicking themselves now for it, that’s for sure!

  26. Anonymous

    I smell closure. When failures fail, they don’t stick around forever.

  27. William J Nezamis

    For Srar Wars fans in their 70’s who in 1977 saw the very first movie this would have bern the culmination of looking in through the glass to being part of a once in a lifetime living experience. There is no way on a fixed income will this be possible at this price point. It breaks the heart and spirit to still look in through the glass

  28. Jennifer

    We went in October and spent $3600 for 10 days at Universal , stayed on grounds , did park to park unlimited and 2 Halloween Horror Nights for a family of 3. We wanted to do Star Cruiser but that would have been half our whole budget. We did 1 day at Disney at Batuu for $900. Not family or budget friendly. Building our own Light Sabers and Droids was a dream come true. But Disney could do better for families.

  29. Gridley Wu

    It is absolutely not struggling. It is still hard to book a cruise on the Galactic Starcruiser. People need to stop thinking of it as a hotel. IT IS NOT A HOTEL. Its a three day long attraction which simulates a luxury cruise in space in the Star Wars universe. The price is perfectly in line with such three day cruise. It is an incredible experience, if you are a fan and want to participate, not just lounge around. My family went and we can’t wait to go again.

  30. Deb

    “Its all about the money…money…”

  31. Anonymous

    I think the experience is expensive. I also think that almost no one here understands how expensive RUNNING this experience is, compared to most hotel and cruise experiences.

    They can cut the cost some. But the amount that most of you want it to be cut isn’t actually possible.

    Trust me on this. I am SPECIFICALLY aware of the cost of this entire showa and hotel.

    1. Klocko Fett

      I don’t think anyone is confused (or really cares) about what it costs to run an experience like this. The problem is, the experience just isn’t worth it.

      They should have built a heavily themed hotel with top price tier amenities, put it at the top price tier and called it a day.

    2. Geoff R

      Then they had better figure out how to cut expenses. Less labor? More Animatronics? Food Ala Carte? Why go into the park DHS unless it’s super exclusive (after hours?).

    3. Jeff

      It costs 10-15% more to run the “experience” than any other Disney hotel. That’s it. 95% of the staff and workers are interchangeable with any other hotel. All services, food, linens and toiletries, and housekeeping are the same across all Disney hotels, it’s just the bottles and colors that are different. The only cost increases for this specific hotel are the themed characters which make what, 15% over minimum wage? That it right there. Disney is making 200-300% return on this POS, and people are still paying for it? Who says rich people are smart…?

  32. Nathan.S

    It’s not just the price. Disney has suffered since they started pushing political and social issues. People want Disney as an escape from real world problems. Give us fantasy without pushing real world issues and the guest will come back. But if it’s going to stay political/social we will stay at home and watch CSPAN.

    1. Steve

      You hit it on the head. So true

  33. Steve

    What a joke. Outrageous prices for woke junk. Disney has gone downhill. The experience is terrible. The parks are run down. Food sucks rides are broken or closed. Parks are way overcrowded. Staff looks like homeless people and service is not what it used to be. Disney is not a good value

  34. Don

    The empire has always only been for the rich. It is probably cheaper to camp with the rebels.

  35. I don’t care if it’s a complimentary experience or if it has the whole Star Wars crew on board ! It better have Mark Hamil and George Lucus greeting us for that price ! $5000 for what night ? Disney I love u but this is straight insanity 💯 LOWER it massively

  36. Daniel Mullen

    So they’re slapping tiny band-aids on a giant, hemorrhaging wound. It’s quite simple: Lower the ridiculous price, and bookings will increase instantly.

  37. Geoff R

    This is a no-brainer.
    1. Reduce the price (half?) so regular families can splurge and enjoy the experience.
    2. Fix the problems as outlined by numerous folks on here to better represent ALL generations of Star Wars (especially the iconic originals).

    Disney never should have built this in the first place! They would have done much better if they had simply created a RESORT HOTEL based off of Star Wars. Then they could have offered affordable rooms and high demand restaurants. This would be a much better theme than some of the ridiculous hotels they have.

    1. DrizyDrako

      When they originally announced the StarWars Galactic Starcruiser/Hotel, they said that everything would be included in the price. All guests were supposed to get costumes to feel more immersive into the story, but you got people walking around in there with whatever they want to and that right there takes away from the experience. No, Disney’s Money Mouse decided to charge BIG BUCKS for people to buy the immersive costumes on top of the $5K pricing for a group of 2…ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! You can’t even bring your own cosplay, you have to buy the costumes they want you to wear at a 300% mark up! I hope Disney loses 10s of Millions on this B.S!

  38. Wade Black

    If you are complaining about the price, you don’t need to be considering this experience anyway. If it were a TRUE Star Wars experience, TRUE fans would pay it or even more! You lower the price to accommodate a family of nine and it stays booked up with people who just want to say they stayed there. Retool it to look like the original trilogy, add Vader and Luke, get rid of the woke nonsense, quit worrying about Groupon crowd, and this will literally take off and stay full!

  39. David from Philly

    Great point Wade. Disney World is too crowded as it is. Imagine if they lowered the prices- you’d never get in there and I shudder to think of the experience you’d get. It’s not the price although everyone here seems to be complaining about it. It’s that it isn’t Star Wars. No one is walking around with shirts that have Rey or Finn on them. Make it Star Wars and the fans that grew up with real characters will keep Starcruiser booked up all year.

  40. Shane R.

    True. My girl and I would have booked immediately if it had looked more like something out of Star Wars and not a 1980s science fiction movie set. I don’t care how much it costs. Just give me a real Star Wars experience and not a bunch of crap with the Star Wars label taped to it.

  41. Doc Adama

    I drive a Porsche 911, wear a $16000 watch daily, and regularly eat a Michelin restaurants. I like (but don’t love) Starwars, but I enjoy nice hotels. Ill never drop $5k at that hotel. While I can obviously afford it (about 1.5 days of work post tax), the value sucks. For the same price I could be skiing in Chamonix, eating amazing cheese and dining at Paul Bocuse’s restaurant. There’s so many better ways to spend $5k, that Disney’s arrogance in charging that makes me want to punish them.

    1. PaxT

      This. I watched all the promo materials and the quality / value is way below of what you should be getting for $2500 a night. In fact I would not want to go there for free: my time is very valuable, don’t have a lot of it that is free, and when I do, I want to really get the most memorable (positive) experience for it. There is a lot you can do with a weekend for $5000, especially if transport costs extra.

  42. Stephanie

    If you lower the price, the Galactic Starcruiser will look like a value resort food court at 8 am. Anyone that has experienced that crowd knows what I’m talking about.

  43. Ron

    Disney is extremely overpriced and underserviced. It is no longer what Walt wanted.

  44. Ron

    Disney is extremely overpriced and underserviced. It is no longer what Walt wanted. Spend your money at SeaWorld or universal, it’s a much better deal and expand experience

  45. Ion

    They’re all smokin crack over there. No one is going to spend money on woke garbage non Canon film based attractions that look like they were written by a 2yr old that knew nothing about star wars. george ruined it for all of us by selling out to the money grabbing nazi pigs. I wouldn’t go if it were free!!! Disney will never get a penny from me or alot of people who are fed up with their bs…

  46. Dana

    My wife and I have 3 children. My aunt has two boys with her husband. It was cheaper for my family, my aunts family plus my dad to rent a house in Orlando just minutes from Disney then it was to stay at a resort inside Disney. There are a captilastic nightmare. Which is a shame considering what there “aim” is for there market. What is it jurrasic park? Only super rich or upper class afford it now?! Instead of everyone being able to enjoy a amusement park with out having to take your down payment on a house to go for more than 4 days. Absolutely absurd.

  47. PaxT

    I can stay at a 5 star luxury hotel in Rome for $1000 a night for the whole family. The SW hotel is not luxurious. The rooms are laughably small and under-equipped for $2500 per night. Even though I COULD afford it, I do not see it as getting value for the money. I went to Las Vegas, stayed at The Venetian for a week, did all the shows and Michelin Star restaurants you can pack into 6 days (the day you fly in and fly out obviously do not count) and that was $5000. $5000 for a crappy room and 1 evening and one day of attractions sounds way too pricey (plus it is a logistical nightmare, I don’t live 30 miles down the road, I need to fly with 2 airplanes).

  48. BC

    The problem is the entire concept from inception. The novelty is only possible because of the price (paying a huge cast to maintain the immersion) and the price is what limits a sustainable customer base after all the youtubers and “influencers” are done making vlogs there. Their intention may have always been to make as much money as an attraction as fast as possible and then once that ran its course slash costs and maintain it as a well themed hotel without the depth of experience.

  49. Tanner

    I am a star wars super fan and I would never ever pay this much to stay in this hotel… the biggest reason though for that? It’s based on the sequels. Even galaxys edge was only a fraction of excitement to me because it was also based on the sequels. The die hard fans who are willing to pay the big money are the original 6 episodes fans. Disney mistakes alot of views on their movies with the quality of the actual movie. Any STAR WARS” name will always get alot of views because it’s already established. The fans wants the prequels and original Trilogy. Not the sequel flop.

  50. Jeffrey Heyen

    Sure it’s a bit pricy but we have been 3 times now and it is a wonderful experience. The cast goes all out and we always find something different about the experience. The food is top notch and the finale is exciting everytime. Of course I’m a huge Star Wars fan but even if your not it is truly a fascinating trip. 5 stars all the way.

  51. Luis

    the ship could not fall into the world between worlds and go to other times? having darth vader…darth maul, clones and stormtroopers… interacting with each other after being picked up from different times and creating new stories? Why insist on having only characters from the latest trilogy? It’s the same big flaw of Galaxy’s Edge: they only show you elements of the latest trilogy which wasn’t what fans initially fell in love with Star Wars. one imagined galaxy’s edge as a place of contact with your favorite characters and surrounded by aliens that appeared in the movies… where one could go dressed the same (Cast members with some distinctive). Did you imagine actors from the movies for signatures… parades like before in star wars weekends… none of that… in a universe like that, yes I WOULD LIKE TO GO

  52. Zane Elliot

    This is not even real Star Wars, It’s Disney Star Wars, and no one cares about Disney Star Wars. All of these people claiming to be Star Wars fans are really just mindless drones will will watch anything and then claim to be fans. Either you are a true Star Wars fan ( George Lucas ) or Disney non Star Wars (Darth Kennedy ) fan who is ok with garbage.

  53. Rhett from TN

    Some great points here! First, yes, stop griping about the price. It’s an EXPERIENCE, not a HOTEL. Big difference. Go stay at All-Star Sports if you are worried about cost. Second, it’s not Star Wars. It’s Disney interpretation of Star Wars and it misses the mark badly. Make it LUCAS Star Wars and people will keep it booked for years!! Why do they not understand that? I mean really… Gaya?!? As soon as I saw her, I was done. And the blue Kathleen Kennedy still makes me laugh and roll my eyes. Give us Star Wars and I’ll break out the cash!

  54. It is expensive. My son wants to go there but we are very low income and can’t afford it. They need to make it affordable for all even us low income families.

  55. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  56. Bob

    This is crazy. Why not just turn it into a deluxe hotel with added experiences like the pirates voyage at Caribbean?

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