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Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California

Credit: Disney


  1. Prof DuBois

    Disneyland isn’t that bad. WDW on the other hand…Epcot smelled like a used diaper last time I was there.

  2. Ruben Reynoso

    The “Magic” is definitely tarnished. Most of us who still feel the magic when we go there are running off of memories of past visits. I tried to be as objective as possible on my last visit. Many of the rides feel as though they haven’t been “polished” in months, and by polished I’m not just referring to shine and cleanliness. Non-functioning lighting, static animatronics, and a general feeling of malaise permeate nearly every attraction. The park had the feeling of a Six Flags location rather than Disneyland. This had nothing to do with cast member interactions but rather the physical condition of the park itself. This is all on Disney. This is the direct result of them trying to get away with as little expenditure on park upkeep as possible. Stop being cheap, Disney! Bring back the feeling that the park has been completely remade and painted every night. Make it like it was before, when we genuinely felt that the park had no equal. Then we won’t gripe when you raise prices every 12 weeks.

    1. Dan

      Hyperbole at it’s finest. Aside from one or two rides, everything is working just fine.

  3. Debbie

    I’m currently here visiting in Orlando. I want leave an awesome review but this site won’t let me!
    My resort(Saratoga), theme parks,rides, staff, food,bus services, new band for purchases and room entry is AMAZING!!

  4. Debbie

    The Epcot 50th Anniversary show left me Speechless. It was totally AMAZING!! When to such a place you need to go knowing your going to need patience. As ride’s not operating….when your car or brakes down you repair it. Well they have to do the the same make repairs. As for the band the most AWESOME thing they could have done!

  5. Debbie

    My trip and experience with my family for my grandsons 5th birthday celebration was AWESOME!! I’m 62 and I enjoy our visit. The service was just GREAT!! Thank you Disney!

  6. Paul

    Disney went woke, now it’s going broke. The parks which are treasures are allowed to deteriorate while the company craps out more and more horrible Star Wars and Marvel movies. Now they want to ruin Indiana Jones.

    Get back to the basics, run the company like a business not a hippie drum circle and things will get better quickly.

  7. X

    This is what happens when you close for over a year. The maintenance crews that dedicated their lives to preserving the magic move on or retire. Good luck finding new tradesman who will care as much (or have the skills) for what you’re willing to pay. The magic is dead.

    1. Ca gal

      I’m a keyholder & love going to Disney & DCA. I have been going to Disney since I was 3. I agree that maintenance is not what it used to be. I’m also an ex-CM & what passes for acceptable now would not have been when I worked there. Rides that didn’t function 100% would have been closed. Peeling paint & over flowing trash was not acceptable either.
      They need to do more with the upkeep, pay CM’s a livable wage & focus on the guests.
      I also think adding so many places to get alcohol is an issue. Drunk guests fighting, drunk parents neglecting their kids and drunk individuals making scenes, all are part of the lost magic.

  8. Patty Kezer

    I went to Disneyland twice in 2022 and was disappointed with the cleanliness of the park both times. I know that staffing is a big problem but seeing cleaning employees standing around talking to each other for ten minutes at a time tells me there is a supervision problem too. Seeing the massive amounts of gum and food stains on the grounds is disgusting too, never saw that before.

  9. Carl

    My wife and I went to Disneyland on Friday night for our weekly date night to find something was off. The line into the parking lot, inspection and entry to the park were unusually long, we asked ouselves if something was going on that we were not aware. It felt like a Saturday afternoon. We ordered our dinner via mobile app to having to wait 25 minutes over the mobile window. The few operating rides, the lines wait times were double to normal. The worse part, the numerous preteens and teens that roamed the park unchaperone. As we waited for our food, we saw different teenage groups running through the crowds, abnoxiously loud behavior. Will Disneyland become the next Magic Mountain or Knotts just because they have tickets doesn’t mean the park is a babysitting park.

  10. Closet Disneyland is out dated demo the grounds an build affordable housing Disneyland is on its last leg everyone has gotten rich so the park doesn’t matter to them.

  11. Michael

    My wife and I have been to WDW 4 times in the last two years alone and the parks, hotels, staff and attractions are better than ever. Their commitment to excellence and Disney magic is still there. Too many haters out there.

  12. Sena

    My grown son went to Disney in CA back in November 2022. He said the park has lost its magic and doesn’t feel like it used to when he was a kid. (We’ve been to Disneyland several times and WDW once). The maintenance of the park is gone. He said many rides were down or had issues while riding. ( no sound or lights or parts no working on the ride.) I’m a big Disney fan and have been most of my life, but knowing this and the fact that the price for park tickets are INSANE, I’m not willing to take out a loan to visit the park. It’s just not an option for our three grown children and grandson.

  13. Cynthia

    I wouldn’t know! I haven’t been able to afford to go since Disney took away my AP.
    I can’t afford to pay $500+ for just 1 day for me and my 2 kids!!

  14. KB

    The magic is there but things are definitely more rough around the edges these days.

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