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Two images of Snow White's Enchanted Wish taken with flash.


  1. drh3b

    Here’s a thought, don’t take flash pictures in dark rides. It’s your own fault you’re ruining your experience, and the experience of the unlucky people on the ride with you.

    1. R.spencer

      Not to mention, it prematurely damages these really old pieces that aren’t meant to be exposed to bright light. You aren’t supposed to take flash photos inside the rides, especially these older ones.

  2. Carol

    What is with these idiots? Why ruin the experience for everyone, especially the children. Find another way to get your 15 minutes of fame. You are disgraceful!!!!

  3. Patti

    This TikTok person sounds like a complete nut. Whatever they’re talking about is completely ridiculous. Of course anything shot in the dark with a harsh flash is going to show every flaw. Furthermore, why would you shoot pictures with a flash in a dark ride? Obviously that detracts from the experience for anyone else on the ride. As far as losing their innocence, I can only say one thing – dramatic much?

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