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  1. JS

    The line is only this long because Disney is selling most of the seats as lightning lane upcharges. The ride throughput for standby passengers is pathetically small. This is the new normal, with Disney upcharging for otherwise normal experiences and leaving scraps for anyone not buying into their scheme.

    This has another name: Pure, naked GREED.

    1. Lori

      Yes, the last time I rode it, it was fill the room from Lightning lane and add one standby party at the back of the room! No matter the size of the party.

  2. Lori

    I rode it with out of town family in early December. We waited over 2 hours because they had only this chance to ride. We watched the lightning lane through the window not stop moving as we barely moved. When we FINALLY got to the front, they were filling the room from Lightning lane and letting one party go in at the back. It did not matter the size of the standby party, only one party per ride load!

  3. We were coming over in July 2023 for cpl of weeks but I canceled it and switched to universal gonna do sea world aswell Disney is not a holiday any more it’s just a stressful 2 weeks of draining your wallet for every penny you got. wake up people and smell the coffee the experience doesn’t matter to wdw any more they just want your cash

    1. Steve

      Universal is not much better. They get you with their express passes and overpriced food and drinks too. Was there mon/tues this week, the motorcycle ride had a 2+ hour wait. Over the summer, prepare to sweat though evem longer lines. I agree with the first commenter. Express passes and lightning lanes slow down everyone else who doesnt want to shell out the extra money. Would be better off without them. Greed rules.

  4. Meghan

    Waited 3 hours for Remy in EPCOT. The ride “broke” then once it resumed they let lightning lane on first no matter how long standby was waiting. Someone confronted the manager and she said they announced the long delay and lightning lane was priority.

  5. Sean

    I just got back from Disney a week ago as my family went there for the Christmas holiday. I experienced NONE of the complaints stated by other commenter. Every standby line I was in moved constantly and the wait times were less than what was stated on the signage. I went on Rise of the Resistance 2 days before New Years at 10 in the morning and was on and done the ride within 2 hours. The line moved constantly and Lightning Lane rides were in small groups that did not hold up the line. I went on Test Track at Epcot and was in line for less that 45 minutes. All of this was over the Christmas Holiday and New Years. This whole deal with line wait times and Lightning Lanes is joke from what I can see. I went to every major park twice over that week and never had any major issues. Lightning Lanes never had enough riders to hold up the line for a significant amount of time.

  6. Guy

    In May 2022, ROTR was just the Ratatouille ride with a preamble and a lot of down time. The money grubbing lightning lane was hardly moving too #schadenfreude. If you’re gonna waste hours of precious vacation time, spend it on Smugglers Run or Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom.

  7. JACK

    I went to EPCOT and the lines were terribly slow and long

  8. VivienneMercier

    All this fuss over a silly ride. Don’t people have better ways to entertain themselves for five hours?

  9. Danielle

    I will never go to another Disney park again. They have become something other than what they were meant to be. You have to be wealthy or save for quite a while in order to afford a trip to one of the parks. If I am going to fork over several thousand for a trip, it’s not going to be to Disney.

  10. Chapeksucks

    I’m excited to go to DW again. It’s been 10 years and it’s already doubled in cost but idc. Last two times I went in early Dec and the parks were dead. The longest I waited the entire trip was 35-40min at test track. Most rides were under 20m. I don’t expect that again but nonetheless, I’m stoked!

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